The GOP’s Womb Without a View


The more you listen to Mitt Romney – Paul Ryan version of the GOP, the more obvious it becomes that women are for one thing only – breeding.  When the VP candidate says that rape is just another form of conception, and is still on the ticket, let alone in office, we have a very serious problem.  We have another candidate who thinks that rape is no worse than an out of wedlock birth.

We are living in a country where certain groups of conservatives are now advocating a baby boom to repopulate the earth, with little white babies.  One shudders when you realize this philosophy was part of the Hygienic Eugenics movement that begged good Nordic stock in Germany to breed little German babies.  Yep, boys an girls, that’s where it comes from, the Hygienic Eugenics movement that was born right here in the USA around 1911 or so.

The GOP has degenerated into a group of very insecure, very authoritarian white men who don’t even understand that a woman’s body is her own.  Like their ancient Athenian predecessors, a woman’s job is to give birth, stay at home, be there to procreate, never open her mouth, never have an opinion, and die nameless.  Once this sort of thing took hold in post Maccabees Judea, when rabbinical scholars became enamored of the Greek philosophers, especially Plato, who detested women.  It became so bad that every day, a good Jewish male was, in his prayers, thank God that he was born a Jew and not born a woman.

Where women were once judges, respected, and allowed to state their minds, they were put into a life that was not much different than today’s Taliban.  In fact, Mohammad was an admirer of the same Greek philosophers who taught the Jewish leaders of Christ’s era to think of women as little more than dirt under foot.

It is one thing for the Catholic Church to ban contraceptives.  That’s fine. It’s a religious edict.  BUT – it is another when good Catholics like Rick Santorum want to force that ban on everyone, even those who aren’t of his same religion.  They are now joined by a group of far right zealots, most of whom are Reformed Calvinist who believe that their way is the ONLY way.  (These are the good people who brought you the English Civil War – BTW).

There is noting more reprehensible for abortion to be used as birth control.  As far as The Pink Flamingo is concerned, that is akin to murder.  There are instances where women need to have the right to have an abortion: rape, incest, and the life of the mother.

That’s the real problem here.  The life of the already born is more important than the life of the unborn – right?  Evidently, in the Mitt Romney – Paul Ryan universe it is not.  Women are nothing but brood mares, their lives be damned.  In fact, that’s what some anti-abortion idiots are now doing, damning those of us who don’t march lock-step with them.  The Pink Flamingo has been on the receiving end of their ire for several weeks now.

When we have the Lt. Gov. of Wisconsin saying that there are some rapes that are not as traumatic as others, therefor those women who become pregnant don’t need to have access to even RU-486, the GOP is on the wrong course with women.  Any possibility that I would be able to stay within the GOP died Tuesday night with that deplorable, insulting, and patronizing speech Mrs. Perfect gave.

The more The Pink Flamingo thinks about that much heralded speech Ann Romney gave on Tuesday night, the more disgusted I am.  Juan Williams has been castigated for saying that she is the perfect corporate wife.  He is kind.  I don’t think she’s even qualified to be a corporate wife.

There is something that irritates me to no end about Mrs. Perfect.  She literally uses her very mild case of MS and her very early case of breast cancer to try and gain a little sympathy.  Yes, I have sympathy for anyone who has these horrible diseases.  My mother’s best friend died from breast cancer.  I have a very dear friend who is cancer free.  I have an aunt who died from it.  I am currently praying for a young woman (Stephanie) who survived breast cancer, only to be stage  4 pancreatic cancer – from the cure for breast cancer. I am a fifteen year survivor of melanoma.

I have a friend who has struggled with a fairly rough case of MS for nearly 25 years.  My cousin’s husband’s case is so rough they are in serious financial trouble.  MS is like that.  The average person cannot afford a quarter million dollar show horse as therapy.  It’s nice if you can, but her comments about her illnesses fall on deaf ears.

It’s like this.  From what I gather, Mrs. Romney’s breast cancer was insitu, the same level as my melanoma.  I don’t go around calling myself a cancer survivor.  Insitu is barely cancer.  There’s no treatment for it other than a decent excision.  The only time I mention I had it is when I see someone who has a nevis that is obviously melanoma.  Then I do, predicated by, “Ff you don’t get that removed with a wide excision followed by two independent path exams, YOU WILL DIE.”  That’s why I mention it.  For a politician’s wife to go around promoting herself as a cancer survivor, is just a little, well pathetic.

