PART III: Onward, Christian Conservatives


We’ve been sold a very nasty program from the far right. Do not ever think this anti-contraceptive hysteria is about the Catholic Church and religious freedom. It’s about the exact opposite. I comes directly out of the Doug Phillips, VisionForum playbook. It’s all about Quiverfull and having as many little white babies as possible. You see, according to Phillips, and his associates (more than a few were on that idiotic letter supporting Michele Bachmann) the world doesn’t have enough little white babies to counter the little minority babies being born.

“…Another thing that is a red flag to me is their collection of buzz words and extra-biblical virtues. Many cults and religious sects, in order to create and maintain an identity, will create their own lingo or even re-define terms so that, when in discussion with them, apples are no longer apples. Some examples of VF’s jargon/re-defined terms are: visionary, dominion, help-meet in training, multi-generational, biblical patriarchy, and biblical family. As far as the virtues VF esteems, most of them are in fact biblical; VF, however, puts those virtues on steroids as well as adding some others such as entrepreneurialism. Ultimately it is a type of Gnostic Legalism… in order to live the Biblical way or the Christian way you must do what they say and live as they do.

So, according to VF, if you are poor, voluntarily sterile, using any type of birth control, a feminist of any shade, a female who eschews dresses for pants, a female college student, a single female missionary, an old-earth creationist, a pacifist, a working mom, a working widow, a stay-at-home dad, a tomboy, a Native American, non-white, or non-American, then you can’t really live out the ideal, visionary Christian life or enjoy the benefits of the true Christian family. My wrong… I thought John 3:16 said “for God so loved the world,” but I guess, according to Doug Phillips, it is “for God so loved the white, middle-to-upper-class, Americans, that whosoever of them believeth in Him should not perish, but have everlasting life.”

The reason I claim that Doug Phillips’ version of the gospel is elitist is best explained by transporting all these “values” and the VF type of lifestyle into southern Sudan, or rural China, or any number of places in developing countries or simply in cultures very different to ours. Can you imagine a Sudanese woman, who contracted aids from her dying husband and lives in a one-room hut with five children living out the Vision Forum lifestyle? Christ’s gospel is universal but Vision Forum and hyper-patriarchy are not….”

There is a distinctly racist thing going on within the far right.  The  more they claim it does not exist, the worst it gets.

Raw Story

“…“It’s like the government is one big giant methadone clinic and they’re just handing out these injections to people in the form of welfare benefits to get them hooked, so they got to hook up with their supplier once a month, they got to get their fix, they got to hook up with their dealer on a street corner once a month and get their fix from the federal government,” he explained. “They’re like drug-addled addicts and the Democrat Party has gotten them addicted to welfare benefits. That apparently is the only reason they continue to support this party.”

“I think what keeps the African American community in the Democratic and on the Democratic plantation is the promise of goodies, it’s the promise of welfare, it’s the promise of benefits,” Fisher added.

“So that’s just a form of idolatry, they put money ahead of principle. If they’re going to give me stuff, that’s materialism, that’s greed, that’s a violation of the Ten Commandments, they’re going to stick that in front of me I’m going to vote for them no matter what.”…”

If this were the only example of what is going on in the far right, it would be easy to dismiss as the rantings of a senile old jerk.  The problem is, we’ve seen what Mitt Romney’s campaign thinks of anyone who is not white, rich, and male.

We know the religious right is now terribly anti-gay to the point where it is starting to hurt the GOP.  Of course, all of this is denied.  Also, this is all about Barack Obama.  It is very subtle racism, but it is racism.  If The Pink Flamingo had not heard it coming out of people who are tea party, far right, etc. I would not have believed it.

New American Media

The worst of it is that 4 out of 10 tea party freaks are NOT Republican. Earl Ofari Hutchinson wrote:

“…But that’s no surprise. In April 2010, a Winston survey found that four out of 10 Tea Party adherents are not Republicans, but independents and Democrats.

A follow-up New York Times survey revealed that Tea Party backers were not ill-educated, low-income, blue-collar whites, mostly in the South and Heartland. The majority was middle class, and many are wealthy and highly educated.

The poll found that the single, overriding factor driving them, no matter their politics or party, was the feeling that the country was going in the wrong direction. This is not merely a case of respondents saying what they thought would be politically correct to survey takers, so as not to not appear to be racist.

