BREAKING: Film Produced by Media for Christ?


“…Bishop Serapion of the Coptic Orthodox Diocese of Los Angeles said Nakoula called his alleged connections to the film “a political thing,” in an interview with the Los Angeles Times. Nakoula called him and “denied completely any involvement” in the film, said Serapion….”

CORRECTION:The site, Media for Christ, referred to by The Pink Flamingo is NOT the one associated with this tawdry bunch of “Christians”.

The Pink Flamingo has spent hours tracking the various individuals mentioned in this tawdry and vile tale.  There is a bottom line here.  It doesn’t track.  The groups are shams for the most part.  It is quite obvious someone is trying to throw rocks at Courageous Christians United and Utah Partnership for Christ.  Steve Klein founded CCU, and is on the board, but it appears his relationship with them is limited. This alone is rather fascinating, because both organizations specialize in both anti-Mormon and anti-Muslim ministries, someone is trying to smear them.  Media For Christ is a sham.  It is little more than a web site featuring sermons, with links to John Piper and Greg Laurie.  Neither one seem to be so careless that they would risk viable and respected careers to be involved.  It is also obvious that Rob Sivulka, an anti-Mormon activist is also being set up to be smeared.

According to the SPLC, Klein founded Courageous Christians United.   He now runs Concerned Christians for the First Amendment.

SD G&L News

According to Talk to Action, a group called Media for Christ, may have been behind the nasty little movie that has caused four American deaths, so far.  One thing The Pink Flamingo loves about research, is the fact that there are times where things go in an entirely different direction.  I’ve been working on a specific premise about the film that caused a dozen riots.  I still don’t know if I am right or wrong about it. Courageous Christians United, is anti Mormon, anti Catholic, anti Muslim.  Rob Sivulka, who is the front for the organization, doesn’t track well, at all.

The last Guidestar report on them comes from 2003. The organization is part of Utah Partnerships for Christ (their partner links).  From what I can tell, after spending 8 years researching organizations, I don’t think this group is the problem.

What we’re starting to see is a treasure of misinformation. In other words, someone is trying to hide.

“...According to a FBI/Homeland Security joint statement, the film’s producer identified himself to news media as an Israeli — an assertion Israel’s government denies — and falsely claimed the movie was financed with help from more than 100 Jewish donors. While he’d been identified in July 2011 by various names, including Sam Bassiel, federal officials now say they believe the filmmaker’s name is Nakoula Basseley Nakoula. He was convicted in 2009 of bank fraud, with the indictment from the U.S. Attorney’s Office listing seven aliases. A production staffer said he believed the filmmaker was a Coptic Christian who also went by the name Abenob Nakoula Bassely….”

The National Memo


Max Blumenthal

Steve Klein is part of Courageous Christians United.  Their statement on him is below.  They have an anti-Muslim ministry, but have little more than a web site.  I’m just not seeing these people as duplicitous in this. He is involved with the Church at Kaweah that has ties to the patriot movement.


I do have questions about Klein.  He is obviously a narcissist and something of a sociopath.

“...Klein seems to want violence to break out – in America. Later, he bragged to Joens about how his anti-Muslim leafleting campaign had led to fights at a California high school.

“If the kids are willing to fight, that’s because they realize how dangerous Islam is,” he said. Referencing violence that broke about between abolitionists and pro-slavery forces in the decade before the Civil War, he continued, “I can see it … kind of like Bleeding Kansas. … It’s gonna heat up big time.”

On Wednesday, Klein told the Associated Press that he anticipated the film’s release would lead to violence. “We went into this knowing this was probably going to happen,” he said.

Later, speaking with the U.K.’s Daily Mail online, Klein said that he regrets the ambassador’s death, “but it’s not our fault. We didn’t want anybody to get killed but on the other hand the truth had to come out. … We told the truth and these people reacted the way that Mohammed wanted to them to react – by killing people.”

He continued, “Do I feel guilt? Yes, but not for me, I feel it for those that did this. Do I feel shame? Yes, but not for me. Killing this man fits in with their legal and ethical standpoint.”…”

Courageous Christians United

Media for Christ may or may not be duplicitous.  They maintain links to Greg Laurie, who is on the board of the Billy Graham Association. That looks like a dead end.  They also have links to John Piper, who is a major reformed Calvinist.  I think his theology is crap, but, I don’t see him involved here.  He’s part of the whole anti-woman spew, but even if he is from Minnesota, I can’t really peg him in with Bat-Shit Crazy herself.   Piper is not all that into the whole evangelical “Israel thing”.  Eliminate him.

