No Right Wing Extremists?


Being a member of an organization that is labeled a hate group does not make one a domestic terrorist.  Nor does being a bigot.  A person can be a mean, nasty, vicious person who gets their kicks bullying others, but that does not make them a terrorist.   You can be a jerk and not be a terrorist.  You can be a conservative talk show host and not be a terrorist. You can be a Muslim and not be a terrorist.  You can be a white supremacist and not be a terrorist.  You can be a member of ACORN and not be a terrorist.

Bigots are not always white.  They aren’t always conservative.  They can be African American, liberal, Hispanic, Christian, atheist, Jewish, Muslim, Republicans and Democrats. A person can be a member of:
The John Birch Society, KKK, Occupy Wallstreet, A National Socialist, Kiwanis Club, Tea Parties, Mormon Church, Greenpeace, Radical mosque, Catholic Church, Synagogue, Episcopal Church, Green Party, Democratic Party, Republican Party, Libertarian Party, Nation of Islam, FAIR, Numbers USA, League of the South, New Black Panthers, National Rifle Association, PTA, Stormfront, Council of Conservative Citizens,
The Metropolitan Opera Association, Planned Parenthood, …. And not be a terrorist.

Heck, you can even a New York Yankees fan and not be a terrorist.

But, for a person to constantly deny the fact that there are nasty white supremacists, bigots, and very nasty people on the far right is just plain ignorant.  It’s STUPID.  Then again, the far right s increasingly becoming the party of I’m with stupid.

The Pink Flamingo has reached the point where I would like to crown Michelle Malkin the Queen of Denial when it comes to white supremacists, bigots, the KKK, neo-Nazis, and their front organizations such as VDare (where she is a regular columnist), CofCC, Stormfront, American Renaissance, and so forth and so on.  After awhile, considering her LONG TERM relationship with white supremacist Vdare (editor Peter Brimelow’s identical twin brother, John, was once the big kahuna for the National Socialist Party here in the US) her tears are like the crocodile that chased Captain Hook around in Never Never Land.

Michelle Malkin

“...One of the great ironies of what Peter Brimelow calls the “Sailer Strategy”—the idea that to win, to the GOP should expand its support within White America and not worry about the much-hyped “new demographic”—is that it is already working, in spite of the designs of the Republican leadership.

Every year, the GOP falls over itself with “outreach” efforts to Blacks and Latinos, each new program more embarrassing than the last. And yet at election time, the GOP relies on White, Middle America to send its gaggle of cowards, sociopaths, neocons, and used-car salesmen back to Washington.

This irony leads me to conclude that the phenomenon Peter and Steve describe bodes quite poorly for White America. As the White vote—particularly the White, male vote—becomes more and more reliable, the Republican Party (as it’s currently constituted) would seemingly become less and less likely to do anything on White people’s behalf, like halt mass immigration.  “Taking back America” will essentially mean the opportunity to hoot and howler at the TV set as a FOX News blonde announces the latest round of Republican victories; it will not mean White Protestant hegemony, or even smaller government.

At any rate, today The National Journal published a study that documents the (ironic) Triumph of Sailerism. Ronald Brownstein has analyzed “[p]reviously unreleased results from the 2010 exit polls [that] show a stark gap between whites and minorities and a smaller but still significant difference between blue- and white-collar whites”…”

I guess Malkin’s not paid attention to Jack Hunter who writes for the Daily Caller.  He’s has some very nasty baggage from South Carolina.  Very Nasty.  Thing is, one of the reasons The Pink Flamingo has lost all respect for “conservative” sources these days is because of B – I – G – O – T – S like Malkin and Hunter.  They get a pass.  Hunter hangs out at The Political Cesspool.


“…Hunter is known for often providing commentary from both paleoconservative and paleolibertarian viewpoints, as he sees the liberal internationalism that is found in the Democratic Party and the neoconservatism that is prominent in the Republican Party to be ultimately indistinguishable from one another, which has led to criticism from both the mainstream left and the mainstream right. He has also been highly critical of fellow conservative talk radio hosts such as Sean Hannity, Rush Limbaugh, Bill Cunningham, and most famously Mark Levin for putting what he perceives to be their Republican Party allegiances before true conservative principles.

Hunter is also a contributing editor to both Taki’s Magazine and The American Conservative Magazine,while often filling in for Constitutional conservative Sirius Radio talk show host Mike Church and appearing as a weekly guest on The Savage Nation. He assisted with the drafting of Kentucky Senator Rand Paul’s book The Tea Party Goes to Washington..”

From The Pink Flamingo back in 2010.

The Pink Flamingo
September 8, 2010

Then, again, there are no white supremacists in the tea parties? Right?  Well, The Pink Flamingo has been tracking this one for years.

The Pink Flamingo
August 3, 2010

Or, what about in South Carolina – Kyle Rogers?

“...Based out of the Charleston area, Kyle Rogers is the 35-year-old head of the Lowcountry chapter of the Council of Conservative Citizens, which the SPLC reports is the lineal descendant of the segregationist White Citizens Councils of the 1950s and 1960s. Rogers’ group “oppose[s] all efforts to mix the races of mankind,” and is reported to be one of the most active CCC chapters in the country.

