Conservative & Libertarian Bigots Just Keep Getting Nastier


“…“I was a bit nasty in what I said about him but, you know, I really think he was out of line to do this,” said the founder of, who does not reside in Arizona and asked that we not give her last name. She accused McCain of “defending Islamic enemies of America” because of his comments, and even wrote, “Go to hell, senator, it’s time for you to take your final dirt nap.”…”

If only a minute percentage of what The Pink Flamingo learned about Michele Bachmann on Wednesday is true, and I know it is, the woman is Bat-Sh^t crazy and needs to be booted out of Congress – NOW!

The Pink Flamingo wants to ask a simple question.  Why is it that the libertarian, Randians are the ones who are the most hate-filled anti-Muslim wackos in the country?  What’s with them?  Pam Geller is the very worst.  She’s in love with Rand.  Of course Rand was quite a bigot, so maybe it makes sense.  It is fascinating how the ones who spew the most anti-Muslim hate are of the “Libertarian-Republican” tea party variety.


My grandfather Froehlich’s grandfather came from Germany.  He was a Hessian mercenary during the Civil War.  One of the dirty little secrets of the Civil War is the fact that the North could not conscript all the troops they needed to win.  The worst and bloodiest riots in US history were in New York City, protesting Lincoln’s draft.  So, German “mercenaries” were hired.

Johannes Sebastian Froehlich was in a bit of a pickle.  His wealthy, Lutheran family, who attended church with one of the Bachs, did not approve of Katherine Kagle, who was Catholic.  Sebastian, who came from a military family in Prussia, signed up to fight for Lincoln, in exchange for US citizenship.

Legend has it that he received his citizenship, directly from Lincoln, himself.  Someone in the family, I think it is my cousin, has some of his papers, and the braid from his uniform hat. Once he was a citizen, having received good money for fighting, he sent for Katherine.  They settled in Pennsylvania, where he became a coal miner.  He was confirmed as a Catholic, and remained that way until he became so angry with the local priest, that he told him to go to hell.  They went to the Methodist church.

He never communicated with his family in Germany, ever again. No one in the family ever communicated with his family in Germany, ever again.  Once upon a time, I did a little genealogy on the family but it is the only side of the family I really have no interest in studying.

Fast forward eighty years.  My great-grandfather Froehlich moved to West Palm Beach after my grandfather and his sister moved there in the early 20s.  By 1940, my grandfather had become very prominent in the business community. In the years he spent building the dairy out on Belvedere Road, he did not built the house out there until about 1940 or so.  Not long after they were married, my grandparents built a very nice, large house on Congress.  As I was growing up, I knew it to be a nifty antique story.

In South Florida, it was almost a tradition to rent out a couple rooms during the tourist season.  My grandmother Reidhead did it there in her house in Lake Worth for many, many years.  It was rather annoying because we were not allowed to go into the guest area, even for a look see.    My grandmother Froehlich would rent out a couple rooms in the big white house on Congress, and get to keep the spending money.

One day, she was told to take her children and leave the house for awhile, by the cops.  She did.  Her borders were arrested as Nazi spies.  We never knew what happened to them.

Marlene Dietrich would spend quite a bit of time visiting her aunt and uncle who lived across the road from my great-grandfather and grandmother Froehlich.  Henry Froehlich was a well known lay minister who spent his weekends working in the jails and prisons with a ministry.  At one time, they gave a home to a young man who was undergoing a sex change.  They had no problems with it, at all.  They had no problems with the act that Dietrich was a known lesbian.

In the late 1930s Dietrich’s aunt and uncle were arrested as Nazi spies.  After their arrest, she went to work, spying against the Nazis.  You will probably never find the story in her official biography.  My mother and grandmother Froehlich were sitting on the front porch of the house, watching them their arrest.

My grandfather’s sister, Mary Froehlich, owned the most exclusive spa and salon in Palm Beach.  One day, during the height of World War II, she looked up to see this man standing in front of the business.  He was almost a double to my grandfather and his brothers.  He came in, introduced himself as a Froehlich cousin.  He brought with him boxes of silk stockings, chocolates, the usual things one could not get during the War.  He hung around for about two days.  Mary became very suspicious, and told my grandfather about it.

