PART II: Onward, Christian Conservatives


“...Science took a beating in the primary season this year. Leading candidates made it clear that they rejected climate science (Herman Cain and Rick Perry), thought that vaccines caused mental retardation (Michele Bachmann), and didn’t “believe” in evolution (a bunch of them, most prominently Rick Santorum). One candidate, John Huntsman, bravely tweeted, “I believe in evolution and trust scientists on global warming. Call me crazy.” To scientists, Huntsman’s candor was “right on!” To Republican primary voters, apparently he was crazy….”

The right has reached the point where they are so lacking in any intellectual capacity when it comes to science that they no don’t want to even fund climate control studies.  It’s not speculation folks.  They’re doing it elsewhere.  There is a way to seed clouds, to create rain in the Midwest where this horrible drought is occurring, but that might be tampering with the way God wants things done, right?  WRONG:  If God had wanted us to be stupid, ignorant slugs, who can’t comprehend science, He wouldn’t have invented the brain.

Oh, wait, there’s no cost effective bottom line here.  It’s not the Mitt Romney Bain way of doing things.  It’s like this, if that had been the criteria for NASA, we’d still be on the ground with no sat phones, dish television, tablet computers, and my mother probably wouldn’t be alive today (medical science based on NASA based spin-offs and all that useless stuff).

We are now living in a world where there is not only a conservative war on women, and it does exist, but there is an abjectly ignorant group of anti-science individuals who want to force their version of “science” on everyone. I’m sorry, but the planet is several billion years old. Humans and dinosaurs exist together only in Jurassic Park and really bad Sci Fi channel movies. In that birds EVOLVED from dinosaurs (yes, I am using the word EVOLVE, and don’t tell me I’m going to hell for using it) we do co-exist with them.

“…Jindal has recently appeared on television as the Romney campaign’s designated education surrogate. This means that Jindal’s approach to science miseducation may soon extend well past the borders of Louisiana.

Imagine, for a moment, that Jindal becomes the vice presidential nominee. Given his track record in Louisiana, can we expect a sudden shift in favor of scientific integrity and quality science education? I’d like to believe that Jindal’s courting of the creationist vote in his state has been nothing more than a matter of political expediency. Maybe once he faces a national audience, he’ll shake that Etch A Sketch and make his peace with science. We’ll see. But the times are critical, the record isn’t promising, and Jindal’s legacy in Louisiana schools has been shameful…”

The latest work has T-Rex DNA sequencing to come out to be that of a chicken. It solves the ages old question of what a T-Rex would taste like – just like chicken. This leads us to the rest of my rant – tasting just like chicken?

The Pink Flamingo is becoming rather fond of Galatians 3:26-29.

26for in Christ Jesus you are all children of God through faith.

27As many of you as were baptized into Christ have clothed yourselves with Christ.

28There is no longer Jew or Greek, there is no longer slave or free, there is no longer male and female; for all of you are one in Christ Jesus.

29And if you belong to Christ, then you are Abraham’s offspring, heirs according to the promise.

In other words, once we accept Christ, there is no difference between black, white, Greek, Jew, Roman, American, Hispanic, or Brit. There is no difference between gay, lesbian, or straight, male female, free or slave in His eyes. We are all the same. If we are all the same, and a Christian business owner dares to discriminate against people, then looks like he/she is the one who is violating the teachings of Christ.

“…The sign, and its implied support of Chick-fil-A’s stance on gay marriage, was the work of Jim Furmen, who owns 86 Wendy’s franchises in North Carolina. When pictures of the signs were posted on Reddit and began circulating online, Wendy’s quickly took to Twitter to say the franchise owner did not represent the views of the entire company, saying “We proudly serve ALL customers” and adding that the signs had been taken down.

Conservative bloggers and writers then took issue with the insinuation that Chick-fil-A did not serve all customers (even its critics haven’t made that charge), whereupon Wendy’s backtracked. “Not our intention at all,” Wendy’s said repeatedly to users that criticized them. “We’re simply saying that an independent franchisee posted the sign.”

They went on. “We’re honored to serve every customer,” Wendy’s said in another Tweet. “We’d assume they are as well!”…”

This is NOT about an attack on Christianity. There are some far right TEA PARTY blogs who pretend differently, but it is a crock.


