UPDATE:The RNC, Music, & a Cultural, Artistic Void & Screw the Little People


NOTE:  This post is 100% snark!


The Pink Flamingo is hearing that there will be no Sweet Home Alabama as Lynyrd Skynyrd has canceled. Lee Greenwood will appear at a private venue.


After writing this post, The Pink Flamingo has learned that someone in the American Action Network has dropped a half million bucks for the group Journey, to play at a private party. There are those who say the Romney campaign actually paid for the group to appear.  Buzzfeed says it is Liberty Plaza, benefiting Citzens Helping Heroes, who hired the group.  No matter, the benefit is private, for big shots only. Those unwashed masses who are attending the convention as delegates are not invited.

“...The “shin-dig is set to go down at a private fundraising party in Tampa, FL on Thursday night while the Republican National Convention is in town. We’re told Mitt’s campaign threw down a whopping $500,000 to secure the 90-minute set,” according to TMZ.

The report further noted that Journey doesn’t intend the gig to be interpreted as any sort of political statement. Trace Adkins and Kid Rock are also slated to perform at private events during the convention….”

Why would anyone in their right minds even want to hob with these nobs who don’t give a damn about people, only their money?


Why isn’t Gloria Estefan headlining at the convention?  She was a big fan of Bush-41.  Which reminds me of something I think most people have managed to forget.  The GOP was once the party of major headliners like the Rat Pack, Bob Hope, Bing Crosby, people who were so big, they were even above the A List of Stars – Real Stars, not the fake kind the Romney people are trying to pass off as “entertainment” this time.

Where are the A, B, or even C list entertainers for the convention in Tampa.  There are some very high-powered conservative entertainers:  Ted Nugent, Wayne Newton, LL Cool J, Donny Osmond, Gene Simmons.  None of them are anywhere near the Romney coronation.  Why?  Where’s Charlie Daniels?

Where’s Tom Selleck, Meat Loaf, Sylvester Stallone, Tony Danza, Bruce Willis, Jessica Simpson, Jon Voight, Robert Duvall, James Earl Jones, Adam Sandler, Kelsey Grammer, Matthew McConaughey, Arnold, Vince Vaughn, Marie Osmond, Gary Sinise…?

Something’s going on here.  The more we get into this so called GOP Convention, the more apparent it is that who ever is running it, and I hear the little Mrs. is micro-managing everything, like telling hubby to pick Paul Ryan, is abjectly incompetent. This thing is a joke.  Entertainers at the conventions are usually the reflection of the spouse.  If so, the “D” list of people who are entertaining, with a mix of has-been country-western, and patriotic “Christian” fare, tell us the Romneys have about as much taste in music and the arts as Mrs. Romney does in her incredibly tacky nouveau riche clothes.  The Pink Flamingo has tried to be nice about this, but face it, the woman looks like some chichi expensive boutique exploded and the remains floated into her closet.

The GOP is in terrible trouble.  Mitt Romney, soon to begin his coronation, is leading a convention that is as devoid of creativity and artistic expression as is he. Andrew Sullivan wrote:

“...And Romney, in stark contrast with his father, seems deeply uncomfortable around anyone but white, handsome, heterosexual males. His veep choice looks like one of his sons – hardly a sign that Romney even understands how culturally isolated he is….”


Neal E Boyd has a decent voice.  I don’t like “pop” voices like this.  He’s okay, but nothing exciting.

Maybe Boyd is indicative of the real cultural void that exists within the GOP.  So is the Sound of Seven.

Tenor Philip Alongi will also be singing.  He will get some attention here, but that’s about it.  And – this illustrates the entire problem with the GOP.  Mushy, nothing, religious, has-been, wannabes, never wills, and pathetic pulp culture.

The convention music play-list usually reflects a potential First Lady’s choice of the arts.  If this is the case, here, then it proves everything I’ve been saying about the Romney’s.  Nothing is there – they are upstart, not even flash and trash, with absolutely no meaningful cultural values.  I will guarantee, Ann Romney’s version of opera is Andrea Bocelli, whom I cannot even tolerate listening to for more than three notes.

The Pink Flamingo’s dirtiest little secret in life is that I am a music snob.  I love opera, especially hunky baritones.  The even dirtier little secret about an opera lover is that most of us have an extremely eclectic range of music.  If you were to ask who my favorite all time voices are, in order:  Sherrill Milnes, Dmitri Hvorostovsky, Beverly Sills, Aretha, Sir Paul, Elvis, Frank Sinatra, Bing Crosby, Leontyne Price, B.B. King, Ricky Nelson, John Denver, Placido Domingo, and a whole lot of soul.

