How Steve King Could Destroy the United States of America As We Know It.


Steve King wants to introduce a bill literally repealing everything Barack Obama has done as POTUS.  Aside from the fact that the very idea is insane, it is absolutely dangerous.  What if he were to get his way?  Do his supporters realize the fact that it would literally destroy the very foundation of this nation.

“…”I am bringing him to court, and we’re going to defend the Constitution of the United States and the separation of powers,” King said Tuesday, according to The Messenger in Iowa.

The Messenger reported that King said his lawsuit would likely be filed before Labor Day. “He has prosecutorial discretion, but he does not have the ability to grant blanket amnesty to entire classes of people,” he said…”

One of the usual Brietbart thinkers writes:

“…There are sure to be those who will scorn King in a derisive manner, but the point he’s making is a valid one; when someone constantly undermines traditional American values and promulgates a socialist state, why shouldn’t all of his actions be under review? …”

If Mitt Romney is elected, what Steve King wants to do will literally destroy the United States of America as we know it.  Sure, everyone talks about undoing legislation of a previous administration but no one actually does it.  If King were to get his way, it would signal the end of the US as forward thinking and moving nation, and one that is literally doing nothing but undoing what happened previously.

Does he undo Civil Rights, voting rights for women, etc?  If King’s idea of repealing everything done by a previous administration is put into effect, then could he and his RACIST friends go back and undo the Emancipation Proclamation?

Steve King has recently had an article published in the Summer 2012 RACIST Social Contract Journal.

“...King has a piece in the new Summer 2012 issue of the white nationalist publication The Social Contract Journal (TSCJ). TSCJ was founded in 1990 by white nationalist and proponent of eugenics John Tanton, who also founded FAIR in 1979 and ProEnglish in 1994. TSCJ’s editor is Wayne Lutton. At the 1997 gathering of the virulently racist Council of Conservative Citizens (CCC), Lutton warned: “We [white Americans] are going extinct. You don’t need great interpreters to read the writing on the screen. At no time in the history of civilization has a people disappeared in this way.” (Roy Beck, current head of NumbersUSA and former Washington editor of TSCJ, also spoke at that year’s conference.)…”

What about if Romney were to be elected?

In The Nation, Eric Alterman wrote:

“...If you think the Tea Party has gone away, think again. Its members are not holding demonstrations so much anymore because they are staffing campaigns, winning Republican primaries (often against veteran incumbents and well-funded establishment favorites), or replacing the staffers of those they have scared into submission. As Dave Weigel writes in the Washington Monthly, “After 2010, the movement evolved. Activists got jobs with newly elected Republicans. Political organizations like the [corporate and conservative billionaire-funded and -controlled] Americans for Prosperity and FreedomWorks grew their staffs and budgets. Elected Republicans continued to draw on them for strength, support, and warm bodies at campaign events.” Under a Romney administration, many of these ignorant fanatics will be called upon to staff a significant number of the more than 3,000 federal appointments that a president makes, and his hundreds of potential judicial appointments as well.

The result, should Romney become president, will be a mixture of policies that favor the superwealthy, punish the poor and middle class, restrict the rights of average Americans, and—I say this without hyperbole—cause a degree of almost unimaginable and unprecedented chaos in virtually every area of American public life….”

The very people who make the claim that they are the strongest defenders of the Constitution, are the very ones who are endangering it the most.  One could ask what their agenda is. One would be told that it was about “freedom”.  The problem is, this group of people have become so brainwashed, and so increasingly out of touch with the workings of real America, they are its greatest danger.

Ironic, isn’t it?

There is one thing that is quite common with those who are increasingly irrational.  They are all connected to the tea parties, Americans for Prosperity, the Koch Brothers, and the Tanton immigration machine.

God protect us from their version of what America should be.


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  1. Repealing everything Obama has done as president? Doesn’t this sound wonderful? Just tell me how I can contribute to this man’s re-election campaign. Be sure to throw in all of Obama’s executive orders, unelected government departments and Czars. But darn it all, this is just election year, tea party crap. Back to reality. Fun while it lasted.

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