House Underwater (literally)? Calling 2-1-1 for Help!


Last week The Pink Flamingo heard from someone on hurricane watch in New Orleans.  She said she thought the reason Isaac was moving toward her part of the country was because of all that hot air coming from Tampa.  I think she was probably right, especially considering the GOP’s next move. She also warned me that this storm would bring a tremendous amount of flooding.  She was right about that, too.

It looks like the Romney campaign, that brought you the delightful Clint Eastwood chair-a-thon while dissing our troops, is now going to try and create an incident making Barack Obama look bad when it comes to hurricane politics.  Then again, with the current pissing contest going on between Bobby Jindal and the White House the real losers are the people of Louisiana.  (From watching the difference between Susana Martinez and Mary Fallin, it looks like the Obama Administration is quite willing to step in and help – when asked.  If Jindal is like Martinez, he’s trying to score points with Mitt Romney, and basically screw his state, like she has done.)

For once, The Pink Flamingo agrees with Harry Reid.  Contrary to Thursday’s two-hankie piece of fiction, trying to promote Mitt Romney as a human being, there is another side to the story.  They never mentioned the people who nearly had their lives destroyed by Romney’s lack of human decency while he was doing his bishop thing in Boston.

“...“It is the height of hypocrisy for Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan to make a pretense of showing sympathy for the victims of Hurricane Isaac when their policies would leave those affected by this disaster stranded and on their own,” Reid said in a statement Friday. “This is yet another example of Mitt Romney’s extreme right wing agenda, which asks middle class families to sacrifice in order to protect millionaires and billionaires from paying their fair share.”…”

And, this is actually provable fact.

“...The visits come after Hurricane Isaac hit the region earlier this week. Obama signed a disaster declaration for Louisiana making federal relief funds available to help those in the storm’s path.

Reid said Romney wouldn’t have done the same if he were president.

“Under a Romney-Ryan administration, we would not have been prepared to respond to Hurricane Isaac,” Reid said. “If Paul Ryan and his fellow House Republicans had succeeded in blocking disaster relief last fall, there would have been no aid for the victims of Isaac today. And Paul Ryan’s budget would gut disaster funding, making it much harder to get aid to our fellow Americans in their time of need.”…”

Huffington Post

Now, for conservative punditry to be slamming Obama over something he was planning to do, is the height of hypocrisy.  Bobby Jindal has proven just what a pandering jerk he can be, by playing both sides of the story.

Bayou Buzz

When Jindal and Senator David Vitter tour storm damage with Mitt Romney, is this a humanitarian effort or a campaign photo op?

“...Jindal said he had been in contact with both Romney and Obama in recent days and said he welcomed them both to the state in their time of need. ‘We’re not talking politics. That’s not the right time to do that. We’re solely focused on the hurricane and the response,’ he said.

Seven years ago, President George W. Bush was lambasted for inaction and incompetence in dealing with Hurricane Katrina, which devastated New Orleans and much of the Mississippi and Louisiana gulf coast. Romney’s last-minute trip to New Orleans came as his wife Ann told CNN that swing women voters in particular had told her that ‘it’s time for the grown-up to come, the man that’s going to take this very seriously and the future of our children very, very seriously’.

He opted out of a joint campaign appearance in Richmond, Virginia with Paul Ryan, his vice-presidential running mate, to head to Louisiana….”


Everyone knows it takes a little time to get the POTUS in and out of a major disaster area.  Rick Moran had to take the low ground on this one.  The Pink Flamingo seems to remember Moran castigating the left when they said the same thing about George W. Bush.  If it was wrong to do what the left did to Bush, is it not wrong for Moran to do the same thing to Obama?  I am truly coming to detest these people.

I have no doubt that Mitt Romney is genuinely concerned about the damage caused to property and people’s lives as a result of hurricane Isaac’s destructive path through Louisiana. I also have no doubt that he knows that traveling to the storm ravaged state in the immediate aftermath of the convention is very good politics.

In fact, it’s so good that he has forced president Obama to schedule a visit to the state on Monday. The Obama campaign announced they were cancelling an event in Cleveland on Monday so that the president can also tour the disaster area….”

Yea, and The Pink Flamingo has no doubt that Romney is using the whole thing for a photo-opt.  Rush Limbaugh should be ashamed of himself, but he lost all credibility ages ago.

NY Daily News

In a way, none of this really matters.  Just when you think that Mitt Romney can’t get any more warm, fuzzy, and out of touch comes word that he has surpassed himself!


And the rebuttal.  Don’t people get tired propping up this cardboard cutout of a real human?

“...Note that there is no description of Romney being “stern and businesslike.” Karoli pulled that out of a hat. In fact, the conversation comes to us second hand. The woman makes no mention of what else Romney may have said to her, much less his tone or demeanor. As far as “empathy” is concerned, Romney gave the woman the best help he could offer — call a number set up to help people in the disaster. How this translates into a lack of empathy — especially when the full extent of the conversation between the two is unknown — is a mystery.

Clinton was, indeed, a master at public empathizing. His performance at the memorial for those killed in the Oklahoma City bombing was pitch perfect and touchingly real. George W. Bush, on the other hand, braved the wrath — and the gratitude — of the families of the fallen in private. Ronald Reagan’s embrace of one of the Challenger astronaut’s crying children at that memorial service was a heartbreaking moment.