Do these people ever get tired of their fake “Christian” indignation. It’s getting old. It is embarrassing and it is SO NOT Christian – well, not the kind of Christian love that I know, but who am I to judge. I’m just an evil Episcopalian who believes that church is for sinners.

Let’s be honest here. NORMAL Republicans don’t go out and boycott. They don’t attend rallies, and they don’t march on Washington. They don’t watch Glenn Beck, and have pulled the plug on Rush Limbaugh. Normal people comprehend the fact that FOX News is in the brainwashing business. Normal people have the capacity to, or should have the capacity to comprehend the difference between information, propaganda, and lies.

We also don’t boycott. I don’t cease dealing with a company because of their political views. I quit eating Ben & Jerry’s because I’m allergic to eggs, not because they are liberal. I have a tendency to go to the local Sonic because it is closer than Starbucks, not because of some senseless anti-gay boycott. I detest Wallyworld, but don’t have a choice, where I live. I prefer Target. I don’t give a damn if a company donates to Planned Parenthood, gay organizations, the ACLU or the Tea Parties. I want low prices and quality product. I never have patronized Chick-fil-A and never plan to. I’ve never been that disparate for food.

“...As for Chick-fil-A, the piety of its owners hasn’t been exactly a secret: A 2007 profile of founder and Chief Executive S. Truett Cathy in Forbes, headlined “The Cult of Chick-fil-A,” mentioned that its corporate mission, “glorify God,” was inscribed on a plaque at company headquarters and explained that its policy of closing its 1,600 stores on Sunday aimed to allow operators to go to church and spend the time with their families. Cathy’s millions in donations to organizations opposed to gay marriage have been documented in public tax filings.

But Chick-fil-A customers didn’t have to think about that until Cathy’s son Dan stepped over the second danger line by injecting himself and his company into politics. At some point when the Cathy family was formulating its views on gay relationships, they became a political issue, what with legislatures and courts all over the country clearing the way for gay marriage and advocates of traditional marriage, whatever that is, pushing back.

Mackey and the executives of Target might have advised Dan Cathy that at that point he should clam up. No one necessarily would have begrudged Mackey his views on health and nutrition until he attached them to the question of how to provide healthcare to more Americans, which was the topic of ferocious political debate. He had as much right to air his views as anyone else, but no right to be surprised that they reflected on his company.

Similarly, Target probably thought it was in the clear on its donation to a PAC because it was secret, until it wasn’t secret anymore.

Indeed, that’s why the sources of big money remain shrouded via contributions to 501(c)4 “social welfare” organizations, which don’t have to disclose their donors and yet are playing a multibillion-dollar role in state and federal elections.

Sometimes politics intercede where you may not expect it. Corporations of all types have supported Planned Parenthood for years, presumably on the grounds that helping deliver inexpensive healthcare to underprivileged women was a good thing and one that fit in with corporate principles such as diversity and fairness. Then one morning they woke up to discover that their longtime beneficiary had become transformed into a gigantic political football. (Apologies to Franz Kafka.) The next thing they knew, they were on an anti-abortion organization’s boycott list….”

One of these days, “Christian” conservatives are going to wake up and smell the Starbucks.


9 thoughts on “PART II: Onward, Christian Conservatives

  1. Since when is wrong to follow your religious beliefs? Muslims do, Buddhist do…why can’t Christians????? Chick-fil a owner was asked about his beliefs…and he told them….get off your throne Miss High and Mighty.

  2. Last week I said that he had a right to his beliefs. I think boycotts and shows of support like this are stupid, that’s all. I also think when someone is such a homophobe, you’d better open their closet door. I have a gay friend who swears the worst homophobes are the the ones in the closet. I think his food is nasty, full of preservatives, and is so toxic it will change your DNA code just by smelling their filthy stores. I have a right to say that, also. It’s also my blog and I can say what I want.


  3. “abjectly ignorant group of anti-science individuals who want to force their version of “science” on everyone.”

    That’s me. I’m a creationist, believe in traditional marriage, pro-life, yada yada yada. The whole nine yards and 66 books. You’re completely lost in my opinion on all matters of theology. But I’ve never mentioned it before. And it doesn’t matter now except that this vendetta without end occasionally crosses the line into Bill Maher territory, and deserves a little push back now and then.

