Principles, We Don’t Need No Stinkin’ Principles, We Support Mitt!


John Adams once said, ““Always vote for principle, though you may vote alone, and you may cherish the sweetest reflection that your vote is never lost.”

Please note that this is NOT about Mitt Romney, not in the way that you think.  This is about men and women who are supporting Mitt Romney, who claim to be Christians, and act the opposite.   I don’t give a rip about who a person votes for, as long as they vote.  The problem is the fact that within the GOP and conservative ranks now, there are some who are attacking, threatening and bullying those who chose not to vote for the person the attackers feels they should vote.  This has never happened within the GOP.  It is an alarming trend, that does not bode well for the party, in general.

The trend started with Ron Paul Bots.  Romney’s more irrational supporters have turned it into an art form.  There is nothing wrong with a light-hearted political argument among people who are adult enough to comprehend that a political argument is not personal.  It’s just politics.  Something has happened in this country, and it is quite nasty.  It is no longer about politics, it is about harassing, bullying, and then attempting to destroy people who don’t agree with you.  There is something that is just not very ‘freedom of speechie’ about it.

The other day, on Twitter I was being hounded by the usual Romney supporters.  They give the same excuses for supporting him:

  1. Obama is the devil incarnate
  2. Obama is destroying our country.
  3. Romney is all about capitalism, and Obama isn’t.
  4. Romney is being slandered by the left.
  5. How dare you maintain your principles and not vote for him.
  6. Principles and honor are nothing when our country is being destroyed.
  7. I’m arrogant and endangering the country by not voting for Romney.
  8. I can stand on principle, but will ruin the country.

They finally ended their barrage with the following, that those of us who were not voting for Romney should not be allowed to vote.

Yep, that’s the kind of morons who are promoting Romney.  The Pink Flamingo has been told most of them are a bunch of college kids, PAID to go on Twitter, different blogs, various sites and harass and intimidate anyone who is not voting for Romney.  I blocked one of them too quickly, and did not make a screen shot calling me a Communist because I put up a Tweet about my favorite opera singer, Dmitri Hvorostovsky, who is from Russia.  I know Romney wants to turn the clock back to the Cold War, and turn Russia into the USSR, but for his supporters to accuse those of us who happen to like a Russian baritone into Communists is above and beyond.

It fascinates me how Romney supporters can legitimize anything, as long as they are sure he is going to destroy Obama.  Today, though, that’s not my rant.

So – in order to defeat Barack Obama, one must vote for Mitt Romney, even if you sacrifice  your principles and honor to do so.  There is something very convoluted, that almost defies logic.  There is something very dark and foreboding about it, also.

This isn’t about being for someone, this is about hatred, pure and simple.  It’s not about hatred of Mitt Romney but abject hatred of Barack Obama. I have also come to conclude, that there are many who are using their statement that Obama is destroying the country as a mask for their bigotry and racism.

The Pink Flamingo has been rather delusional about this.  I’m not a bigot (except where the French are concerned).  I don’t see bigotry unless it slaps me in the face.  These past two weeks have been eye opening for me.  The people I’ve met with who were most against Obama were basically against him because of his race.   More often than not, when someone came out against Obama, spewing abject hatred for him, they end up mentioning his race.

To me, that’s racism and bigotry.

Before you get your undies in a wad, I am well aware that the vast majority of people who are supporting Mitt Romney are neither racists nor bigots.  I am talking about a select group of people who limit their information gathering to FOX, Rush, Beck, Hannity, Laura and the like.  When you limit what you watch or read, you are limiting the quality of information your brain receives.  If you are NOT afraid of what you will learn, try other sources.

Deprogram yourself.

There is a very select group of haters of Obama who are almost frightening in the way they approach the growing number of us within the GOP who absolutely refuse to vote for Mitt Romney or Barack Obama.  They bully, harass, and threaten.

The real problem is the fact that there are good Republicans who are seemingly incapable or unwilling to even admit that there is a party.  It is much easier to chastise those of us who prefer to vote for someone else.  It is easier to belittle, laugh at, and pretend that someone like The Pink Flamingo is a disturbed and isolated case. Fantasy is much better than reality.  The cold hard reality of this political season is disturbing, on so many different levels.

