Senate GOP Screws Vets to Make Obama Look Bad


Once again the GOP has hit a new low. This time, three of the GOP Senate sponsors who helped put together a bill that would help our vets get jobs, voted against it.  Mitch McConnell, they say, did not want to make Obama look good, or give him a chance to take credit for creating new jobs for vets.

“...The Republicans managed a stunning victory in the Senate today, narrowly defeating a bi-partisan $1 billion bill designed to help 20,000 post-9/11 veterans to find work.

All but a handful of Republicans voted (58-40) to kill the bill on a procedural objection.  That’s all it took.  They beat it by two votes.

Support for veterans is traditionally bipartisan.  In fact, the Senate had recently passed a series of smaller measures to expand the G.I. Bill.

So Democrats were feeling good about the Veterans Job Corps bill.  They also had the support several Republicans including Sen. Dean Heller of Nevada and Sen. Scott Brown of Massachusetts.

And let’s face it.  The Democrats also have the facts on their side when it comes to the need for helping veterans.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports 8.3% of veterans were unemployed in 2011.  Young male veterans are hit the hardest by joblessness.  Male vets aged 18-24 who served during the post-9/11 era are burdened with a 21.9% unemployment rate.

The Veterans Job Corps bill was ready to put those young men to work in the nation’s parks or on local fire fighter crews or police squads across the country. …”

This is NOT the Republican Party I once knew.  Instead of helping our vets, they give the Koch Brothers a billion dollar ethanol subsidy.

Raw Story

Senator Tom Coburn objected to the cost.  So did several others in the Senate.  Tell you what, why not screw the Koch Brothers, and take their billion dollar ethanol subsidy away from them, and let the vets have it to pay for that jobs bill.

“...The Veterans Jobs Corps bill — which is part of President Obama’s push to secure jobs for veterans — would have provided $1 billion over five years to hire 20,000 young veterans for public lands jobs and prioritize vets for first responder jobs such as police, firefighter, or EMT. The measure would have also provided young vets access to the infrastructure with which to assist in job searches, such as access to computers, internet and career services advisers.

The Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America, a vets group that supported the legislation, called the GOP move “a huge disappointment,” adding, “Today, politics won over helping vets.”…”

ABC News

Take the money away from the Koch Brothers ethanol subsidy and give some jobs to vets.  The GOP no longer has the high road anything with the military.  It is as though they must betray what they believe in order to pander to Romney, who basically doesn’t give a damn about the military.

“…The unemployment rate for Iraq, Afghanistan and Gulf War II-era Veterans—those who would have most benefitted from the bill—is now at 10.9 percent, but Republicans blocked this bill because they don’t want anything that could remotely help anyone to happen under President Obama’s watch. That, and they don’t really give a shit about veterans, much like Mitt Romney, who called the men and women fighting in Afghanistan items on a laundry list….”

Yea, right.  It’s about screwing the vets to make Obama look bad.

I gather the GOP no longer cares how bad they look.

Kudos to Scott Brown for having the courage to stand up for what is right.  Evidently he’s not bought and paid for by the Koch Brothers.

Just think, if the GOP would be willing to take a billion bucks in subsidies from the Koch Brothers parasite machine for ethanol, we could fund this bill.  It sure tells you where our priorities as a party are.  It’s all about the Koch brothers, helping them get richer, while We the Parasites of the United States of America do with less and less.

I get it.