The Cowards of the Congress


For Republicans in the House and the Senate is is now the best of times and it is the worst of times.  It is the best of times because, if they have the courage, they can literally step up to the plate and hit one out of the park for the Gipper.  It is the worst of times because, very few of them  have the courage to do what is necessary to put things right.

There are many who think John Roberts’ move was political.  It could have been, but I don’t think it was.  If it was, it wasn’t what we think.  he gave the GOP the very best gift they could have.  He gave them the future of the party and the country, all wrapped up in a beautiful shiny white package with a star spangled red, white, and blue pompom bow.

Oh, sure, there is going to be some grand symbolic vote, allegedly on July 9, but it’s just that – a grand symbolic gesture for the media and the tea parties.  There is no courage to enact actual health care reform.  They don’t have the _ _ _ _ _ to do it.

Let’s be honest here, if they wanted to do something, John Boehner  should have brought the whole gang into town on the Fourth of July and had a massive session to undo this mess.  Do you see that?


Do you see anyone trying to sit down and act in a reasonable manner to hammer out a compromise to get rid of the worst of it, putting the Dems and Obama on record?


Learn how to live with Romneycare Obamacare.  No, not because of Barack Obama, Nancy Pelosi, or Harry Reid.  Instead, learn how to live with it because of the antics of Jim DeMint, Crossroads GPS, Karl Rove, Americans for Prosperity, Eric Cantor, John Boehner, Mitch McConnell, and most of all, Mitt Romney.  FOX News also gets a major part of the blame as does Laura Ingraham, Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, and Glenn Beck.


One of the big reasons you’d better learn to live with this thing is that Obamacare is based, almost entirely, on Romneycare. You aren’t going to hear much in the way of pontificating out of the House and Senate because Romney’s supporters don’t want to showcase the mess their little darling has caused.  You aren’t going to see many Republican governors doing much of anything, because many of them are pandering to Romney to be on his VP list.

David Brooks has put it quite succinctly in his most recent column:

“…And here’s the biggest gift that Roberts gave to the nation: By restraining the power of the court to shape health care policy, he opened up space for the rest of us to shape that policy through the political process. By modestly refraining from rewriting health care laws himself, he has given voters and politicians more room to be audacious.

The decision doesn’t end the health care debate; it accelerates it. I spoke to some conservatives on Thursday. They were disappointed by the ruling, but they were delighted with the language on the commerce clause. Most of all, they were excited about the coming political debate. They remain sure that Obamacare is a fatally unpopular and flawed Rube Goldberg device and were energized to work harder for its repeal.

I spoke to some liberals Thursday, too. It was striking how quickly their comments moved from the past to the future — to the need to ramp up the exchanges, modernize delivery systems and build on the bundling experiments.

People in both camps seem to agree: We’ve had a big argument about health care over the past several years, yet we haven’t tackled the big issues. We haven’t tackled the end-of-life issues. We haven’t fixed the medical malpractice system. We are only beginning to correct the antiquated administrative systems.

Crucially, we haven’t addressed the structural perversities that are driving the health care system to bankruptcy. Obamacare or no Obamacare, American health care is still distorted by the fee-for-service system that rewards quantity over quality and creates a gigantic incentive for inefficiency and waste. Obamacare or no Obamacare, the system is still distorted by the tax exclusion for employer-provided plans that prevents transparency, hides the relationship between cost and value and encourages overspending….”

Bobby Jindal, the once rational governor of Louisiana and possible VP pick, thinks that Romneycare Obamacare, is going to doom Americans to eating tofu and driving electric vehicles.

“…”What’s next?” he said, expressing concern for people who “refuse to eat tofu” or “refuse to drive a Chevy Volt” — a popular hybrid car. The court explicitly said the mandate was not constitutional as a regulation of commerce.

Jindal’s remarks echoed the now-infamous “broccoli” comments made during oral arguments in the case. Notably, conservative Justice Antonin Scalia wondered whether mandating the purchase of health insurance could lead the government to mandate other purchases, too.

