Yet Another Stupid GOP Woman Emerges to “Shine”


First came “I Am Not A Witch”, then Perp-Walk Haley, Gravel Voice Brewer, and Incompetent Susana.  Now we have another outstanding intellectual asset to add to the GOP’s list of women.

Not long ago, someone told The Pink Flamingo that a well-known elected GOP official (female), when asked why she was not going to run for governor of her home state, was quite blunt.  She replied something to the effect that she did not want to be associated with the current crop of idiotic female governors the GOP had put into office.

It leads one to the question:  What the heck is with the Republican Party running all these stupid, bimbo, dim wit, dingbat, perp-walking, women?  They are an embarrassment to the whole party.

The Pink Flamingo takes a very dim view of anyone, liberal or conservative, who thinks it is time to dump our system and form a new government. This is just what yet another embarrassing GOP candidate (female of course) is doing.  Randi Shannon is dropping out of running for the US Senate to declare herself a US Senator for the Republic of Iowa.

“…“Therefore, in order to affect the most good on behalf of The People of Iowa’s 34th District and in keeping with my conscience, …..

Shannon, who describes herself as a Ron Paul supporter, backs many of the same policy positions famously espoused by the Libertarian-leaning Texas congressman. She advocates eliminating the Department of Education (following its transfer to the Republic of the United States) and drastically cutting taxes while ending foreign occupations and stopping the Affordable Care Act. And, since she believes the government has been a false one for a century and a half, she considers all amendments to the Bill of Rights from the 14th on to be invalid.

“Again, Remember, where the de jure Republic of The United States of America exists the de facto UNITED STATES CORPORATION, having no standing, must go away!,” Shannon wrote….”

Quite frankly, I don’t know if this commentary should be about such absolute treasonous stupidity or the constant flow of embarrassing women the party finds to run for office.  Booman Tribune turns reality into satire into alternative reality with this wild and crazy tale of blonds gone wild.

Raw Story

Then again, while we may joke about something like this, I think it is quite close to treason.

Randi Shannon Letter

I know the woman is an idiot, but I think she’s also a traitor.