If you saw my favorite playlist on my iPod, it would include 150 songs that range from opera to reggae to blues.  It is an eclectic mix that features Sir Paul, the Stones, Tina Turner, Leontyne Price, Elvis, Sherrill Milnes, Bob Marley, Sinatra, Gladys Knight, Aretha, Bubbles, Carly Simon, Dmitri Hvorostovsky, B. B. King, CCR, Simon & Garfunkel, Bobby Darin, Barry Manilow, The Beach Boys, Beatles, Ricky Nelson, John Williams, Ray Charles, etc.  I’m a little heavy on opera and blues.  I love the blues.

I guess I’m normal.  The thing is, people have very real likes and dislikes when it comes to music.  Most people are very passionate about music, even people who listen to country music, which I just don’t like.  I can even tolerate rap, when it isn’t obscene and full of expletives.  People have different taste in music.  It’s a big deal in most people’s lives, even when we refuse to admit it.  Even my father, who is completely non musical very  much has specific things he likes (big band 1940s).  If you delve into the life of Wyatt Earp, he loved opera.

Our lives are based on the arts.  I know that’s not the way it is for some far right extremists like Paul Ryan who want to cut museums, the National Endowment of the Arts and the Humanities, and PBS, but they aren’t normal people.  Far from it. I guess you can’t really expect much of people who want to shut down the National Endowment for the Arts, the National Endowment for the Humanities, and the Corporation for Public Broadcasting.

“...The arts subsidies — classic scapegoats when it comes to Republican ire about wasteful government spending — are among the first items listed in the Republican Study Group document. The NEA and the NEH receive $167.5 million each annually, and the Corporation for Public Broadcasting gets $445 million. This adds up to $7.8 billion over ten years — which, according to ARTINFO’s calculations, represents roughly .003 percent of the 2.5 trillion that the bill is intended to save over that period.

This effort hearkens back to Republican attempts to abolish the NEA during the culture wars of the 1990s, when lawmakers cited cases of artists supported by the organization whose work they found offensive, most notoriously performance artist Karen Finley. The NEA survived, but almost all grants to individual artists were eliminated and the agency had its budget slashed by 39 percent.

Since its founding in 1965, the NEA has funded a wide variety of individuals and initiatives in all areas of the arts, including Chuck Close, the American Ballet Theater, the Joffrey Ballet, Charles Mingus’s musical legacy, a collaboration between Philip Glass and Allen Ginsberg, and a nationwide Shakespeare tour by six regional theaters. In a speech on the 40th anniversary of the NEA and NEH in 2005, then-president George W. Bush said that “the National Endowment for the Arts and the National Endowment for the Humanities have strengthened our democracy by supporting our nation’s ideals, institutions, and emerging talents. The NEA has provided support for music and dance, theater, and the arts across our great country. It has helped improve public access to education in the arts, offered workshops in writing, and brought artistic masterpieces to under-served communities.”…”

There is something very disturbing about a group of men and women who have no interest in the arts or culture.  Like religious extremists did in years gone by, and still do in some parts of the world, the right wingers appear to want to consign the arts, humanities, and culture to liberals.  When they use the word “liberal” it is with a slur, with nasty passion behind it.  During the time when the extremists under Oliver Cromwell murdered a few ancestors of The Pink Flamingo, and took over the country during the period of the the Commonwealth.  (FYI, they were narrow minded Calvinist extremists).  They outlawed anything that was not of the Bible, including, art, theater, most music, fiction, most poetry, etc.  In other words, they were of the same mindset of the far right extremists who want to eliminate funding for the arts, humanities, music, museums and culture in this country.

This brings me to the “D List” of “stars” who are appearing in Tampa.

Over the past year or so, I’ve been holding back on my criticism of the Romney family, especially Mr. & Mrs. Perfect.  If you look at their taste in music, it is nothing.

Rolling Stone

The most telling, most arrogant think I’ve yet to see is the above line by Mrs. Perfect.  “No, they would die to be mentioned.”  Is she that arrogant?  Does she have any grasp on reality, how she sounds?

This brings me to the private parties. Never before, in the history of the GOP, have private parties been blatantly obvious, promoted by lobbyists, who are now so sure of their bought and paid for political prostitute that they are no longer hiding behind the law.

