Oh Susana, Don’t You Give a Rip About NM?


Before The Pink Flamingo gets started on the mess Susana Martinez has made since she has been governor, we need to take note that the Great GOP Purge of Voters has now begun in New Mexico.

The Pink Flamingo as made no secret that I think New Mexico governor, Susana Martinez is an incompetent, pandering, vindictive, petty minded individual who is more interested in maintaining her hold on power than being a decent governor.  Big Bill may have been corrupt, but he did care about the state.  I don’t think I’ve ever known a governor who cared as much about making their state look good as did Big Bill.  We certainly don’t have that problem with Susana Martinez.

Martinez has made such a mess of Big Bill’s very lively and growing, highly respected NM film industry, that productions are now going to our neighboring states.


“…“The good news,” says Hool, “is that the new administration now recognizes that the film industry is a shining star for economic development in the state.” But changes may still be slow in coming. That realization is spurring private interests to take their own action. Notes Diane Schneier Perrin, director of the Santa Fe Film Festival, “Rather than argue with the governor, we’re just going out and making sure Hollywood knows we’re open for business.”

Self-preservation through self-promotion makes sense, says Hendry. “There’s no reason why we can’t set up a fund that would advance people their money once they have promises from the government that they will be paid,” he says. “There are things we can do to alleviate the situation.”

However fast or furiously production returns to New Mexico, all sides have learned valuable lessons. The state discovered that Hollywood goes where the money is, period. And Hollywood discovered that New Mexico’s film production industry can be subject to the whims of elected officials who may not be fully informed. It’s a precarious truce, and trust may take years to rebuild. “We’re eternally optimistic,” says Maniatis. “We’ll see how it plays out — there’s a lot of movement these days. I hope people can be patient, but I don’t want them to be too patient. We’re doing a lot better (than we were a year ago). A year from now, come back and judge me on that.”…”

Susana Martinez is the perfect reason why we should NOT even be running Mitt Romney as a Republican and for POTUS.  She is a former Democrat.  What is so telling about Martinez is that she is quite arrogant about New Mexico.  Recently, she was at a meeting with the governor of another state, which was experiencing a crises.  When this governor immediately made plans to return to home, Martinez suggested the lieutenant governor be used.  She quite not grasp the fact that this other person was more interested in their state and getting hold of Obama for an emergency declaration than playing it up for the press.

She recently criticized a governor who has been busy attracting the film industry Martinez is throwing away from New Mexico.  Martinez remarked that …. according to a Pink Flamingo source…

“…She actually attacked — at the Republican Governor’s Association for wanting Hollywood who supports Obama to film in her state…  She said states should say NO to Hollywood and — told her that state will be glad to welcome them to that state because they bring jobs….”

Yes, boys and girls, it is that bad.  Unfortunately, the way the GOP is today, Martinez is the rule, not the exception when it comes to women governors.  With the exception of Mary Fallin in Oklahoma, these women are an embarrassment to the GOP.  It could be worse.  This could be Arizona and we could be stuck with Jan Brewer.