What Did Romney Know & When Did He Know It?


Mitt Romney is once again proving why The Pink Flamingo refused to support him four years ago.  He was a total jerk then, someone who would lie and cheat to achieve his goal.  He’s no different today.  Only, he is attempting to make his way into the White House, aided by conservatives who no longer give a damn about factual accuracy.  They are guided by their unreasonable hatred of Barack Obama and their own personal ambition.

Please forgive The Pink Flamingo for devolving into drooling conspiracy theories, but this one is far too juicy.  Let me start by asking what did Mitt Romney know and when did he know it?

Why did he put out the press release, “embargoed” and then release it before the violence began?

Are we looking at Romney’s attempt at an orchestrated October Surprise?

He is not fact checking well, at all.

There are numerous things about this that do not make sense.  Very rarely does The Pink Flamingo not know where to go with something.   I know where I want to go, but discretion is the better part of valor.  Since I’m not exactly known for my discretion, let’s have at it.

The Pink Flamingo is working on the premise that Mitt Romney is an opportunistic bottom feeder who will do almost anything, say almost anything, to be elected. Why have these people attached themselves to Mitt Romney turned themselves into utterly laughable hypocrites in order to do so?  The worst part of this is Romney accusing Obama of sympathizing with our enemies.  And, to make it even worse, his slobbering, fawning supporters are repeating his lies.

“…The president is never immune from criticism, even in moments of tragedy. But even in a polarized age, Romney’s comments are shocking. They don’t merely assign responsibility for the incident to, say, poor leadership or a failed foreign policy. Instead, Romney’s remarks suggest that Obama has very specific personal motivations: When violent religious radicals slaughter Americans, Obama is on the side of the radicals. As it happens, Romney’s statement isn’t coming out of nowhere: It comes out of a very well-developed narrative, popular on the fever swamps of the right where questions about Obama’s citizenship or faith linger. The idea that Obama is driven chiefly by hatred of America and the West and harbors a desire to make America pay for its transgressions is the thesis of Dinesh D’Souza’s recently released film, 2016: Obama’s America. …”

There is too much going on behind the scenes to even get into a reasonable discussion.   As the hours slip by, it is becoming more and more obvious that something is not quite right here

  1. Mitt Romney is a classless jerk who would take advantage of his mother to get ahead.
  2. He doesn’t appear to care about the country, only winning.
  3. Romney will do or say anything to win.
  4. His lack of leadership skills is shocking.
  5. He is tone deaf.
  6. His foreign policy inexperience could be deadly.
  7. From his alliance with Bibi, it is quite clear he is willing to outsource our foreign policy.
  8. The way he barged ahead with condemnation before getting facts is alarming.
  9. Loss of life is nothing to him.
  10. He no more cared about the death of Chris Stevens than my poodle did.
  11. He is willing to compromise our national interest for his own.
  12. If he is willing to put his interests ahead of the country, to whom will he sell us?
  13. He is already having a horrible effect on US foreign policy.
  14. The man has no personal boundaries.
  15. Like Barack Obama says, he is a lose cannon.

What did Mitt Romney know?

When did Mitt Romney know it?

The time line of the press statement is suspicious.  The Pink Flamingo is reading that there are more than a few visions of Pulitzers dancing through more than a few reporters’ heads.  I’ve been known to compare Mitt Romney to Richard Nixon.  I just never thought we’d be hip deep in Watergate so soon.

Only an idiot would think that Romney’s camp orchestrated the horror of Tuesday.  Only an idiot would think he did not rush to take advantage of the situation like a class-less bottom feeder.  The timing of Bibi’s visit and attacks on Barack Obama are questionable.  So is the release of that dastardly film.  The Pink Flamingo has been told that we will probably find that the film has Sheldon Adelson’s fingerprints all over it.

This leads to more questions than answers:

  • How the heck did Jones get a copy of the film?
  • How did he get it dubbed?
  • Who paid for the film?
  • Who is whoever it is who made the film?
  • Who leaked the info to the right sources?
  • Why does Romney not hesitate to give interviews to Adelson’s tabloid in Israel, but not here?
  • Is it true that Adelson is one of Bibi’s big backers?
  • Is it true that Mitt said he would allow Bibi to handle the US policy in the Middle East?

This man is getting to be more than a little bit scary.  He doesn’t give a damn about the United States.  All his narcissistic brain can comprehend is that he wants he wants, he needs he needs.  To hell with the rest of us.

After watching Mitt Romney and his conservative Knights of the Keyboard, The Pink Flamingo is ashamed, absolutely ashamed that I ever fell for any of their lies. I am personally disgusted with myself for the things that I have said and written about Barack Obama.

Fool me once, shame on you.

Fool me twice, shame on me.

You will never fool me again. I know people who are quitting the GOP over this.  I’m not.  I’m too nasty, pig-headed, prickly, bitchy, and annoying.  For right now, I’m staying where I’m at – simply to be a thorn in the side of Mitt Romney’s version of the GOP.

I do think that FOX should lose its broadcasting license.