NOTE TO GOP: Please Pull the Plug on Romney – Today


Early this morning, The Pink Flamingo had the nightmare misfortune to catch CNN’s interview with Mitt Romney’s foreign policy adviser Richard Williamson.  The other day, Williamson described Russia as the USSR – the Soviet Union.

“…During a foreign policy debate on Wednesday at the Brookings Institution, top Romney foreign policy advisor Richard Williamson criticized the Obama administration’s lack of a policy to address the ongoing civil war in Syria. Williamson erred when he said that Syria, an ally of Moscow, is “strategically important to the Soviet Union.” Earlier in the address, Williamson recounted at length the Reagan administration’s handling of the Soviet Union and how the United States approached relations with the Eastern Bloc prior to its collapse…”

Williamson, on CNN basically declared war on China and Russia via the UN Security Council.  He intimated that they are propping up Iran.  According to Williamson, we must tell them we are going to do what we want to do with Iran and they can’t stop us.

He says that Mitt Romney will do what is necessary to stop Iran.

Perhaps The Pink Flamingo is out of touch, but I thought the world was doing a fairly good job containing Iran.   Maybe I live in a fantasy world, but I just don’t get threatening Russia and China.  Then again, for some strange reason, Mittens thinks that Russia is our worst enemy.

“… Mitt Romney’s campaign often sounds like it still wants to fight the Cold War. Romney himself said that Russia is the U.S.’s “number one geopolitical foe” (a statement that even Colin Powell mocked) and back in April, a Romney adviser criticized President Obama’s “Czechoslovakia” policy. Today during a foreign policy debate at the Brookings Institution, senior Romney adviser Richard Williamson, attacking Obama’s Syria policy, said the Middle East country is “strategically important to the Soviet Union.”…”

Think Progress

Romney is out of touch.  So is Williamson.

Think Progress

One gets the opinion that Mitt Romney would like to re-start the Cold War and have a war with Russia.  This is irrational.  His dabbling in foreign policy while out of the country is deplorable and needs to be decried by everyone, not praised.

It doesn’t matter what he said about Israel.  This is about a man who is out of control, who will do anything and say anything for a vote.

What was said this morning on CNN should alarm everyone, right and left.  If we were dealing with anyone else, the RNC would demand something be done about it. This man has no business running for POTUS.

After what Williamson said on CNN this morning, the Romney Campaign should be stopped, immediately.  Not only is he a danger to the nation, but he is destroying the GOP.  He is a danger to the world.  There is no grasp of reality with this man.  He will do and say anything.  It is one thing to do that as a candidate.  When POTUS, such power is terrifying.

The Pink Flamingo is hearing rumors that active duty military personnel are supporting Obama in large numbers.  I am hearing that his comments yesterday in Israel were greeted with horror.  What I heard today is simply a confirmation of that information.

I am also hearing that there are growing numbers of Republicans who are demanding the GOP pull the plug on this dangerous individual and put someone else in as the nominee.  I’m afraid it’s too little too late.

If Barack Obama were smart, he would take Williamson’s words, Romney’s words and recycle LBJ’s old Daisy Ad.

It would be lethal.

I thought this was all over.  I thought we had won the Cold War, and were at peace with Russia and China.  Evidently they thought the same thing.  Unfortunately, Mitt Romney is living in an alternative reality.  We must pull the plug on his dangerous version of reality before he does serious damage to the country.

Why doesn’t the GOP care about what he is doing?


One thought on “NOTE TO GOP: Please Pull the Plug on Romney – Today

  1. Very well done! It is about time that Romney was outed as someone not facing reality in today’s world but this is what happens when you rely on advisors stuck on the Cold War mentality. When I saw the Romney foreign policy advisors, I flipped. This is the old coalition of people like Cheney and Rumsfeld that see a member of the Soviet Union behind every tree as some still don’t recognize it is Russia not the USSR. This is frightening about Romney but he will be praised by the far right and their pundits who would have taken a Democrat and demolished them for saying the same thing on foreign soil. Because it is Romney, it is to be praised. How many pundits did the Koch Brothers and Bain buy?

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