Nearly three decades ago, the GOP found that the volatile mix of big government and economics could whip frustrated, rebellious, angry whites into frenzy far better than crude race baiting. Many middle-class and working-class white males genuinely viewed government as big, insensitive and a hopeless captive of special interests. Many more actually believed that they were losing ground to minorities and women in the workplace, schools and in society.

The target of their anger was big government, which they believed tilted unfairly in spending priorities toward social programs that benefited minorities at the expense of hard-working whites. That translated to even more fear, rage and distrust of big government and shouts to fight back against the erosion of personal freedoms.

Tea Party leaders, such as Caster, push back hard against the charge that the party is racist by endlessly citing popular anger at the perceived big-government creep, taxes and runaway spending. And they always frame their arguments in terms of “socialist leaning” Obama administration programs as the sole cause for their rage at Washington and mainstream politicians.

But Marler’s joke and the Ozark Tea Party chapter’s favorable audience’s reaction to it were not an aberration. It stands as a telling indictment that as long as race lurks underneath the carefully crafted veneer of Tea Party moderation the party can’t and won’t clean up its racist act….”

It’s all hidden in polite words and phrases.  That’s why the assault on women’s reproductive health by the tea party blackmailed backed members of the House is so deceptive.  It’s not about religious freedom.  It’s not about government mandates.  It’s about making more white babies.

“...How so? Europe is failing to produce enough babies–the right babies–to replace its old and dying. It’s “the baby bust,” “the birth dearth,” “the graying of the continent”: modern euphemisms for old-fashioned race panic as low fertility among white “Western” couples coincides with an increasingly visible immigrant population across Europe. The real root of racial tensions in the Netherlands and France, America’s culture warriors tell anxious Europeans, isn’t ineffective methods of assimilating new citizens but, rather, decades of “antifamily” permissiveness–contraception, abortion, divorce, population control, women’s liberation and careers, “selfish” secularism and gay rights–enabling “decadent” white couples to neglect their reproductive duties. Defying the biblical command to “be fruitful and multiply,” Europeans have failed to produce the magic number of 2.1 children per couple, the estimated “replacement-level fertility” for developed nations (and a figure repeated so frequently it becomes a near incantation). The white Christian West, in this telling, is in danger of forfeiting itself through sheer lack of numbers to an onslaught of Muslim immigrants and their purportedly numerous offspring. In other words, Mosher and his colleagues aren’t really concerned about wolves.

Another profamily soldier banging the drum about demographic winter, Christine de Vollmer, head of the US-funded Latin American Alliance for the Family, says that thanks to “obstinate antifamily policies, the end of European civilization can be calculated in years.” Such predictions are winning the ear of top US conservatives, with Mitt Romney taking time during his campaign exit speech on February 7 to warn that “Europe is facing a demographic disaster” due to its modernized, secular culture, particularly its “weakened faith in the Creator, failed families, disrespect for human life and eroded morality.” With this, the American Christian right has hit on a potent formula: grafting falling Western birthrates onto old morality arguments to craft a tidy cause-and-effect model that its members hope will provide their ideology an entry into European politics.

The imminent demise of Europe is a popular prediction these days, with books such as Catholic scholar George Weigel’s The Cube and the Cathedral, Melanie Phillips’s Londonistan, Bruce Bawer’s While Europe Slept and Pat Buchanan’s Death of the West all appearing since 2001. The 2006 film Children of Men sketched a sterile, dystopian world thrown into chaos for lack of babies (though with less blatant antiabortion implications than the Christian allegorical P.D. James novel on which it was based). The media increasingly sound the alarm as Eastern European countries register birthrates halved since the last generation. And on February 11, the Family First Foundation, a profamily group in the same movement circles as Mosher and de Vollmer, released a documentary dedicated to the threat: Demographic Winter: The Decline of the Human Family….”

The Nation

The Pink Flamingo is simply going to let you decide what is going on here.  You might want to put two and two together and now you know why Mitt went to Poland.

“…Arguably, the greatest impact profamily efforts such as the WCF have is in helping conservative European leaders hone a common message about the “natural family” as a necessary counter to demographic anxieties.

