The Pink Flamingo and GWB:


“...“President Bush was grateful for the invitation to the Republican National Convention; he supports Governor Romney and wants him to succeed,” he said. “But in keeping with his desire to stay off the political stage at this point in the post-presidency, he respectfully declined the invitation to go to Tampa.”…”

Once again, it’s all Bush’s Fault.  At least, according to Bill O’Reilly it is.  Seems GWB is not doing enough to help dear little Mittens get elected.  Boo-hoo!  The poor man just can’t please anyone these days.  I know how he feels!

The Pink Flamingo is being castigated because I’m betraying George W. Bush by not supporting Mitt Romney.  I’m trying to see the convoluted logic here, but there is none.  Then, I happened on something that I find rather amusing.  Bill O’Reilly is castigating George W. Bush for not supporting Mitt Romney!

There are a couple of us who are just plain old snickering because GWB is refusing to attend the convention.  It is funny, then again, Republicans are bailing on Romney right and left.   It’s not about supporting a losing candidate, it’s about Romney as a person, what he doesn’t stand for, and the fact that he doesn’t quite grasp how to win friends and influence enemies.

This is hilarious.  I’ve been subjected to the same sort of argument.  I must not be true to myself, my integrity, and what I believe, but support Romney.  Golly, I’m in great company, standing tall with The Great Man himself!


“…Perino later said she doesn’t think Bush will go to the Republican convention. “It’s probably the right thing to do.” O’Reilly, seemingly addressing Bush, laughably said, “I’m not rootin’ for anybody but don’t you want to rally the party?” As the segment was closing, he told Perino, “I just think the country’s in such bad – not bad it’s such in shaky…”


 “...Mr. Bush has endorsed Mr. Romney, but with decidedly little ceremony. He did so in May while stepping into an elevator, in response to an ABC News crew that had trailed him, saying “I’m for Mitt Romney.”

The two have spoken since, but it has become clear that Mr. Bush will not be campaigning for Mr. Romney in any big way. In an interview posted online by the Hoover Institution this week, Mr. Bush said he has had enough of politics. “I crawled out of the swamp, and I’m not crawling back in,” he said….”

The really nasty big picture here is that George W. Bush and Barack Obama are friends.  George W. Bush and Mitt Romney are not.   Laura Bush and Michelle Obama are friends.  I doubt if Ann Romney would even give Laura Bush the time of day.  The Obamas have gone out of their way to treat The Great Man with the utmost respect.  He even calls him once a week!  Laura Bush has spent quite a bit of time helping Michelle Obama settle into her role as First Lady.

The Pink Flamingo can’t see the Romneys treating the Obamas with anything other than rude, arrogant, contempt. That is their modus operandi when Romney was governor in Massachusetts. I don’t think we would see a President Perfect treating either former POTUS with anything other than rude arrogance.

Please, pardon me while I enjoy this current situation.  I’ve always stood with George W. Bush.  I always will.  If he can barely hide his contempt of Mitt Romney, well, who am I to argue with him?


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  1. I’m not as much of a fan of GWB as you are, but I never thought he was the worst president we have ever had or that he did a terrible job as president. I only hope others can do as well.

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