Is Gary Johnson Mitt Romney’s Worst Enemy?


There’s a scary little bit of information coming out of New Mexico, Colorado, and Oklahoma.  There are also some really tacky rumors coming out of Florida.


Well… it seems like former New Mexico Gary Johnson may be doing better than expected, already yet, in his Libertarian bid running for POTUS.  These are rumors that are coming out of the states, not out of the polling.

So, that’s how Romney’s little mafia is going to take out Johnson, turning him into an object of ridicule.  Funny how they’re not talking about the GOP state conventions that Romney’s people are turning into fist fights, with cops getting called.

I’m voting for Johnson.  Volunteering to work for him.  I don’t hate Obama that much to vote for Romney.  I don’t fear Obama that much.  Once I realized we were being fed a bunch of lies by the various conservative sources, I started cross checking facts.  Romney is far more liberal than Obama. ponderers

The Romney press isn’t covering what is happening in the state conventions – and it is bad.  In Louisiana the other day, a Ron Paul supporter had his fingers broken during when the cops were called.  In OK, a Romney supporter punched out a Ron Paul supporter.  In Nevada, the Romney people have just about split the entire state.  In OK, they were so dirty, the entire convention may be tossed out because of the way they’re not playing by the rules.  I hear that Minnesota was a disaster, also.  In Florida, to prevent minorities from voting, they are illegally  pruging the voting rolls.

Romney couldn’t get the nomination the honest way, so he head to lie, cheat, and steal.  He’s going to try and do it for the general election, but I don’t think he can get away with it.  He is destroying the GOP.

I think the libertarians are kooky, but I’m voting for Johnson because he is a Republican, forced out of the GOP, so they could nominate a liberal democrat who doesn’t have the guts to admit he’s a Democrat.

When he left office here in NM, he left the state in the black.  He also started the process of getting rid of the rank corruption in the state – which is why he ran in the first place.  He was a far superior governor than this corrupt dimwit we now have in office.  I guess that tells me what I want to know.  The Romney panderers will praise Susana Martinez, who is an utter failure her in NM, and redicule Johnson, who was a total success here.

That sure says a heck of a lot.

You asked me when I was going to wake up and quit supporting Newt.  I’m asking the same thing about Romney.  He was a failure as governor in Mass.  His record was liberal.  He is a liberal.

The Koch brothers aren’t backing Johnson – they’re behind the AFP – which is pushing Romney. They’re also pandering with Rove.  Funny how, now that they want to make Johnson look bad, the same people who worshiped the Koch brothers now think they are evil.

I get more and more disgusted by the day at what I see going on in the GOP and with conservatives.  They can’t be honest.  Everything must be shaded to protect Romney.

I guess the real problem is that Johnson has now qualified for matching federal campaign funds for the general election.  They’re refusing to poll him because his numbers are really hurting Romney.

This is also going to leave a mark:


There is a bottom line here.  If you are truly opposed to Romneycare Obamacare, the only candidate out there who is actually against it is Gary Johnson.

Ergo – Mitt Romney must see that he is destroyed.