A person has a right to vote for whom they wish, without being denigrated.  You should not be threatened, nor forced to lose very good friends over something so absolutely idiotic. I’m sick and tired of it.  I sick and tired of getting forwarded email from conservatives, telling me how bad Barack & Michelle are.  Perhaps the sender should do a little fact checking about urban rumors. The final straw for The Pink Flamingo was the other night at dinner when someone repeatedly told me about a certain photo of the Obamas, how they saluted the flag.  I told them it was a fake.  Oh, no it could not be a fake.  It came directly from Glenn Beck. (Yes, some people are that stupid – anyone who falls for anything Beck does is stupid).

I sent an email to these people, with chapter, verse, an annotations of how the fake photo was made.  Well, I was told, they are still bad people who hate America.

Lord have mercy!

I am sick and tired of the lies and the hatred.  I’m sick and tired of the bullying.  I’m tired of the threats.  I’m tired of having to consider the fact that if I say and write what I think, I will be forced to either make the choice of Romney or friendships of many years.  When this happens, I don’t care which side of an issue you are on, something is very very wrong.  To misquote Obi Wan Kenobi, there is a very serious disturbance in the force.

So, those of us who aren’t voting for Romney are now forced to make the choice – do we vote for Romney and keep our friends – and lose our freedom of speech and our freedom to cast a free vote, or do we keep our freedom of speech and vote for whom we wish – and lose friends.

There is something terribly disturbing about being put into this position. There is something equally as disturbing when you are told that you are just not being rational about this.

I have a very real problem with people who claim to be “tea party patriots” who reverence our founding fathers, the Constitution, and our heritage, but then threaten, bully, and harass because someone is standing on principle when it comes to a vote.  Isn’t that what made this country what it was – standing on principle?  Perhaps the so called “tea party patriots” and conservative supporters of the Constitution had better go back and re-learn their history, from someone other than Glenn Beck.

Then there are the so-called Christians who say that one must not stand on principle but vote against Obama, out of hatred and loathing of him.   Wooo there buster….!  Christ = love. Love comes from Christ, hatred does not.  When you allow fear and loathing of any individual to supersede your so-called Christian values and faith, I think you have a whole lot of ‘splaining to do – with the Lord.

Logic says that people vote against something, not for it, against someone, not for them.  I’ve never done this, ever.  I don’t intend to do so, now.  I’m voting for Gary Johnson because he was a good governor.  He actually did the fiscal things Mitt Romney claims to have done, but did not. Maybe it’s a New Mexico thing.

It’s like this, if The Pink Flamingo is wrong about Romney, I’ll be the first to admit it.  If I am not wrong, I expect to be treated with a little bit of respect and decency, and common courtesy.  There is something very wrong with alleged Republicans and alleged conservatives who claim to be Christians, patriots, and followers of Reagan can’t allow a person to have freedom of speech, thought, and vote.

Funny, but those who refuse to support Romney are now being damned as “socialist”.  It looks like those supporting him are using tried and true “socialist” tactics of silencing the opposition. It looks like those making snide remarks that to oppose Romney, you must not be rational, are also employing good old Stalinist tactics.  Send your opposition to a mental institution.

What is going on with the conservative movement?

Rush Limbaugh is a fool.  There is no other way to put it. On Monday, Rush Limbaugh used just about every racial stereo-type there is to encourage Romney to take out Obama.


The current version of the GOP is so far from Reagan that it is almost laughable.  Get a grip on reality.  Barack Obama is NOT destroying our country.  He is an incompetent and very weak leader who is working with Republicans in the House who are so corrupt and so filled with delusions of power that they don’t give a damn about what is right and wrong.  All they care about is getting re-elected.

Frankly, I don’t know who is worse.  Yes, I do.  I don’t expect anything out of a Democrat.  I expect something better out of Republicans.  The Pink Flamingo knows for a fact that Republicans in the House are holding up legislation that would put Americans to work, would help the economy, and make our country better – because they don’t want Obama to look good.

Too bad there aren’t more Tom Coburns in the world.

“…Republicans should simply focus on first principles and give the American people what they want – an honest party dedicated to common sense, fiscal responsibility and limited government. If we govern to save the country, we’ll do well as a party….” Tom Coburn


5 thoughts on “Principles, We Don’t Need No Stinkin’ Principles, We Support Mitt!

  1. I couldn’t agree more! Having been called every name in the book because I refused to support Mitt Romney but then I didn’t support him in 2008 and would not have voted for him then either after the ops research, know the feeling. The man is an habitual liar who doesn’t seem to see anything wrong with going on five different venues Friday night and lying.