South Carolina is of course no stranger to racialist movements like Rogers’. The town of Laurens has long been home to the “world famous” Redneck Shop, run by the American Nazi Party chief who ran for president in 2008 and is now lobbying for a white supremacist group. The group held a Nazi-themed anti-immigration rally outside the State House in 2007, though it’s unknown whether Rogers attended that particular protest.

Rogers did attend a similar 2010 rally outside the state capitol, delivering an invective-filled (but sparsely attended) speech which seems to alternate Obama-bashing and subtle comments about his Jewish “Big Hollywood” supporters with complaints about white supremacists being called racist. Go figure, right?…”

Huffington Post
Image 2050


Think Progress

Unfortunately, even this doesn’t make a person a terrorist.

“...But at the time Fort Bragg was also a recruiting centre for white hate groups including the National Alliance, once regarded as one of the most effective such groups and also among the most extreme because it openly glorified Adolf Hitler. The Military Law Review at the time reported that National Alliance flags were openly hung in barracks and, out of uniform, soldiers sported neo-Nazi symbols and played records about killing blacks and Jews.

“White supremacists have a natural attraction to the army,” the Military Law Review said. “They often see themselves as warriors, superbly fit and well-trained in survivalist techniques and weapons and poised for the ultimate conflict with various races.”

In 1995, two soldiers with the 82nd Airborne murdered a black couple in Fayetteville, the city neighbouring Fort Bragg, in a racially motivated attack.

Others serving at the base during the 1990s were arrested for hoarding ammunition in preparation for an attack on businesses, including media organisations, owned by African Americans and Jews. Soldiers were also arrested as members of skinhead gangs involved in assaults.

Chris Robillard described Page as his “closest friend” in the military. He told CNN that Page was “a very kind, very smart individual” but even then had taken up the white supremacist cudgel.

“He would often mention the racial holy war that was coming,” he said. “We just looked at it like he was trying to get attention to himself because he was always the vulnerable type of person. Even in a group of people he would be off alone.”

Another former colleague in the psychological operations unit, Fred Allen Lucas, said that Page called him a “race traitor” for dating Latina women and took to calling other races “dirt people”.

“It didn’t matter if they were black, Indian, Native American, Latin – he hated them all,” Lucas told the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.

He said that among Page’s tattoos was one that repeated a mantra popular among white supremacists: we must secure the existence of our people and a future for white children. Because the sentence has 14 words, some white supremacists wear tattoos and clothing with the number as a code. Page had the number 14 tattooed on his left shoulder.

By the time Page’s contract with the army was complete in 1998 he had a poor enough record, marred by drunkenness and failing to report for duty, that the military did not permit him to re-enlist. He had already been demoted from sergeant….”

The Pink Flamingo is beginning to wonder if we’re over-using the term ‘domestic terrorism’.  When you stop and think about it, 99% of people in these organizations are not now, nor ever will be violent.  There are very bad and very people in this world who think nothing of taking a life.  There are serial killers who have taken more lives, done more damage than some so-called domestic terrorists. Let’s be honest here, in order to do something like this, a person is either evil, a sociopath, or mentally ill.

That’s the real problem here.  Gangs like skinheads, those in inner cities (Black, White, Hispanic, Chinese) will cause more destruction that the average “domestic terrorist”.  BUT – to sweep this sort of violence under the rug, by denying that certain groups of people cannot do certain things, or ignoring that these people even exist is strange.

Then again the people who are doing the denying are the ones who have very good reasons to deny the existence of these organizations.  Let’s face it.  Michelle Malkin is a bigot who hangs out with some terribly nasty people.  Some of Pam Geller’s anti-Muslim friends read like a who’s who of white hate.  Congressman Steve King recently wrote an article for the Social Contract Press, which is one of the worst (respected) white-supremacist publications in the country.  Jack Hunter is Ron Paul’s “official” blogger.  Sean Hannity’s alleged ‘best’ friend is a convicted Neo-Nazi.  Peter Brimelow was once an editor at Forbes.

It’s best to put our heads in the sand and pretend these people simply do not exist.  It’s much easier to protest, hugely, than admit that some of the top people who are featured on FOX are some of the worst examples of far right bigotry in America.

Let’s be honest here.  This constant emphasis on bigotry, on hate, and how immigrants are evil, and the people, networks, and publications who promote it, must share a bit of the blame for what happened on Sunday.  Don’t blame guns, blame the haters who have enabled the violence.

The Pink Flamingo is loath to admit this, but how often to you see members of the African American, or Hispanic community go nuts like this?



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  1. I stopped watching Hannity’s show because of Michelle Malkin. She’s on the show nearly every night. Jack Hunter has a problem with his hatred of Lindsey. Why he calls himself the Southern Avenger I’ll never understand……. The Pink Flamingo said, “how often do you see members of the African American or Hispanic Community go nuts like this?” Are you serious? There’s plenty of violence down here. New Orleans is one of the most dangerous cities in the world. If thugs are people of color, they can’t go nuts? Black on white crime is never considered racism. Black on Black murder is a problem down here and most of the time it is ignored by the media. How often do you see them go nuts? Just about every weekend there’s a shooting, brutal murder or home invasion. About two weeks ago an Hispanic woman and her boy friend brutally beat up a woman and her mother in a Walmart parking lot on the Gulf Coast because of road rage. Anybody who doesn’t think this is nuts makes you wonder what kind of world they live in. It must be nice.

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