Houston, We Have a Really Big Problem


Mitt Romney thinks we need yet another (they always fail) commission to tell him what he needs to think about space exploration.

Anyone who is politically minded and says they don’t have one single issue that ranks above others is not telling the truth.  With The Pink Flamingo, it is space exploration.  Four years ago I rightfully excoriated Barack Obama for not having a vigorous enough space vision.  He really hasn’t changed.  The worst part of it, though, is that Mitt Romney has even less of a vision.

“...Even in an election where the economy is crowding out all other issues, had the GOP put forward a different nominee — say, Newt Gingrich — it might have been a different story for space policy….”

Let’s face it, the Randians don’t believe in space exploration, unless it can be exploited for personal greed, which may be the way to get more interest in human exploration of space – diamond on Neptune, that sort of thing.  But, all honesty here, the only reason the GOP platform even has this little bit is because Bill Nelson and Connie Mack are locked in a fight to the finish for that senate seat in Florida and Romney wants to win Florida.

From Space Politics:

Space Politics

Obama hasn’t done a bad job with space.  He hasn’t done a good job, either.  He has presided over the end of the shuttle program.  In all honesty, they were so old, they were ticking time bombs.  Commercial endeavors aren’t doing badly.  But, it’s the grand vision that is still lacking.  Let’s also be deathly honest here.  Even if Barack Obama did a JFK thing and continued the plans George W. Bush envisioned to go to Mars, the tea party idiots who control the House would slam the door on it.

…This limited attention the campaigns are playing to space is a sharp contrast to 2008. By this point (the beginning of September) in the 2008 campaign, the Obama campaign had released a detailed space policy white paper, just a few days after the John McCain campaign released its own policy paper. At that time, neither was the incumbent, nor had either built up much of a record on the topic in the Senate. Four years later, the Obama Administration does have a policy to run on, if they so choose, but Romney’s comments are little more than vague statements to date, such as his January speech in Florida where he talked about how to develop a mission for NASA rather than articulate what that mission should be.

So why is that the case? In an article published Friday evening by the Orlando Sentinel, former congressman Bob Walker suggested that internal conflicts within the Romney campaign might be preventing it from providing a more detailed policy. “I think the civil war has kept any one faction from dominating the discussion inside the Romney advisory group,” Walker said, referring to the campaign’s space policy advisory group announced in January.

Or, it may be that, contrary to the wishes of space advocates and enthusiasts, space just isn’t that important an issue. The presidential campaign is largely revolving around the economy: are you better off that you were four years ago? Space is lost in the shadow of that debate, even in a swing state like Florida where, at least in the state’s Space Coast region, people think and care more about space policy than most of the rest of the country. That seems unlikely to change in the final two months of the campaign….”

Orlando Sentinal

There very hard truth is that Mitt Romney doesn’t give a damn about space exploration.  He doesn’t give a damn about the military, our troops, or the security of our country. He will, though add $2 trillion to our military budget, not because we need it – we don’t, but because the money will go directly to pad the pockets of his big business campaign donors.  We will then be stuck with more poorly designed systems, that were created, not to benefit the country, but his contractor friends.

We’re also dealing with the Luddite version of the far right.  When Rush Limbaugh dares say that we no longer need the National Weather Service, because Barack Obama is in control of it, all hope for rational discourse is gone. I am waiting for the day when Rush, or Sean, or Bill come out and say we no longer need satellites, etc. because we all know the earth is flat.

The Pink Flamingo has seen Mitt Romney’s campaign compared to the 1980s, 1950s, and even 1812.  I think they are all wrong.  He’s campaigning like it is the year 2 million, BC.  Oh, wait, we can’t say that, it might upset the little Luddite creationists who think the world is 4000 years old.  I’m waiting for them to join the Flat Earth Society, also.

Once upon a time, we thought there could be nothing worse than a Barack Obama Presidency.  Unfortunately, it could be even worse – a Mitt Romney Presidency.



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  1. Cannot feature electing Romney/Ryan and going backwards in this Country instead of forward. GOP Platform says it all — any woman who considers voting for this ticket needs a huge dose of reality. Members of our military are already facing the fact that Obama and Michelle care a lot more about them then Romney/Ryan and their minions as evidenced when Pres Obama visited Fort Bliss on Friday and hearing their comments praising their Commander in Chief after his visit. I would NEVER support Romney who equates his and his sons missions with being in the military. Comparing his son’s missions to the military sent me over the edge with Romney in 2008. Now with the GOP Convention ignoring our military along with an archiac platform, the GOP ticket can shove it in my book. This Republican is voting for Barack Obama on November 6th and no longer hiding the fact that I am thoroughly disgusted with the Romney Republican Party and can trust Obama more than Republican leadership who has been out to tank him since his first night in office.

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