    Did you know that he used Bain to stiff arm companies to donate to the Olympics? That came out last night but has been under the surface since 2007/2008. He offered Home Depot $1M to drop their legally awarded contract in favor of the Bain company Staples, got Huntsman the father to donate $1M to the Olympics after saying he would donate nothing but Bain came along and bankrolled a project for him six months later. Yet Romney said he had absolutely nothing to do with Bain while at the Olympics, but he lied as he has lied on many things yet conservatives and their commentators turn into pretzels defending him. It is painful to watch although the retroactive retirement is just plan humerous reminding all of Clinton and the meaning of the word ‘is’ — no wonder Romney likes Clinton although Clinton was a much better liar. That is a small example but one reason why I have finally decided if people don’t want to talk to me because I support Gary Johnson, then tough — don’t talk to me.

    Why am I staying a Republican? So I can be a thorn in their sides. I learned well from working for Dr. Tom Coburn’s election in 2004 when Republicans turned against him led by Karl Rove shutting off donations and making it seem like Brad Carson was the conservative and Coburn the liberal in ads which was an outright lie. They got Denny Hastert to say a few weeks before the election Coburn was going to lose to Carson. Coburn is in the Senate and Hastert retired none too soon I might add.

    In my heart I believe that George Allen was taken out in 2006 because he helped Dr. Coburn win and they could not have him running for President because he would have cleaned the clock of Romney so he lost by 5,000 votes in 2006 thanks to the same people who tried to take out Coburn. Now I am seeing those same lies on a larger stage from the same people like Rove, Koch Brothers, Ailes, Drudge, etc. this time aimed at Obama. Fox News doctored Obama’s speech yesterday morning to make him look bad and give a different meaning but that’s okay to Fox viewers because Fox can do no wrong. Bunch of mind numbed robots who refuse to think for themselves. They are exactly what Democrats portrayed Limbaugh listeners to be. How anyone can listen to Limbaugh and not get furious is beyond me. His rant against Obama yesterday was so far over the top that the only word that comes to mind is “bigot” which seems to describe a lot of over the top people including Sununu’s attacks that Obama doesn’t seem like an American. What kind of crap is that from someone who has Romney’s ear. Are some Republicans mad because a Black Democrat became the first Black President which they think is reserved for white men only?

    Once you take your blinders off and realize you have been lied to be Republicans you get angrier then you would at any Democrat because you didn’t expect all the lies and they hit you right in the face. I had an aide tell me the next day after the GOP took the House that he had heard they would do everything possible to make Obama look bad so that Romney would win. I laughed and told him there is no way Romney is going to be the nominee and Republicans would never resort to putting Party over the Country. He quit the following summer and saw him recently and told him he was 100% right.

    Your article is 100% correct and a lot of Republicans and Conservatives should be hanging their heads at what they have been doing not only to Obama but to fellow Republicans who got in the way of Romney — take them all out by any means including lying which Romney and the people surrounding him have made a science. The party of transparency of ten years ago has been replaced by the party of the wealthy donors who shall remain anonymous. Absolutely disgusting and shameful.

  2. No, no you’ve got it backward. Obama was voted IN because of his race. People are angry because this was supposed to be the final payment…of the civil war…the civil right marches (none of which would have happened if not for Whites fighting and marching)…of affirmative action…of overwhelming success in sports and entertainment heavily on Blacks.

    The fact that a totally unqualified man was given the highest office in the land just because of the color of his skin spoke volumes of how much the people wanted the race card to be retired.

    Unfortunately, the Black race card was replaced by the Hispanic race card and now there are two groups of people angry…Hispanics for having been shoved the joker and the Blacks who are seeing their ace get “invalid” stamped all of the place.

    So yeah, conservatives will mention race…because it was the only thing Obama had going for him and should have paid the piper except that they stupidly replaced it with their vile Hispanic talk which threatens to sink them among a nation of immigrates.

  3. Nope, this is coming from the right. Sorry, but this time, I agree with the Dems. I’ve seen it and heard it, personally, shocking! What Rush Limbaugh did yesterday was play the race card. I would say that 90% of the people I know who are voting for Romney are voting against Obama because of race. And, it’s not just a regional thing. I’ve seen it from people in all parts of the country. You are right, in 2008 the liberals played the race card. But, this is different, nasty, ugly.


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