The man simply did not show up for an appointment to meet with several more family members.  The night before, a German U-Boat was torpedoed and sunk off Palm Beach.  My mother and her friends went over to watch the debris surface and wash up on the beach.

Grandy, my grandfather, was the Air Raid Warden for Palm Beach County during World War II.  We later learned that he was told the man was perhaps a third cousin, and was a Gestapo agent trying to see if the family would spy for the Nazis.

Never, ever, ever did anyone question the loyalty of the Froehlich family.  By 1942 or so, the family was living in the big white house on Belevedere Road.  It as maybe 5 miles from the Army Air Base that has evolved into Palm Beach International.  The base was where the bombers were loaded for Europe.  They would fly to Canada, then cross to England.  One night one of them crashed into the pasture across the canal.  My grandfather tried to save as many of the crew as possible.  The plane was fully armed, loaded to the teeth with bombs and ammunition. My mother says she still remembers the screams of the injured and dying airmen.

Because they lived so close to the base, and because the grandparents’ had a dairy, they were on the “path” where the guys would go out running.  My Uncle Edwin, who was just a kid at the time, would go up to the road and invite the soldiers home for dinner.  It reached the point where the house was a major stop for the MPs – for dinner.  When my grandfather died in 1991, it was surprising how many of these former soldiers contacted my grandmother!

They were far from spies.  Even though there was a direct German link, no one even considered the possibility that they were disloyal to this country.  One wonders what would happen today.  If, in the same climate as we are now, and we were at war with Germany, I suspect my family would be treated like dirt, because of genealogy.

This brings me to Michele Bachmann, Mark Levin, Pam Geller, and the tea party libertarian bigots of the far right.  Their long, hate-filled knives are now after John McCain (hero, patriot) for daring to defend an evil Muslim.  Don’t worry, he’s not alone.  They detest Tom Coburn, Lindsey, and any Republican who dares show a little big of backbone, and reason.

Politicus USA
John Boehner

“…Representative Michele Bachmann is using her position on the House Intelligence Committee to promote a conspiracy theory that government officials, including State Department official Huma Abedin, are part of a Muslim Brotherhood plot to infiltrate the U.S. government. Bachmann also claims that Rep. Keith Ellison is tied to the Muslim Brotherhood. Bachmann has refused to apologize or back down, even after prominent Republicans like Senator John McCain demanded that she stop.

As Rep. Ellison has noted, he and Abedin are in positions of relative power; even greater than our concern for them should be our concern that the political participation of Muslim-Americans will be chilled by anti-Muslim McCarthyism attacking the role of Muslim-Americans in our country’s political life.

We need the voices of Muslim-Americans to help us reform U.S. foreign policy in the Muslim world. If Muslim-American voices are silenced, reforming U.S. policy is going to be much harder. Urge your Representative to help draw a line by speaking out for sanctions on Bachmann, including — as People for the American Way has called for — her removal from the Intelligence Committee, for her attacks on the political participation of Muslim-Americans.

It’s indisputable that many Muslim-Americans have cultural ties to and heightened concern about countries where U.S. foreign policy is especially controversial….”

The Daily Beast

“...It’s going to take every single patriot getting themselves, and everyone else they can muster, to the polls to defeat this blight on our beloved country. Talk to your friends, your co-workers and family members. All but the thickest of them have figured out that there’s something radically wrong about the state of the economy. There’s not a person I know who hasn’t had at least one friend or acquaintance that has been layed off, and recently at that. California, just days ago, was braying to the media about a fractional decrease in an already obscene unemployment number… which will, of course, be raised again when the numbers are reviewed and analyzed as they always are.

Barack Obama and his Marxists are the obvious enemy of the republic. There are others perhaps less obvious, some in our own camp who, for reasons of their own, work against the wishes of the people and party that supports them and to whom they are responsible.

Michele Bachmann has showed immense courage by taking on the Muslim monster within. It’s about time, too. So, the first thing that happens is that John McCain and the ever-slimy Lindsey Graham have crawled out from under their rocks long enough to denounce Michele Bachmann over her comments regarding Hillary Clinton’s aid, who is Muslim. It seems that the lady in question has family members who have attachments to the Muslim Brotherhood. So it begs the question… Who scrubbed her security clearance? The State Department is a shambles at the best of times. I’ve written about the infiltration of our government at the highest levels by Muslims who have direct connections to terror organizations. How do these people get visas? How do they get clearance to visit our White House?