    But carry on… it’s amusing to see where you are going to take this parody next. I like sassy, tacky and unpredictable. I am hoping soon to see a final destination somewhere on the horizon, and a vaguely discernible direction. On the lookout!

    Hey, completely different subject, one which I think all or most can agree… check out the fantastic new book The 4% Solution, with foreward by GWB, published by the GWB Institute. I think so much of the nonsense, namecalling, and nitpicking across the land will vanish once we crawl out from under the dark cloud of Leftist lunacy, and start looking onward and upward again. Just a little ray of sunshine is all we need to come roaring back.

  4. I can’t understand the mind-set with creationism. It doesn’t work. It defies logic, science, and the PROVEN HISTORICAL RECORD. The historical of Jericho alone completely obliterates the stupidity of creationist dating. It doesn’t work. It’s silly. It’s as pathetic as Obama’s birth certificate.

    A person can be a Christian and be fascinated with science. One of the finest observatory systems in the world is run by the Vatican, and they use real science, not creationism. No reputable scholar or scientist in the world uses creationism. I admit, I would love for there to be dinosaurs somewhere, hiding, but it isn’t going to happen. It’s romantic, but has nothing to do with salvation, John 3:16, or dedicating your life to Christ and spreading His love.

    I simply reject this insane NEW heretical line the far right is taking, pushing Calvinism where no theologian has gone before. It’s bordering on Gnosticism, and a few other heresies. Christ is love. Galatians 3:28 says that in Christ there is no difference in persons. I read that the other day and it hit me, hard. In other words, if a person is gay and they accept Christ, He accepts them and sees them the same way He sees you and I.

    I’m sick of the hate. I’m sick of pitting one group of people against another for votes and political money for these idiotic interest groups. The GOP was not like this a few years ago. What is happening now is nasty.

    It’s too bad we are no longer allowed to have thoughts and express ourselves, contrary to what someone might think, and be treated like dirt for thinking things. When conservatives refuse to allow diverse thought into their world, they become what they hate most, and they are getting this way, rapidly.

    My Christian beliefs have not changed. I’ve been disturbed, for ages, with what I see as an extreme movement that is gradually taking over “mainstream” religion. After months of research and going through dozens of books and sources, I’m finding the material I need to disprove this disgusting crap that is taking over, and displacing logical, rational, and normal theology. I am not now, nor have I ever been a Calvinist. I can deal with some of the basics in theology that all normal Protestant denominations share, but that’s about it. Hard core Calvinism is mean. It is cruel, without love, and almost perverts the Love of Christ. Then again, I’m basically a good (evil) Episcopalian who believes that churches are for sinners to come to know Christ, not to be condemned.

    Anglican theology is based on three things: Tradition, reason, and scripture. That’s how I look at things. But, in this increasingly ignorant world the far right has created, we can’t use either tradition or reason, only their narrow minded version of Christ.

    As for geological time, go back and read Genesis. In it we are told that the timing of the Lord is different from Him. A day is like the blink of an eye. For someone who had nothing to relate to when writing the story of creation, it is perfect. Geological time is quite in keeping with Genesis. One of the early astronauts once told me that he had very little patience with creationists. According to him, “Their narrow minded view of the glory of God and His creation limit Him, considerably.” He said nothing he’d ever studied told him that geological time and evolution were counter to the Bible and Christ.

    I agree.

    Trust me, I’ve read quite a bit on creationism. I can literally disprove their idiotically stupid time line simply with archaeology. Then again, if you believe creationism, you must completely throw out Carbon-14 dating. You throw out Carbon-14 dating, and some of the most exciting discoveries that prove the Bible, both archaeologically and historically must also be tossed out on the trash pile of fake science.

