Rape, Abortion & Small Minded Men of Little Faith


NOTE:  This post is not about abortion.  It is about those advocating against it. The Pink Flamingo’s feelings on the subject are well known.  This is about an “conversation” I had with two of the leading advocates against abortion.  It is about their faith, or lack there of.  It is also about two very important anti-abortion advocates who were incapable of having a rational and reasoned conversation.  They immediately condemned me to hell for having an abortion, even though I repeatedly told them I’d never even been pregnant let alone have one.  That did not even register in their pathetic little brains.  All they could do, repeatedly, was basically condemn me to hell for murdering the unborn.  I was reminded of stories of the Inquisition.  If these were the sort of men who were involved in it, I now  understand why thousands of innocent women were put to death.  I see no difference between them.

On Friday, August 17, 2012, my niece tweeted a photo of Sarah Cate.  She is now at 26 weeks gestation.  The photo was precious, heart warming, and life changing.  This darling, wonderful child was all snuggled up, warm and cozy, sucking her thumb.  How could anyone possible consider abortion for something so perfect?

I’ve always been an advocate for adoption over abortion in certain cases.  Looking at Cate, watching everyone prepare for her arrival, I realized that forcing adoption on mothers, on families, is, at times, as bad as an abortion.  For us, Cate is now a part of our lives.  Adoption would leave a hole in the family, an irreparable hole.

I am well aware there are instances where adoption is the best answer.  I even know someone who was brave enough to go through this.  Years later, her grown child sought her out, came looking for her.  That hole in her heart has been mended.  In her instance, it was the very best option for her baby.

I detest abortion.  I think it is wrong.  I think abortion for birth control is just plain old, outright murder.  It’s that simple. But, there are times when it is very much needed.  I happen to be one of these cold, cruel, murderous individuals who think that the life of the mother is more important than the life of the unborn.

Recently, yet another dunce, (an embarrassment to the GOP) nominated by the far right, came out and said that women who were the victims of “legitimate” rape did not get pregnant.  They did not need abortions because their bodies would prevent the pregnancy.  It has set off a firestorm.  Those who don’t believe a woman should ever have an abortion, even if it kills her, were all for it.  Those of us who think there is a time and a place where a woman has the right to an abortion, are outraged.

What fascinated me were the comments, made by men, on Twitter, Facebook, and in various online articles.  It became quite apparent that the most vengeful, anti-abortion foes were men.  They appear to be the most rigid.  The life of the yet unborn child, to them, is more important than the life of the mother.

(The psychology behind what this says about their opinions of women is yet another tale for another day.  It became quite clear they had no regard, at all, for women.  To them, women were incubators for the unborn, nothing more, nothing less.)

Several of these men, two of whom have executive positions in major right to life organizations, accused me of being an advocate for murder when I stated that a woman’s life is more important than that of the unborn.  It’s one thing not to have an abortion for birth control, but yet another to refuse to allow a woman who has been raped to have one if she so desired.

I asked about mercy.

I was called a murderer.

I asked if a woman was suicidal what then?

God would punish her for killing the baby.  God would punish me for advocating that she kill her baby.  I would be held accountable for Thou Shalt Not Kill, because I was advocating the murder of the unborn.

I mentioned that my God was one of mercy, love, and forgiveness.  I tempered this by stating that it was my hope they would at some time in their lives be the victim of rape. (No, it was not nice).

Perhaps they should know how it felt, the hopelessness, and the horror of recovery.  (I was molested when I was in the third grade.  It took nearly 35 years for me to recover.)  I also mentioned that it was quite obvious no one in their family and no one they knew had been raped, or they would have more mercy for the situation.

I was told that the Ten Commandments tell us thou shalt not kill.  Never mind that the actual translation is thou shalt not murder.  If I advocated killing the baby, I was advocating murder.  God would not forgive me.

I said that Christ forgave my sins via John 3:13.

I was told it was still murder and I would be required to answer for my position in front of God.

Never mind that I’ve never been pregnant, let alone had an abortion.  I will admit that my sister’s German Water Poodle was forced to have an abortion and be spayed.  But, I just don’t think that rises to the level of ‘sin’ – does it?  I don’t think I could chose to have an abortion for myself, unless there were certain circumstances.

I cannot see bringing a child into the world who has some horrible disease which will doom them to maybe a month or two of life, and that life would be agony.  I would have one in a minute if that were the case.  It is merciful.  I don’t believe in allowing anyone to suffer (unless they are fans of the New York Yankees, but that is another argument, entirely).

The discussion continued for some time.  Evidently these men could not see the difference between abortion being murder, and forcing a woman to carry a child, and dying as murder. I was left with the impression, according to one, who mentioned “situational ethics”, that it was acceptable to allow the mother to die, to protect the life of the baby.  It was not murder to allow the mother to die, but it was murder if the fetus were aborted.

Situational Ethics, as a philosophy, was invented by Joseph Fletcher. I find it ironic that, Fletcher, a one time Episcopalian priest, eventually became an atheist.  He became a member of the American Eugenics Society, and a member of the Association for Voluntary Sterilization.   He was a strong supporter of abortion. To me, this just proves the point that we’re dealing with some very ignorant individuals who only know very little about the faith they claim to practice.

This person then told me that I was not a Christian, because I am an advocate of the murder of the unborn.  It did not matter what I said, they accused me of being a murderer.  I asked them what they believed, saying that I could express my faith quite simply, John 3:16.

I asked the three men if they believed John 3:16.

I was told that one was a Jesus loving person who believed in upholding the Ten Commandments.  Another accused, me once again, of being a sinner because I believed in the murder of the unborn.  He never replied.  Neither has the third, other than to state that it is acceptable to allow a woman to die to protect her unborn child.

Not one of these men could even state that John 3:16 was what they believed.  ‘For God so loved the world that he gave his only Son, so that everyone who believes in him may not perish but may have eternal life.’

They believed in the Ten Commandments.  They believed that I would be held accountable for my sins since I’d obviously had had an abortion.  They could not even state that Christ is their Lord and Savior.

I don’t know which was worse, the fact that these men did not mind sacrificing the life of a woman, for that of a child, or the fact that they could not affirm John 3:16 as the hallmark of their alleged Christian faith.  I suspect that was the reason they knew nothing of love, mercy and compassion.

My Christ is about love.  He is about mercy, kindness, forgiveness, and compassion.  I don’t know what those men believed, but I still don’t think we even have the same faith.

Those poor, poor pathetic men, their lack of faith, and their lack of love are influencing hundreds of thousands of men and women.  We’re living in a world, today, where people are not grounded, at all, in their Christian faith.  People are increasingly ignorant about the Bible.  They don’t know their history, theology, or tradition.   I’ve noticed that the most ignorant are the ones who are most adamant about enforcing their version of “Christian” on the rest of us.