“...The film clip was also spotted and promoted last week by Morris Sadik, an Egyptian Coptic Christian based in California who runs a small virulently Islamophobic group called the National American Coptic Assembly. It was later denounced by mainstream Copts in Egypt, but it was too late to stop it going viral….”

In fact, if you go through the whole Media for Christ thing, it’s a front.  Their “articles” haven’t been updated since late May.  It’s fake.  According to Talk to Action, the site is owned by the now infamous Joseph Nasralla.  The site is a front, a fake, a sham.  So is Sam Bacile.

“…A deepening mystery surrounds the personage of “Sam Bacile”: the film-maker who allegedly made “Innocence of Muslims”, a film about Islam (which curiously few people seem ever to have watched in its entirety), the crudely insulting “trailer” for which has triggered such a violent reaction in Libya and elsewhere. “Bacile”, which seems to be a pseudonym, reportedly described himself to the press as an “Israeli Jew” who lives in California and worked in real estate.

Israel says it has no record of anyone under that name: indeed, a spokesman for the Israeli foreign ministry described the film-maker as “a complete loose cannon and an unspeakable idiot”. A consultant on the film, Steve Klein, said that “Bacile” was neither Israeli nor Jewish and that he did not even know his real name, but that those involved in the production had anticipated that it would cause unrest: “We went into this knowing what was probably going to happen.” Well, not quite everyone, it seems. The actors and actresses appeared to think they were taking part in another kind of production entirely, and have now found themselves caught up in a horrific international controversy.

Does “Sam Bacile” even exist? Inquiries have led to Nakoula Basseley Nakoula, a Coptic Christian living in California who has been convicted of bank fraud and who admits involvement in the film, but denies that he is “Bacile”. Perhaps, in the weeks to come, he and Mr Klein may be able to enlighten the public further….”


There are several things that blink on and off like a cheap hot pink neon sign of a flamingo and a palm tree.

  • It is starting to look like the attack on the embassy was an inside job.  That alone, is fascinating. Where are the documents about the contacts for the oil fields?  Those are missing.
  • The Copt community in LA is furious over this and being implicated in such a project.  They are now worried about attacks on them.  No one in their Coptic community even knows Nakoula.
  • There is a report from the Independent that the Administration was caught with their pants down on this one.  The Administration denies it.  The Pink Flamingo suspects that this is the attack everyone has been waiting for since 9/11/2001.  When nothing surfaced, last year, I also suspect it was assumed (Ass U Me) that nothing was going to happen this year.  We are now being warned that the violence could spread, here. Pam Geller is quite thrilled about this – too thrilled.
  • The attacks were designed to embarrass the Obama Administration during the election cycle.  This, in itself, should be coming from al-Qaeda, which needs a big PR victory in order to save a little face and get back some of its momentum.  Obama’s drone attacks have pretty much decimated its leadership ranks.  It needed this, badly.  The attack was well planned.  Scroll down for the professional signs.
  • Al-Qaeda had a mole inside the embassy.  The Pink Flamingo has also heard that a certain candidate may have had a mole inside the Egyptian embassy that leaked word of a certain press release to a certain campaign, maybe, before the Obama Administration received it – allegedly and maybe.
  • It is obvious that the group Media for Christ could not afford even a “budget” movie.  It was a turkey, that drew maybe a dozen viewers the only time it was screened.  It was consigned to the dust-bins of history.
  • Someone obviously paid the alleged producers, who ever they were, for the remains of the day.  People try making movies all the time.  Almost all of them fail.  You’re stuck with debt.  For someone who is not “big”, just the cost of making a “budget” film, will break them.  Even for “budget” we’re talking a couple a’ hundred thou at the least, more likely half a million.  The movie was made in California – where it is union.  It is alleged that $5 million was raised, but with this group of cons, who knows?
  • The slugs from Media for Christ don’t have the money to make the film.
  • Steve Kline is an associate of Pam Geller, Robert Spencer, and Daniel Pipes. Let’s put it succinctly, Nakoula is a con artist. Klein is a scumbag who told “Sam” he could become as famous at Theo van Gogh. Klein also admits he went into the project knowing this was going to happen.  The problem with Klein, is he’s part of that shady world of minutemen, anti-government libertarians, and non-profit sucking hanger’s on.  He would not have the money to do this, either.
  • This is where it gets nasty.  Kline is hanging out with the Church at Kaweah.  They are borderline, militant, anti-government.  They also have white supremacist leanings.  They DON’T have the money to pull off this thing.
  • Sam Jones is a dupe.  He doesn’t have the money to do this.
  • Pam Geller is a loon.  She and Robert Spencer have deep pockets, but I don’t think they have enough to pull this off.
  • Nikoula Basseley Nakoula is a meth cook.  He may be an informant.  He’s a con artist. Let’s face it, people like that can pull off wild and crazy things in Hollywood.  Where, though did the get the money?

