Mitt’s Twits


Every once in awhile, something comes along to warm my cold little heart to no end.  This is one of them.  It gives me a tremendous amount of joy for the world to discover what a few of us have known, all along.  The Romney campaign is buying twitter followers!

There has been a rather hilarious spike in the past couple of days.  The Romney campaign says that they are not purchasing followers.  The Romney campaign, thus far, has been entirely transparent, and would never ever consider doing anything like cheating on registering voters.

We all know they would never troll senior citizens homes in south Florida and fill out absentee ballots for Mitt.  That would never happen, would it?

We know the campaign would never cheat Ron Paul out of his delegates, would it?

We all know the campaign would never allow its supporters to harass those of us not supporting Mitt, would they?

This is just way funny.  The way you track fake twitterers is by checking to see how many people they are following and who is following them.

140 Elect

Charles Johnson has a screen shot of Mitt’s Twits.  He posted his LGF article at noonish, New Mexico time.


“...Mitt Romney’s presidential campaign may be buying up Twitter followers to pad the former Massachusetts governor’s online presence.

@MittRomney has already attracted more than 100,000 new followers on Saturday, far more than his average 1,000 – 6,000 per day, and the new followers “seem to have major trouble with spelling simple English words, have names that sometimes seem to be random assortments of syllables, and have no (or very few) followers themselves”:…”

Or, how about this hilarious take on things?

TBogg – Fire Dog Lake
140 Elect

The Pink Flamingo knows what to look for with fake Twitter followers.  I also know, from personal experience, that the campaign pays people to troll on Twitter and attack those of us who dare say something against him.  Those individuals have a tendency to be people with a few followers, following a few people, and have made a few tweets.  What I saw, meandering through some of the new accounts look like the troll followers the campaign uses.

Let’s try and be kind here.  It could be just an embarrassing spam attack.  That makes sense.  Then again, the campaign could be coordinating to new identities to old followers so they can harass us.  I’m not discounting that possibility.

We’ll see.

During the time I took to write this post, and do a few things in the kitchen (like ruin something I was attempting to cook, I’ve left Mitt’s twitter account up to see where things would go.  Check the LGF screen shot and now look at the count I show here.

When I first started, it was about 788,886.  This has been an  hour.  Now look at this:


In other words, in about 11 hours, Mitt has picked up about 20,000 followers.

I just don’t think he’s that popular.

This is funny!

I must add that it looks like the campaign is trying to delete the fake accounts as quickly as possible, from what I can tell.  I suspect it’s spam, and darn funny!