“Everybody has to buy food sooner or later, so you define the market as food,” Scalia said. “Therefore, everybody is in the market; therefore, you can make people buy broccoli.”

Broccoli received several mentions in Thursday’s ruling. In one instance, Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg called Scalia’s argument “the broccoli horrible” and dismissed the slippery-slope logic as “specious.” …”

I read somewhere that ‘the world had just become darker’.  Rush Limbaugh is threatening to move to Costa Rica.  Please, don’t let the door hit you on the way out.  John Roberts is evil and must be destroyed.  That’s nice, but they’re acting like a bunch of sniveling little brats.

In November of 2012, the GOP took the House with a massive, historic win.  Please, tell The Pink Flamingo what our Republicans in the House of Representatives have done to even begin to repeal Romneycare Obamacare?

Well, I can tell you – not one damn thing.




Now, let’s ask a few inconvenient little questions.

  1. Just how many Republicans in the House have even bothered to read the new law?
  2. Why haven’t they gone after the law, piece by piece?
  3. Has anything been done to stop it?
  4. Have they simply been waiting for the SCOTUS to do their dirty work?

Now, allegedly, according to Eric Cantor, the House will vote on Romneycare Obamacare on July 9.


Why should we learn how to live with Romneycare Obamacare?  It’s quite simple. Thanks to the manipulations of people like  Jim DeMint, Crossroads GPS, Karl Rove, Americans for Prosperity, Eric Cantor,  FOX News,  Laura Ingraham, Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, and Glenn Beck the GOP is increasingly polarized and increasingly incompetent. Thanks to the manipulative lies of FOX New, and the inability of addicted Republicans to turn the channel, we’re screwed.  Because of extremists like Jim DeMint, we’re stuck with a Democrat Senate.  Don’t expect that to change. In the House, the new Tea Party Freshmen are abjectly incompetent and unwilling to govern.  They only want to collect campaign cash to get re-elected.  They don’t give a damn about the country.

Don’t expect anything out of Mitt Romney.  No matter how much he wriggles around and lies, this is HIS mess.  You really think he’s going to undo it if elected?  Grow up and race reality.

Until we get a different sort of person in Washington, grown-up men and women who are willing to work together, the way they once did, we’re screwed. Quit blaming John Roberts, Barack Obama, Nancy Pelosi, and Harry Reid.  The Cowards of the Congress have had well over a year to enact meaningful compromise and change.  Instead, they have chosen a path that insures this mess continues.

Let’s be honest here.  They stand to profit far more from NOT making changes than by being statesmen.  It’s all about show me the money.   It’s nice to go around blaming everyone else for something you could have improved or even re-created.  The blame game is highly profitable.  Don’t expect it to change any time soon.

As much as I respect Lindsey Graham, and think he, John McCain, Jim Inhofe and Tom Coburn are, without a doubt, the most honest and honorable elected officials we have today, I think Lindsey is living in a fantasy world.  Republicans in the House and Senate don’t have the courage to do what he is requesting.  There’s no money in it for them.

Lindsey Graham




One thought on “The Cowards of the Congress

  1. I don’t believe that Chief Justice John Roberts gave the GOP or the American people any great gift. His gift is like a pile of poop with a red, white and blue pompom on top. It stinks. Why should he worry? It doesn’t apply to him. This shining knight can run away to the impregnable fortress of Malta to hide. The GOP will probably do nothing about it except come up with another symbolic vote. If the Affordable Care Act applied to the Supreme Court and Congress, they’d probably waste no time getting it repealed. It’s good enough for us, but it’s not good enough for them. It just proves that laws like this apply to the little people, they don’t apply to the elites, therefore they could care less. They say one of the good things about the ACA for seniors is the discount on drugs, so maybe they should thank Roberts for his great gift when they can get those pain medications when the board denies them coverage for a serious illness. Think about all the waivers to the ACA that Obama has already given out. Muslims, unions, many big businesses are exempt. I didn’t get a waiver. Did You?

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