The Great Man Goes to Africa


“…”We are here as an active show of compassion in the belief that all human life is precious,”…”

The Great Man makes you almost ashamed of this current crop of Republicans who literally are conducting a war on women.  In Zambia, he was quick to praise the First Lady of Zambia,Cristine Kaseba Sata, for being pro-active when it came to women’s health issues.  I don’t think you would hear one elected Republican official, or even one running for office say the same thing here in this country.

What has happened to the GOP?  Why can’t they be more like George W. Bush, who cares about human life, after it is born.  If you pay attention to what the far right is currently saying, the only life they seem to care about is the unborn.  Once the fetus becomes a born person, they don’t seem to give a damn.

Lusaka Times

“…“I hope you don’t see much of it because I don’t want to be in the news. In other words, I believe that quiet service is the best kind of service,” …” George W. Bush

He is the very model of what a President should be, humble, decent, kind, and compassionate.  Not only does he do it unto the least among us, but he and his family would never abuse an animal.

Voice of America


The Grio

Heck, I bet he believe women should be allowed to use contraceptives!


One thought on “The Great Man Goes to Africa

  1. First GW is not a Catholic and there’s a war but it’s not on women but BETWEEN a couple’s “right” to have fun and their obligation once that fun has resulted in a child.

    And the war is one the Liberals have won and wants Conservatives (and Independents) to forget about and stop fighting over.

    It is a war that society as a whole cannot afford to “let go” any more they could slavery and the Holocaust as demanding that women bear the brunt of responsibility is exactly that: slavery of women to be everything and the destruction of a class of human beings called “fetus”.

    There’s a song about what a woman can do and the lyrics proclaim proudly how super human a woman is; the problem is, after nearly 30 years of being expected to be above men, women are plan tired.

    And whole generations have grown without the comfort and gentleness of a mother because women are just too busy being part daddy.

    And about where are the GOPs like the great man…there’s a reason why GW stands out…it’s called walking with God.

    It ALWAYS shows.

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