So, we are right back where we started.

  1. The parties involved did not have the cash to make the original movie.
  2. We’re dealing with con artists, meth dealers, and right wing loons.
  3. Who gave the clip to Sam Jones?
  4. Who tipped off the clerics in Egypt?
  5. Why was the film released on the 11th Anniversary of 9/11?
  6. Who paid for it?
  7. If there was an inside person at the embassy, was this about oil contracts?
  8. Who paid for it?

The Pink Flamingo has been sleuthing organizations and these sort of people for many years now.  I know a blind alley when I see one.  This is a blind alley. We’re dealing with a group of con artists, petty criminals, drug dealers, shady characters, trouble makers, anti-Mormon groups, anti-Muslim groups, and an “October Surprise”.

Who paid for this mess?

These people couldn’t afford this.  It was well coordinated with Steve Klein fronting things.  It comes out and al-Qaeda gets all nasty again.  Bibi comes to the US and tries to humiliate Obama.  Mitt Romney comes out a little ahead of himself to condemn everything.

This is a set-up.  There is no way in hell these things happened on their own.  The parties involved couldn’t afford it.  I’d love to say that Pam Geller was up to her eyeballs in this mess, but I don’t know if she could afford to get the money for the project.

Klein appears to be anti-Mormon.  He’s basically anti-government libertarian. Pam Geller is hard-core libertarian, in love with Mitt Romney.  She thinks that Obama is a Muslim and is the end of the world as we know it.

What a bloody mess.

Four good, decent men are dead.  Their families are shattered.  It is apparent that the far right really doesn’t give a damn about that, only making points for Romney.  That alone is disgusting, and makes the whole nasty crowd suspect, in my book.

Then again, we could be dealing with Dumb & Dumber Get Lucky.  Nah, that doesn’t work for me, either.  When there are no answers to something, that’s when I get suspicious.  Reporters, investigators, writers, bloggers all over the civilized world are working on this.  After three days, and nothing, someone is hiding a heck of a lot.  That alone is suspicious.



3 thoughts on “BREAKING: Film Produced by Media for Christ?

  1. Saw the town of Hemet and thought it figures! When we lived in SoCal, that whole area was known as a hotbed of extremists. Looks like some things don’t change in that part of Riverside County. The racism in that area is rampant according to some people I know who have moved to Phoenix.

    More and more people are coming to the conclusion that there was a mole(s) in the embassy(s) that alerted people outside to what was in the embassies/consultates. I find it odd that they went after the oil contracts when there is an on going investigation into bribes paid by an American group to obtain the oil contracts in some parts of the Middle East.

    Who paid for the film is probably the key question? Did it come from people who wanted to stir up things in the Middle East and other Muslim countries that dealt with oil contracts? There is an active investigation into the bribes by American companies dealing with oil so is it a logical conclusion this film was made to stir up the crowds in parts of the Muslim World like Libya to cover for destruction or take the evidence and it went bad with the deaths of four Americans including the Ambassador? I know that is a reach but what other conclusion can you reach when the people took the oil contracts after torching the consulate which killed four people. Did our Ambassador who was murdered have the information on the bribes? All questions that need answers. Was the Romney camp tipped off through a big donor what was happening when they sent out the press release that had been prepared long before the demonstrations?

