PART I: Onward, Christian Conservatives


New Mexico’s Jim Baca wrote:

“...One could say these religious zealots have something in common with the Islamic Taliban.  They all hate people who are different.  The christians deny it of course.  But it is true.  Next thing we will see is the Chick fil A mascot cows holding signs saying “Kill a queer for Christ.”  But, they do have a right to their opinion and some Mayors around the country are overstepping their bounds in trying to ban the fattening food outlets from their towns.  The best protest is to not spend your money there. …”

Once upon a time, when The Pink Flamingo was chairman of the Oconee County GOP, when I was giving my swan song speech (1995), I ended it with a paraphrase from Barry Goldwater.  “Anyone who mixes religion and politics deserves to go straight to hell.”  Aside from the fact that I was told to leave the independent Presbyterian church I sometimes attended, I was greeted by applause from life-long Republicans who were being kicked out of the party by the Christian Coalition.  The Christian Coalition and I never really were able to get alone.  I was certain, then, that they would end up destroying the GOP.  It took much longer than I thought it would, but the same suspects are indeed destroying the GOP.

But, what the heck, they’re good “Christians”, right?

The GOP is in deep you know what these days. It has been taken over by extremists that are  religious, libertarian, and so far right they no longer make rational sense.  They have one version of the Constitution and Bill of Rights.  It is rather like freedom for me but not for thee.  Only certain opinions count.  Only certain people are allowed.

We are living in an age of extremism.  Contrast this to the time when this nation was founded.  Then, it was the Age of Enlightenment.  Our Founding Fathers were iconoclasts, extremely well educated, interested in the arts and sciences.  They spoke more than one language, knew Latin, an prided themselves on the gift of intellect.  They treasured learning.  Contrary to popular opinion, they were not all that religion.  The DID NOT found this country as a Christian Nation.  The Bill of Rights, the First Amendment, insures that the Federal government shall not choose one religion over another.

The current actions, to prevent women from having access to contraceptives and women’s health, to refuse to allow insurance companies to pay for such things is repressive.  It is a war against women.  It is also a direct violation of the First Amendment.  While pandering for the extremist vote and the Catholic vote (NOT the same thing) Republicans in the House are expressing protection for one religion over another.   If a religious organization or institution does not take any form of taxpayer money, they should be exempt.  If they do take taxpayer money, then they should be required to to the very same thing as everyone else.  They are no better than anyone else.  But, the GOP in the House is setting it up so that they are better.

The White Washed Feminist

I’m trying to track the following.  So far, this is what I have, sent from a friend.

“…UPDATE: Freedomworks President Matt Kibbe said this about the race in an exclusive interview with the Blaze: Texas is clearly demonstrative of a paradigm shift in politics…I think we’re really at a tipping point, and that’s why November matters so much. Not just beating the Democrats, but there’s still this clash going on between the Republican establishment and all of these principled, Constitutional conservative insurgents. I think, after that election, we essentially take over the Republican party…”

The Pink Flamingo has begun research for the possibility of a new book, tracing the origins of the political conservative movement and the manipulation of the GOP. It’s no secret that I’ve been researching organizations and movements within the conservative ranks for years.  The current mess we are in is nothing new.  It looks like it was started in 1973 by R. J. Rushdoony.

We have a mess on our hands.  The Pink Flamingo is reading a book by Chris Hedges, called American Fascists, the Christian Right and the War on America.  One of the things that popped out at me were several paragraphs that I’ve highlighted.

American Fascism – page 9
Page 10
Page 11
Pages. 19,20

To be continued:  What does a T-Rex taste like?


3 thoughts on “PART I: Onward, Christian Conservatives

  1. Part of the problem I think is that the Regan administration made the mistake of aligning themselves with the religious right let alone letting them have any influence in the party. Sure they may have been “useful idiots” at one time, but giving idiots (especially extremist ones) any kind of power means you got to start appealing to them. That’s why we got nuts like Santorum and Glen Beck. The RR does seem to be getting drunk off their own power.

  2. The clever thing is, you are mixing religion and politics in a lecture about how mixing religion and politics is destroying the GOP! You’re funny! Keep it up… I like this new tack of demonstrating idiocy and extremism with idiocy and extremism. I give you a lot of credit for tenacity… sometimes I feel guilty that I’ve pretty much given up trying to reason with people.

  3. This is very good! Living in an oasis surrounded by the religious far right who have taken over the State Party and some county parties routinely tell people to get out of the Party who don’t agree with them or threaten them. Their efforts to take over the GOP and kick out anyone who doesn’t agree with them is going on all over the Country. Anyone who doesn’t believe that has their head buried in the sand and are not listening when these people win primaries. When you go too far left or right you have a major problem IMHO although this far right is the nastiest and hate filled group that I have ever seen out of either party

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