Another Susana Martinez Blunder


Barack Obama has just declared major disaster areas in Colorado.  He could do the same thing for Lincoln County, BUT, he must be approached by Governor Susana Martinez.

The residents of Lincoln County were recently told that the reason our dear governor, Susana Martinez, had not opted to go to Obama for a disaster declaration for Lincoln County would be because none would be forthcoming. Because of her lack of action, several hundred families here in Lincoln County are in a very real jam.  Granted, more than a few homes were summer homes, others had fire insurance, but right now, this county is seeing some very real pain and suffering.

People in this county are truly going without.  There are families who lost everything.  They have no insurance, and there is no recourse unless FEMA is brought in.  BUT – the Martinez Administration says FEMA doesn’t do things like this.

The support system here is overwhelmed.  The food bank is working overtime. The churches have stepped in to fill the void, as much as possible, BUT they can do very little. It’s now up to groups like the Salvation Army to step in and try to take up the slack.


Because Susana Martinez refuses to ask Barack Obama for a disaster declaration so that FEMA can come in and help people here.  Instead, she has her flunkies come out and state that they are positive Obama will not do such a thing for the type of disaster we have here.  Thing is, when we had the flood here in Ruidoso a few years ago, Bill Richardson was on the ball, with a request that same day.  The request was granted.

So, what’s up here?

“…Obama declared a “major disaster” in Colorado yesterday, ahead of his visit to Colorado Springs to view the destruction left after a week of wildfires which have destroyed over 350 homes and left 2 dead. Over 30,000 are estimated to have been evacuated as firefighters struggle to bring the flames under control….”

Evidently Susana Martinez doesn’t give a damn about the people of New Mexico, or she is just that incompetent.  Why is there no assistance to individuals and households?

“...Department of Homeland Security and Emergency Management, said the number of uninsured destroyed primary homes doesn’t qualify the county for that assistance.

“Basically, you have to have a certain level of loss for FEMA to step in, and yours, while tragic, does not meet the threshold, because so many were insured or were not primary homes,” he said.

Homeland Security Public Information Officer Nick Piatek explained that on June 17, the FEMA team performed a preliminary damage assessment to determine which homes were insured, which were primary residences or seasonal.

“Based on the population of the county and the state, (the number) must meet a certain threshold,” he said. “You had nine uninsured primary residences destroyed or damaged. You would probably have to have over 100 to qualify.”

Mayor Ray Alborn said he met with several real estate representatives, a homeland security representative and chamber of commerce officials about housing for victims. “The feeling was there would be no need to bring in trailers because we have sufficient housing available,” he said. They also were concerned about a safe place where such units could be set up without danger of flooding, he said.

“I received a call yesterday some someone who was mad because they said I told FEMA to go home,” Alborn said. “I appreciate the thought that I have that much control, but FEMA is fully engaged here.”…”

What is not being discussed is the number of rentals here in the county.  Don’t make the assumption that all of Lincoln County is wealthy.  It is not. The housing is here. That’s not the problem.  The problem is the fact that there are a heck of a lot of little people who are in dire need of help.  Yes, the community should be able to step in and help these people.  Trust me, it is.

ECLC News Letter

Umm… I don’t like to be ugly or anything, but a number of the properties that have destroyed in the Waldo Canyon Fire meet the same criteria as here in Lincoln County.  We’re talking about fairly wealthy or very well off people, fairly well-off who have fire insurance. I think if you run the eventual numbers, they will be fairly similar.

No, Ruidoso doesn’t need FEMA trailers.  BUT – it needs other things.  What does the governor do? Well, she suggests small business here seek out SBA loans.  Is she that stupid to comprehend that not many small businesses were harmed here?

Why isn’t she fighting for people here in Lincoln County?


But, there’s not one major disaster declaration for New Mexico.


What Susana Martinez has done is reprehensible.  Let’s just hope it is due to her abject incompetence.  If it is political, she needs to be booted out of office before 2014.


Martinez is already starting to lose Lincoln County.  If she’s lost that, there is no way she is going to be re-elected.  Want proof?

Joe Monahan's New Mexico

Let’s be brutally honest here. There is basically one reason why certain disaster declarations have not been forthcoming out of the governor’s office.  In Colorado, the governor is a Democrat who is willing to work with Obama. In New Mexico, we have a governor who is an incompetent prosecuting attorney who has never managed anything a day in her life.  She’s also pandering to Mitt Romney to be on that VP list. If she works well with Obama then she doesn’t make the cut.  Let’s face it, she kills to birds with one stone – woman and Hispanic.  It just won’t do for her to go out and rattle her nice little cage demanding the people of Lincoln County who most need it, get the help that other states get.

I don’t know about you, but I’m getting sick and tired of having to call people like this “Republicans”.