    The other big question that begs for answer is to ask if this video, etc., was done to help elect Romney as fast as he came out with a press release? I have become that cynical about this election. Rush Limbaugh, Romney and his team in order to score political points put out information that is factually wrong and was poorly timed on their comments. What was the rush to get the Romney memo out along with statements of the RNC Chair? Did they have advance info? I put Rush on the Romney team as he says something and the next day Romney goes out and follows his orders.

    This Nation should be standing with our President right now in this time of a crises overseas not adding to the hate rhetoric we are seeing out of Limbaugh and the Romney camp. President Reagan stood with Carter on Iran but those scrupples don’t exist in today’s Republican Party. Why haven’t Limbaugh and Romney condemned the offensive film? Inquiring minds want to know. These demonstrations are not about the Arab Spring but about a shoddy film that should be condemned by every leader in this country. For Reublicans to stay silent, makes me question what has happened to the Republican Party today and what do they know about what is happening. Has it truly been taken over by people who hate others who don’t think or look like them. Is it all about gaining power and Romney fulfilling a Mormon prophecy. This group of Republican leaders refuse to stand up to the extremists and are showing they want to make everyone think like these groups of extremists who have found a home in the GOP. Go against and they viciously attack. I don’t recognize today’s Republian Party and neither do a lot of others.

    I stand with President Obama on his handling of the crises and against the Republican Party of today. He has earned my vote on November 6th. World leaders support him but the conservative pundits and the Romney team treat him like dirt.

    Have my TV on mute as Paul Ryan is speaking and the scroll across the bottom says you can trust Romney as he is an honest man — there is nothing honest about Romney in this election as he lies, attacks without facts, and refuses to fact check as he knows it will prove him wrong. He is attacks first on fellow Republicans now the President are hitting below the belt even in a time of crises.

  2. Romney finally condemned the film today after the outcry from even Republicans. Now what comes into question since Romney started getting intelligence briefings after he became the nominee for the Republican Party if Romney used that intelligence briefing to attack President Obama on what the embassy in Egypt said and accused the President of sympathizing with the protestors who had not taken to the street at the time of the memo? If he did use classified intelligence information, he should be cut off from further intelligence briefings except for the bare minimum. Do I believe he would do something like that? Absolutely because rules do not apply to Mitt Romney as we have witnessed time and time again!

  3. According to Newt Gingrich radical Islam is at war with us, but President Obama is so committed to his leftist world view that he cannot face the facts. Both the president and Hilary Clinton condemned the “senseless” violence, but these are acts of war, which were well planned and well co-ordinated. The trailer of the film has been out since June. According to the BBC the embassy in Benghazi did not have enough security. Both the US and British embassies came under attack in June as did the International Committee for the Red Cross. Britain closed its permanent presence there that month and moved its staff back to Tripoli. Embassies, which are likely to come under attack, are usually offered a security contract known as “WIPS”. It is a contract between the State Department and corporations such as Dyna Corporations and Aegis Defense Services. Instead of this protection our embassy was guarded by local Libyan militia. Evidently the Administration either did not take the threat seriously or they naively trusted the Libyans. According to the Libyan Free Press and the Lebanese News Organization, Ambassador Stevens was tortured and sodomized, but we have been told that the Libyans were taking him to the hospital when he was being dragged though the streets. Many things other than the film could have triggered the violence. Obama has been bragging throughout his campaign that he killed Osama Bin Laden. Maybe that’s the reason the militants have been shouting, “Obama, Obama, we are all Osamas” And I’m sure Biden saying “GM is alive and Osama is dead” gave Al Qaeda a warm feeling. To pull off something like this it had to have been planned a long time so the film is just an excuse. What was the excuse for attacking the German Embassy? The White House played games with Google by asking it to remove the trailer, protected by the First Amendment, distasteful it may be. I thought it was distasteful when the crucifx was submerged in urine and when the Virgin Mary was covered with dung. But it was made clear that it was freedom of expression and many leftists, who have been silent about this film, came out of the woodworks defending the desecration of Christian symbols as works or art. Romney’s own religion is being attacked right now on Broadway with The Book of Mormon. He is compelled to accept that as “free speech” The Memo remained up after the protestors took to the streets. It was not removed until the White House decided to disassociate itself from it. As far as the election is concerned it is all over. All the polls show Obama ahead of Romney. If the republicans cannot beat an incompetent like Obama, they need to pack up and go home – end of the party.

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