    That doesn’t make me a bad person. I doesn’t make me foolish or tacky. I should not be denigrated or made fun of for having a life-long fascination with science. I am a historian. History alone disproves creationism. I’m not at war with Christianity. That is the most foolish crock the far right has invented, recently. Creationism almost demeans God’s magnificent glory and His – creation. By embracing creationism you through out science that over and over points to the existence of a Creator. It could not have happened by itself. There was a starting point, where the Universe was born. There is a Hand of God moment that is so awesome, our pathetic little brains can’t even begin to comprehend how remarkable and omnipotent He is. To create the elements of carbon to base life – for the elements of hydrogen and oxygen to combine – for water. This is a miracle! When you contemplate the rational thought and design behind it – oh my! But, to pocket God into a little bit of time and limit what He did, well that is silly, irrational, and tacky.


    “…Other Christians have expressed qualms about teaching creationism. In March 2006, Archbishop of Canterbury Rowan Williams, the leader of the world’s Anglicans, stated his discomfort about teaching creationism, saying that creationism was “a kind of category mistake, as if the Bible were a theory like other theories”. He also said: “My worry is creationism can end up reducing the doctrine of creation rather than enhancing it.” The views of the Episcopal Church – a major American-based branch of the Anglican Communion – on teaching creationism resemble those of Williams….”

    If you want to take it farther, Luther, and a group of scholars used some of the philosophical leanings of Thomas Aquinas. Aquinas was an admirer of the pagan writings of the Greek philosophers like Plato, etc. The writings of Plato are contrary to the Bible, but that has not stopped scholars from embracing the Greek philosophies that have nothing to do with Christ.

  5. And all of this is to say what, exactly?

    Oh, you’re so worried about being “treated like dirt” because of “what you think” in your imaginary world that you forgot to apologize for treating me like dirt for what I think.

    Oh, and you’re so “sick of the hate” you forgot to apologize for your hateful (and increasingly incoherent) spewage against anyone, including me, who does not tow your line 100%…

    If you’re auditioning for a part in a Lefty cartoon, I’m thinking you’re an automatic “in.” Rock on, sister.

  6. Fr. Andrew Stephen Domick, an Orthodox priest expresses this better than I can.

    “...We Americans are hardly ever more Calvinistic and puritanical than when we are at politics. I observe this not about any particular political ideology or party, but about them all.

    It is no wonder, of course. America was founded by such people. Calvinist anthropology is deep in our cultural DNA, and it is perhaps most prevalent in those who reject Christianity entirely. Their political opponents are “unloving,” “evil,” “hateful,” etc. There is little attempt actually to convince others of the rightness of their positions, only the assertion that opposing them makes the opponent a terrible person. You must hate me if you do not agree with me.

    But “You hate me” is probably the silliest argument there is. It not only presumes a knowledge of someone else’s inner psychological state that is impossible, but it also is a defeatist attitude and presumes that one’s opponents are beyond redemption—and one’s own position is naturally what constitutes redemption.

    In a world where everyone knows he’s a sinner and is actively working to repent, one can never have much ground to assume that one’s fellow sinners are “hateful,” etc. But in a world where I am perfect and right, of course anyone who disagrees with me is “hateful.”…”

    That’s the problem when a person “assumes”.

  7. Don Rickles expresses my reaction to your response[?] better than I can:

    Two blondes find three grenades, and they decide to take them to a police station. One asked: “What if one explodes before we get there?” The other says: “We’ll lie and say we only found two.”

    So there.

  8. Many books of the Bible are allegorical. Genesis is one of them. The Bible never has and never will teach a science lesson. Its purpose is to teach a moral lesson. Jesus said, “Render unto Caesar the things that are Caesar’s” – Good! Give big government its just dues, but do we pay attention to what Jesus said next. “Render unto God the things that are God’s”. Many Christians today are Cafeteria Christians, if Jesus’s teachings are not on the current politically correct menu, they just ignore them. They practice only the things they like. Jesus never said following Him would be easy, “Take up your cross and follow me.” The cross is one of the things Christians today don’t like. It’s unpleasant and it’s a reminder that we are not going to live forever. We don’t think about our mortality when we bicker about big government, the far right and some fast food joint’s opinion on marriage. If we did none of us would be so arrogant. Each person has his own individual calvary to walk. Jesus loves all of us just the way we are. We don’t have to pretend with Jesus because he knows all of our virtues and shortcomings. None of us are perfect. All of us need healing. If we kept this in mind we would be more humble. We would all be better off if we gave back to God even a portion of some of the blessings He has given us. The greatest gift would be love.

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