DISSECTING RAND: Part VII – Ayn Rand’s Version of America


Over the past few weeks, The Pink Flamingo has been examining Ayn Rand and her reprehensible influence on various individuals and aspects of the GOP and libertarian movement.

She is said to have written the following.

“…”Rape is an integral and necessary expression of human nature. Sexual assaults have been present in every society since the dawn of time. It is the drive of man to reproduce, to compete successfully for advantage on the battlefield of life and evolution. In fact, it is this very competition to reproduce that motivates man to do anything productive and worthwhile in the first place. It is this competition that motivates man to aspire to greatness. Can you imagine men striving for greatness were they not motivated by their drive to reproduce by any means? Of course not, because the drive to reproduce is at the very core of mankind’s essence! As long as we disregard silly ‘god’ superstitions and recognize that a man is ultimately responsible to and for himself, we therefore recognize that any measures that attempt to stifle this natural and inherent drive to reproduce by any means are inherently wrong. To stifle sexual assaults is the perverse anti-human dream of the superstitious or a bloated priestly class, or the self-promoted intelligentsia, which of course is both of these at the same time. In fact, no human society has successfully eliminated rape, despite myriad measures designed to curb sexual assaults. If man were only truly free to pursue this integral part of his nature we would walk as the masters of the Earth that we are!”…”

Rand idolized William Edward Hickman. He killed a 12 year old girl. Rand would later wax poetic about Hickman.

Exiled On Line

Would someone please explain to The Pink Flamingo, just why Ayn Rand is considered such an icon for certain individuals?

The GOP is apparently evolving into two diverse Randian fronts – Ron Paul Bots and Paul Ryan Bots. Both are devotes of Rand, even if Ryan now lies about his previous slobbering devotion to the woman who inspired the Book of Satan. With factions like this, the GOP is doomed. It is doomed because you cannot build a party on someone as evil as Rand. It just won’t work. The American people are not that stupid – I hope.

“...Up to a point, of course, there should be no conflict — the Paulbots and the Paul Ryan-bots agree that policies on taxation, social services, and business regulation should be those of the Gilded Age. They can agree on auditing the Fed. Maybe they’ll even agree on the gold standard.

But after that, what? Conventional Republicans of the Paul Ryan stripe aren’t going to forswear military adventurism and chest-thumping jingoism — rallying the nation against some swarthy evildoer of non-European descent has been far too useful a weapon in the GOP’s arsenal over the years. Give that up? Not gonna happen.

I suppose some of the Ron Paul types will just learn to stop worrying and love the bomb, while others will drift back over to the left, wandering in the wilderness and wondering whether Russ Feingold or Rocky Anderson will run for president third-party. But it would be amusing if this were a future conservative crack-up.

On the other hand, these two wings of the far right could be our two-party system in the near future. I say this because, while I’m heartened to learn that the pro-Obama super PAC Priorities USA is actually increasing its focus on Bain Capital (despite whining from across the political spectrum about the supposed inappropriateness of attacking Bain), I see the future of the Democratic Party in the mewling of folks like Cory Booker, Ed Rendell, Harold Ford and others — in the future, Democrats won’t even utter empty platitudes about the people vs. the powerful.

In that case, why will there even need to be a Democratic Party? The only ideological fight in America will be in the GOP, between plutocratic isolationists and plutocratic neocons. Or the latter will simply win and we’ll be a one-party state, as disillusioned Paulites go off to write sci-fi novels…”

Why is the GOP allowing the influence of woman addicted to Benzedrine to destroy us?

“…Alisa Zinov’yevna Rosenbaum (Russian: Алиса Зиновьевна Розенбаум) aka Ayn Rand, was a devout drug addled (meth), Atheist and wanna be philosopher who is more accurately described as a very wordy romance/sci-fi novelist. On Christianity she wrote that Christianity was “the best kindergarten of communism possible.” Since she was born in Russia under the Czar who was deposed by the Russian Revolution before she abandoned the land of her birth, she was in the perfect place to learn about Christianity being the gateway to Communism.

In 1947, during the Second Red Scare, Rand testified as a “friendly witness” before the United States House Un-American Activities Committee.

As an atheist who rejected faith as antithetical to reason, Rand embraced philosophical realism and opposed all forms of what she regarded as mysticism and super-naturalism, including organized religion.

While completing her second novel (Fountainhead), Rand began taking the prescription amphetamine Benzedrine (aka speed, meth, crystal, & many others) to fight fatigue.[45] Her use of the drug enabled her to work long hours to meet her deadline for delivering the finished novel to Bobbs-Merrill, but when the book was done she was so exhausted that her doctor ordered two weeks rest.[46] Her continued use of it for several decades also may have contributed to volatile mood swings observed by her associates in later years….”

Or this:

“…During the mid- and late 1920’s – while eugenics was catching on (especially in California) and Leopold and Loeb were national front-page news – Ayn Rand was working in Hollywood. During her tenure there a man named William Hickman shocked the nation by kidnapping a 12 year old girl named Marion Parker, killing her, dismembering her body, sewing her eyes open so it would appear (from a distance) that she was still alive, and then tossing her head and torso out of his car at the girl’s father after collecting ransom money he had demanded for her safe return.

This occurred in Los Angeles, where Rand was working, and it occurred in 1927, only three years after the infamous Leopold and Loeb murder. And yet Rand admired Hickman for his crime and with the same rationale used by Leopold and Loeb to justify their own: Hickman was a Nietzchean superman. In her diary, Rand described this admiration: “Other people do not exist for him, and he does not see why they should. . . . [Hickman has] no regard whatsoever for all that society holds sacred, and with a consciousness all his own. He has the true, innate psychology of a Superman. He can never realize and feel ‘other people.”

Now I suppose that Ayn Rand’s admiration of this child kidnapper-child killer-child dismemberer is old news for some. Mark Ames wrote an excellent piece about this over a year ago and for anyone interested in learning more of the details surrounding Rand’s fascination with Hickman I highly recommend clicking over and reading the entire thing. But I only learned about this recently, and it has started me re-evaluating my previous understanding of Rand’s writings….”

Ayn Rand Nation - Gary Weiss

Those who need help, who are not billionaires, are described as parasites.

Exiled On Line

Strangely enough, libertarian icon,Murray N. Rothbard detested Rand. A cautionary note, written in 1972 is almost terrifying in the vision of what Rand’s acolytes are doing to this country, today.

“…There seems to be only one way to resolve the contradiction in the Randian strategic outlook of extreme sectarianism within the libertarian movement, coupled with extreme opportunism, and willingness to coalesce with slightly more conservative heads of State, in the outside world. That resolution, confirmed by the remainder of our analysis of the cult, holds that the guiding spirit of the Randian movement was not individual liberty – as it seemed to many young members – but rather personal power for Ayn Rand and her leading disciples. For power within the movement could be secured by totalitarian isolation and control of the minds and lives of every member; but such tactics could scarcely work outside the movement, where power could only hopefully be achieved by cozying up the President and his inner circles of dominion.

Thus, power not liberty or reason, was the central thrust of the Randian movement. The major lesson of the history of the movement to libertarians is that It Can Happen Here, that libertarians, despite explicit devotion to reason and individuality, are not exempt from the mystical and totalitarian cultism that pervades other ideological as well as religious movements. Hopefully, libertarians, once bitten by the virus, may now prove immune….”


Ayn Rand Nation - Gary Weiss
Ayn Rand Nation - Gary Weiss


Ayn Rand Nation - Gary Weiss

Is this the kind of America we want?  I know I don’t.  Do you?