The fourth conference of the WCF, in Warsaw last May, provided much of the commentary for the Demographic Winter film. And little wonder: besides Carlson, Family First Foundation’s board of directors is composed entirely of WCF leaders and speakers, all of whom gathered in Warsaw’s grand Palace of Culture and Science, the old Polish Communist Party headquarters, with more than 3,000 other religious conservatives, to hear predictions about Europe as a sinking ship, a Titanic nearly lost to the repercussions of the sexual revolution. But for the first time in a long time, the “natural family” has a white knight in Europe: brave Poland, the anti-Sweden. Following Pope John Paul II’s philosophy that particular countries can change the course of Europe, Poland has been heralded in US profamily literature as the likely salvation of the continent: a heavily Catholic bastion of conservatism amid the gay-friendly EU. Under the leadership of the Kaczynski brothers–extremist twins in office as president and prime minister–the country has shifted far to the right, embracing a social conservatism that aggressively targets gays, Jews, women’s rights and foreigners, and that in 2006 went so far as to propose that Jesus be named honorary king of Poland.

To Carlson, this proves Poland is “an island of profamily values” amid the tides of “Christo-phobic” “population-control types” who dominate the rest of the continent. Poland, he says, could provide an important counterbalance to European modernity and become a launching point for “a profamily resistance,” and thereby “save Europe again”: a not-so-coded reference to the Battle of Vienna in 1683, where Polish King John III Sobieski led a “Holy League” army of Christian soldiers against the Ottoman Empire, culminating in a decisive victory for Christendom over the invading Muslim troops. The profamily movement’s bald reference to this ancient holy war informs new conservative foot soldiers who see today’s immigration conflicts as “a new phase of a very old war.” And so the WCF chose Poland as the site of last spring’s massing of the troops, drawing thousands of leaders from across the spectrum of religious-right activism: from US evangelical and Catholic nonprofits to Eastern European Catholic and orthodox antiabortion and anti-gay rights groups, to bureaucrats from European, EU and US governments, taking policy notes to bring back home.

The architects of the WCF have persuaded traditionally isolationist American conservatives to care about the fate of secular, impious Europe with two main arguments: one, that Europe is a bulwark against a Muslim “invasion” of America–“If Europe is lost to demographic winter and radical secularism, much of the world will go with it,” Carlson warns–and two, that global trends, such as the normalization of gay and women’s rights, can impact life at home.

If Europe has a “sickness of the soul,” the WCF claims to have “the cure.” Specifically, that cure is a version of the practice of American women living Allan Carlson’s “natural family” vision of having “full quivers” of children. These are families of eight, ten, twelve or more children. It is a vision packaged for popular culture: encouraging families to become “Great Families,” with three to four children each, enough of an increase to stave off the winter [see Joyce, “Arrows for the War,” November 27, 2006].

“The new view is that in order to create and defend a profamily culture, we also have to have a friendly international environment,” says Carlson. “So you see something fundamentally new: the social conservative movement going global.”

Austin Ruse, head of the ultraconservative Catholic UN lobbyist group C-Fam and organizer of Washington’s National Catholic Prayer Breakfast, says the WCF is just one expression of an ever-growing conservative coalition. Its hatred of liberalism, feminism and the sexual revolution outweighs theological differences, and it is branching out worldwide. C-Fam is opening offices in Brussels to lobby the EU directly.

Ruse’s goals for EU activism are likely in line with his accomplishments at the UN, where he gained notoriety for his incendiary rhetoric (his lobby is a plague of locusts descending on women’s rights) and political theater, which, even with few allies, effectively stalled progress on a number of women’s movement initiatives. Christian-right watchers agree that demographic winter appeals to struggling new EU countries in devout Eastern Europe could have “serious” results. Ruse himself, not given to understatement, imagines the global Christian profamily alliance is “unlike anything we’ve seen since the Reformation.” A bloc like this, he boasts, is capable of mayhem: “Picture the documentaries about Africa: the hyenas going after the wildebeest. You’re just surrounded. We are everywhere, doing everything.”…”

The Nation

It’s all about having lots and lots of little white babies. It’s all about turning women into brain dead brood mares who drop one white child after another.  They are to be home schooled.  We can’t have them exposed to science, the arts, evolution, liberal thinking, or anything more than a basic education.  If they are exposed, they might learn how to think for themselves.  Once people learn how to think for themselves, they are not as likely to be brainwashed by the power-brokers of the far right who demand they march, lock-step, or rather goose-step with the program.

The world has experienced this sort of thing before, quite often.  One would think, knowing the love the far right has for history and patriotism that they could smell a nasty racist, bigoted, white supremacist rat when they see one.

I guess I’m wrong.