We are also starting to see the great separating, of the Drawbridge Republicans raising the bridge, refusing to allow the unwashed masses near them.  It’s pure Randian.  It is about the power of the rich, who have bought and paid for their candidates of choice.  Paul Ryan is owned by the Koch Brothers.  He is bought and paid for, nothing but an expensive whore.  So is Mr. Perfect.  So are the majority of the members of  Tea Party Congress and those in the Senate like Jim DeMint and Rand Paul.

They see nothing wrong with their wealthy patrons renting out entire hotels, just for the chosen, and forcing the unwashed masses to drive up to fifty miles each way to stay in less important locals.  They have reserved entire restaurants, where only the upper class, only the select are allowed to eat.  The little people, the unwashed masses are consigned to the outer rings of hell as far as they are concerned.

Once upon a time, the GOP was about the Republic – about ordinary men and women who wanted the same thing – a break, to get ahead, and do it honestly.  These people are no longer acceptable.  These are the small business people who do an honest day’s work, not taking advantage of others, trying to get a break, and never do.  They are steamrolled by Mitt Romney’s ultra rich friends, the ones who get all the tax breaks, and lie, cheat, and steal to end up paying no taxes and getting ahead.

These people were once considered Democrats.  But, with an extremely liberal former Democrat, and hibitual  liar like Mitt Romney is the nominee, we can expect nothing less but a total and corruption of GOP ideals and standards.

This takes us back to all those parties.  Why are billionaires like Sheldon Adelson, who owns the Las Vegas Sands and the Venetian, not flying in some of their A-list entertainers?  The Pink Flamingo finds this rather curious. He has the money.  Joan Rivers is even a Republican.  At the Sands, Adelson is featuring Larry the Cable Guy (Republican) Rick Springfield, and others. So what’s the deal here?

Why aren’t the Koch Brothers flying in big names to entertain?  They’re worth billions.  They can afford anything they want.  They can buy and sell politicians so why not buy and sell a few entertainers?  Is it possible that entertainers are more honest and less susceptible to being prostituted than politicians are?

Several things are going on here.

  1. Republican “A” list stars are so disgusted with the extremism of the ticket, and those behind the ticket that they won’t risk their careers even appearing at such an event.
  2. It is also possible that the “A” listers are not supporting Romney.
  3. The Romneys have absolutely no taste in music.  Nothing else could possibly explain the line up.
  4. Or (The Pink Flamingo’s favorite theory) the Romneys and their billionaire pimps have so little regard for the little people and the politicians they have bought and paid for, that they are providing pathetic entertainment.  Evidently they think that anyone who attends a GOP convention will slobber all over poorly sung, fake Broadway and alleged operatic wannabes that they will be thrilled.  After all, they are the little people, who appear to live on a steady diet of poorly sung patriotic songs, religious ditties, and really bad country music.
  5.  Their bread and circuses mentality is all about throwing some moldy white (all white, please) bread to the unwashed masses attending the Republican Convention.  With luck their body odor won’t be all that bad, they might change clothes once, may shampoo their hair, wear a little deodorant, and not pee in their pants.

This is the Atlas Shrugged world Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan envision.  It is a utopian world, almost entirely communist in nature, where the Politburo is in control.  It is a Godless system where only the strong and corrupt survive.  These are the very people who warn their brain-washed masses that Obama is evil and must be destroyed, while they are the ones who are truly destroying this nation as we once knew it.

No wonder no one with any gumption will entertain at the convention.



4 thoughts on “UPDATE:The RNC, Music, & a Cultural, Artistic Void & Screw the Little People

  1. When you think back to past GOP Conventions with their entertainment lineup compared to this one, either someone dropped the ball or groups/individuals don’t want to be associated with this Hard Right Republican Convention.

    Are these social conservatives, who now run the party, going to frequent the Hard Rock Casino? My guess is yes — what else do they have to do since the main entertainment is only for the wealthy donors not the regular delegates.

    With Issac headed for the Gulf Coast, most of the focus by the media is going to be if Issac is going to hit New Orleans on the same day as Katrina did not on the coronation of Romney/Ryan. Even though a smaller category storm the winds go out 300 miles and the chances for flooding are huge. Would expect mandatory evacuations to begin shortly. Have to give Obama credit for getting the necessary resources already on the ground in comparison to FEMA during Katrina who did a horrible job.

  2. But we don’t like remembering our history, unless it’s the Glenn Beck kind.

    Fantasy – these people will never give Obama credit for anything other than being a Muslim born elsewhere. I’m impressed that NO actually learned from history!


  3. Isaac is heading my way, so I am evacuating my home sometime this afternoon. I am sure the party goers at the GOP convention will never even think about the people in a neighboring state who are fighting a natural disaster. After all, we are only the little people.

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