I see that Keith Ellison is in Bachmann’s sights, too. It’s about damned time somebody started asking some really pointed questions. How is it that CAIR has had hundreds of meetings at the White House? We really do need to dump RINO leftovers like McCain and Graham. This election should be interesting in that regard as well….”

NY Daily News

“...Rep. Louie Gohmert (R-Texas) fired back at Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) on Tuesday, calling the senator and some of his colleagues “numbnuts” for criticizing the Tea Party-affiliated congressman’s recent allegations that a top Hillary Clinton aide has Islamist ties.

Gohmert, along with Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-Minn.) and three other GOP congressmen, recently signed letters insinuating that Clinton’s Deputy Chief of Staff Huma Abedin is affiliated with the controversial Muslim Brotherhood organization through her family. The claims have been widely condemned by members of the Republican party, including House Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio), Sen. Scott Brown (R-Mass.), and McCain….”

Democrats for Sale

Democrats for Sale has a scathing commentary on the whole subject – take no prisoners.

What started my rant and rave was an email a friend sent to me.  This friend is “fed-up”, also.  Someone had passed a URL to her, about the growth of Sharia, saying that all Muslims are basically evil. Her redacted comment is below.  The Pink Flamingo agrees 110%.

“…I was going to answer this in more detail than I am but you are so far off base that it is a waste of my time.  That is nothing but a scare mongering email that has no basis in fact.
Only thing I will say is that they have been doing fundraising for 15 years but stopped after 9/11 and resumed in around 1996 or 97, their donations are open, and a lot of the donations (redacted).  The mosque at __ is brand new — went to the opening with a friend of mine ….  The leader of the mosque helped ___ outing the lone suicide bomber at __ before he could blow up part ___.  He (the bomber) was a white guy kicked out of the mosque because he was advocating violence along with his roommate who was from Pakistan who they also turned in.  We have over 100 different countries represented at __ a lot of them ___ who are good people and don’t have a violent streak in them.
I am good friends __ and his wife from Kuwait whose daughter went to school with my youngest daughter and who was chosen as part of the group to help put companies in the gulf back to work…
By your standards we shouldn’t have made friends with military and civilians around the world who were at __ AFB for foreign military sales like from Saudi, Kuwait, Egypt and other countries who I am still friends with or from other bases where we were located.  The Air Force has been training people from foreign countries for years.  My husband’s best friend is a naturalized citizen from ___ …  Our family knows a lot of Muslims and has for years.
I am tired of the bigoted philosophy of a lot of today’s far right Tea Party people including the Tea Party here in Norman.  I would rather have my former Muslim neighbors then the redneck living here today who is one of the biggest bigots I have ever met with one of the filthiest mouths.
One more thing — the reason for buying so much foreign oil has more to do with some of our largest refineries undergoing upgrades and expansion to be more efficient and more environmentally friendly.  One is already back on-line and others will be shortly.  The one south of us is doubling in size and had no trouble getting a permit which I learned after swallowing the crap that the Energy Department would give no new permits to expand or upgrade the facilities which was bogus. I have learned that a lot of House Republicans are not very honest as their hate clouds their honesty.
My more than two cents! …”

The Pink Flamingo is starting to do a slow burn.  I have an “adopted” sister and her family, who are Muslim and from India.  They are some of the dearest, most wonderful people I have ever known.  Zehra’s daughters are natural born Americans.  Zehra and Mush are very proud to be American Citizens.  Their granddaughter is American.  Their daughters are highly trained surgeons who are married to surgeons.

Is this the GOP of Mitt Romney?

One would think, as he grows into the titular head of the GOP kind of thing, he would be the first to renounce such bigotry.  Instead, we are subjected to one example after another of nasty veiled bigotry from his campaign “spokespeople”, then he lies about it.   Many of his supporters are now demanding the RINO likes of John McCain, Tom Coburn, John Boehner, and Lindsey Graham be kicked out of the GOP.  Perhaps it is time the GOP kicked out the likes of Mitt Romney and Michele Bachmann before they bring down the whole elephant.