These displays of public and private empathy are important to how we see our president. In private, Romney has shown himself to be a very kind, empathetic man whose charitable works are nearly beyond belief in their scope and impact. A man like that doesn’t automatically become “stern and businesslike” when in public. Romney may be stiff, but he’s not brain dead. I’m sure he showed suitable and appropriate empathy toward the woman, and his suggestion was no doubt heartfelt. He was trying to help — and he did.

The left’s “cold-hearted capitalist” meme won’t resonate if the “real” Mitt Romney is revealed. Fortunately, Romney will have several hundred million dollars to get that done, bypassing the media and taking his case directly to the voter….”

Jodie Chiarello is still planning to vote for Romney.

“...Even as both parties jousted about their respective responses to natural disasters, Mr. Obama sounded a nonpartisan note in remarks to reporters after his tour and discussions with officials and residents.

“When disasters like this happen, we set aside whatever petty disagreements we may have,” Mr. Obama said. “Nobody’s a Democrat or Republican. We’re all just Americans looking out for each other.”

Earlier, the White House press secretary, Jay Carney, similarly told reporters aboard Air Force One that “disasters are apolitical.” But he and other Democratic officials faulted Mr. Romney’s running mate, Representative Paul D. Ryan, for his efforts as the House Budget Committee chairman to cut federal disaster aid accounts — efforts that some Republican governors also opposed.

“When it comes to the kinds of choices politicians make in Washington about what their priorities are, it is worth noting that last year there was an effort to underfund the money that’s used to provide relief for Americans when they’ve been hit by disasters,” Mr. Carney said. Mr. Ryan led that effort, he added.

Reacting to the criticism, Mr. Ryan’s spokesman, Brendan Buck, said in a statement: “A Romney-Ryan administration will always ensure there is disaster funding for those in need. Period.”

As Democrats gathered in Charlotte, N.C., for their convention, Mr. Ryan tried to dampen some of their party mood with an appearance in the same state, keeping the focus on the nation’s economic woes in an address that drew 2,000 people at East Carolina University in Greenville.

“There’s a little gathering going on over in Charlotte,” Mr. Ryan said. He said the Democrats could not ignore the stubborn economic difficulties still felt by many people and cited the unemployment rate of 9.6 percent in North Carolina, where Mr. Obama won in 2008 but where the race is close this year, according to the latest polls.

Mr. Ryan’s presence on the trail came as Mr. Romney stayed away from campaigning for a second straight day, instead vacationing at his summer home in Wolfeboro, N.H.

In his visit to Louisiana, Mr. Obama was joined by his administrator of the Federal Emergency Management Agency, Craig Fugate. Among local officials who met with him were Gov. Bobby Jindal and Senator David Vitter, both Republicans who are frequent critics of the president. Also along was Senator Mary L. Landrieu, a Democrat who led the criticism of Mr. Ryan — and by extension Mr. Romney — when Mr. Romney visited on Friday.

Mr. Obama toured La Place, a community in St. John the Baptist Parish. According to the administration, post-storm flooding there was unprecedented, though none had been expected, blocking evacuation routes to Interstate 10. Problems include a demand for transportation and temporary housing for returning evacuees, as well as schools closed by damage.

The motorcade passed military Humvees and troops in fatigues and crowds of supporters and the merely curious as Mr. Obama went to a government building for briefings with local officials and first responders. Afterward he toured a neighborhood that suffered flooding.

In brief remarks to reporters, Mr. Obama noted that the levees built after Hurricane Katrina held, leaving questions about how to prevent the kind of flooding that occurred in the wake of Hurricane Isaac.

“We’re going to make sure that at the federal level we are getting on the case very quickly about figuring out what exactly happened here, what can we do to make sure it doesn’t happen again and expediting some of the decisions that may need to be made to ensure that we’ve got the infrastructure in place to protect people’s property and to protect people’s lives,” he said….”

While Obama was in Louisiana, Paul Ryan was in North Carolina, trying to do to Obama, what Biden was going to do to Romney.  When it was Biden doing the party crashing, it was bad.  With Ryan, it’s good.

There are a number of take-aways from this.  First is the fact that Bobby Jindal, who had so much promise, is nothing but a political hack the same way Susana Martinez is. They are both more interested in scoring brownie points with Mitt Romney than they are helping their state, the way Mary Fallin did this summer.

Second, it was quite obvious the Romney people were trying to Katrina Barack Obama.  After Romney’s moment of warmth and human decency, that narrative has been dropped from public discourse.

Third, it helps to be a Democrat.  You get a break from MSM character manipulation and assassination.

Fourth, and perhaps most important, Barack Obama had the capacity to learn from the mistakes the Bush Administration made with FEMA and with public relations.  While it appears the love affair the MSM has with Obama may be over, they are still unwilling to crucify him. If The Pink Flamingo is right, and Obama is far more moderate than he is being portrayed, the honeymoon is indeed over.  Fortunately for Obama, he is a Democrat.  The press will not go for the jugular.  If this trend of moderation continues, and once they see a new liberal savior on the horizon, watch for him to be treated the way they treated George W. Bush.