When it came to her speech, I agree with Keith Koffler:

“…Where Mrs. Romney really came alive and sounded most natural was in her praise for her husband. And that’s because wife of Mitt and mother of his children is the main role she’s played in life.

Even there, for me, she pointed to the weakness of the candidate. Mitt, she said, will work hard. He’ll care. He’ll “move heaven and earth” to “fix problems.” Not once did she say he was a conservative or that he had any guiding philosophy.

And that’s exactly the problem with Mitt. He thinks he can assemble America’s Best and Brightest in a boardroom – in this case the Cabinet Room – and just figure things out.

I think the conservative commentators who believe Mrs. Romney hit it out of the park are deluding themselves. Most of them are males enraptured by an attractive woman who spoke well and was adorable onstage trumpeting her husband.

But I’m afraid the reaction of the independents and working and single women that Romney needs to attract will be not quite the same….”

This is not about wealth or privilege. This is about perception and the deplorable arrogance of a woman who has literally done nothing with her life but marry down (her father was richer than Mitts – she has all the money), pick a good gene pool, and give birth to five sons.  They were raised by a succession of nannies in her life of maids, housekeepers, chauffeur, and gardeners.   (I should be so lucky).

There is nothing wrong with this.  We should all live in her world. I’d be willing to have five kids if I had someone who could raise ’em for me.  What is wrong, though is propping up a woman who has literally done nothing else with her life.  There is nothing wrong with the way she has lived, but to pretend that she knows how the other 99% lives is a joke.  She doesn’t.

Her speech was designed to encourage the little women out there, the mommies, the brood mares, the walking wombs of the Brave New GOP.  If you think The Pink Flamingo doesn’t have respect for mothers, and the mommy path, you are lying.  I do.  My mother was stay-at-home.  No one did more than she did – and still does. Her volunteer, troublemaker, political ,snoop-sister resume is so thick, it is exhausting.   She never looked on herself as a womb.  She is a person.  Ann Romney and her ilk are trying to urn the women of the country into nothing but wombs, without a view.

It is quite obvious in the GOP of Mr. Perfect and his Boy Wonder that women who are accomplished, childless, and capable of doing more than giving birth are not wanted.  We don’t need the likes of her husband to look up to (which is what she basically said) and let him take care of us.  And, that’s the real problem here.  We are quite capable of taking care of ourselves, thank you very much.

Unlike the Ann Romneys of the world, most women have an identity of their own. I don’t know of a single stay at home mom who has given up her identity to be someone’s wife or mom. They have remained real, viable people, who love their families.  No one could be more insane than my sister with the pending birth of Sarah Catherine (the end of November).  A stay at home mom, now divorced, she has a small chain of three restaurants in Memphis.  After home-schooling and turning out three kids who gobbled up scholarship money like Pacman, she decided to go into business for herself.   She is going out of her mind buying stuffed animals for little Catherine (named after her).  This is not about seeing the role of mother as the most important thing there is, but seeing precious little Sarah Cate as a real person, worthy of love.

The Ann Romneys of this world cannot conceptualize of what life in the real world is.  Her speech was insulting, plain and simple. If she was expressing the new way the Republican party is going to look down on women, keep them barefoot and pregnant, count me out.  We don’t need her husband to look after us and make things right.  We will take care of ourselves.  I truly think that is what is sticking in the craw of today’s paternalistic Republican “leader”.  They don’t like women.  They are so incompetent, insecure and so lacking in certain well… you know, that they must fight to entrap women in a barbaric system that had its beginnings in ancient Athens and inspired the likes of Mohammad.

It must really annoy these incompetents the likes of Mr. Perfect and his toy Boy Wonder to see the likes of a Condi Rice steal their show. It must truly annoy the big man on campus, Chris Christi to flop and see Condi soar.  Let’s be honest here, she is the one who should be our nominee, not Mr. Perfect.  She would be a winner, not some pathetic cowering paternalistic loser like Mitt Romney.

The one good thing about all of this is when he does lose in November, Paul Ryan’s career is going to go down the tubes with him. The country will be much better with out Ryan and Ayn Rand.