Lindsey Graham in the Crosshairs


The Pink Flamingo detests the Club for Growth.  Then again, there a number of organizations and groups of organizations I detest. The Club for Growth is responsible for the “RINO List”, something which has basically destroyed the GOP. Well, now they are after Lindsey.  Considering how thick Jim DeMint is with them, that alone is a nasty insult, but then again, anything these people do is insulting to NORMAL Republicans.

“..Club for Growth strongly supported four South Carolina GOP candidates for Congress in the 2010 election cycle. Club for Growth members and the group’s PAC together contributed $130,000 to Rep. Jeff Duncan of Laurens County, $122,000 to DeMint, $86,000 to Rep. Mick Mulvaney of Lancaster County and $66,000 to Rep. Tim Scott of North Charleston, federal data show.

Club for Growth often supports the same candidates as Senate Conservatives Fund, a well-funded political action committee that DeMint set up to support candidates who share his commitment to limited government and free-enterprise principles. DeMint couldn’t be reached for comment but Chocola said the Senate Conservatives Fund is unlikely to oppose Graham. DeMint has a policy of using his PAC only to oppose Democrats and promote conservatives seeking open Senate seats, Chocola noted. Though he has ideological differences with Graham, DeMint has said they are friends.

Matt Hoskins, a longtime DeMint aide who runs the Senate Conservatives Fund, said the group is focused on 2012 races. “We haven’t looked at 2014 races,” he said. “We haven’t talked to the Club for Growth.”

Tea party conservatives generally haven’t been happy with Graham, whom they see as too willing to compromise with Democrats. Since Obama took office, Graham has adopted a stridently conservative tone and voted with fellow Republicans to oppose Democratic initiatives like the 2009 economic stimulus package and the 2010 health care reform law….

No one has emerged to take on Graham in 2014, but Club for Growth’s announcement that it would consider backing a hypothetical challenger — which Chocola first made at a Christian Science Monitor media breakfast on Thursday — could serve as a casting call, analysts say….”

It’s all about control, and the ability to rile up the base.


The Pink Flamingo truly detests groups like this.  They do far more harm than good, and they are a danger to the GOP.  Basically, they have destroyed the Republican Party.

  1. Americans for Prosperity and it’s nasty little off-spring including Freedom Works and numerous tea party disasters.  I think they are a greater danger to the stability to this nation than anything George Soros ever imagined.
  2. Club for Growth, National Chamber
  3. Heritage Foundation
  4. ANY anti-immigration group connected to FAIR
  5. Just list all the “religious” “family” and “patriot” groups together.

One of these days, people in this country are going to get enough and tell these organizations to take a hike.  The Pink Flamingo is not holding my breath.  ‘Little’ individuals, such as Chris Chocola of the Club for Growth, Tony Perkins, Gary Bauer, John Tanton, Sam Stein, Phyllis Schlafly, and so forth and so on, have truly harmed this nation.  They have become so powerful, with their faux mailing lists and operating cash that the more cowardly members of the House and Senate bow to their demands.  You can’t have a real Republic with people like these entrenched with so much power.


5 thoughts on “Lindsey Graham in the Crosshairs

  1. When one sees the absolute disasters both major political parties are and the debacle they’ve foisted onto our country due to their own disaster, one has to consider that Washington’s address was beautifully foresighted, and sadly not listened to.

    I don’t hate the Tea Party any more or less than the OWS movement (as movements germaine, what has come about from them and who has taken charge is another story): many of the people involved in both are seriously immature or seriously hateful individuals, but there are some in both groups that were well meaning. They have been wrong footed, wrong footed by wolves in sheep’s clothing (or rather selfish jackwagon’s wrapped in patriotism). Whatever pure and noble purpose either movement might have had from the great mass of well meaning little folks at the start, that has been completely overwhelmed…a pity, because getting people engaged in their own governance would have been very nice.

    Part of the problem has been that words seldom mean what they truly define anymore: the are hardly any “liberals” anymore that can really be called liberal in thought and deed, similarly with conservative…if you took the true definition of that word and applied it to Republican politicians the results of who passed the purity test might be far different than what the now labels apply (I like to call this the game of “Who’s the Rino now?”). But the little people back home still carry some memory of what those words mean, and they are getting conned and lied to because they are still operating under the presumption that the words still carry their true meaning. They have also been led to believe that unless a politician lines up exactly with their (or their group’s)platform and never deviates then that person is no longer an xyz and thus should be purged….which goes back to what Washington hinted at in his address.

    So, which I don’t agree with Lindsey Graham all the time, he is hardly a Rino, and is a more conservative acting politician than many who now wear the mantle. Rather, many who are called conservatives should be truly defined as right wing progressives (Ryan) and we have one of the biggest Rinos of all as the GOP presidential candidate (forget conservative/liberal, there is nothing remotely Republican about Romney). My own Congressman was pretty conservative in how he tackled things (and thus was fairly well liked by ALL his constituents, at least the sensible, non-reactionary ones), and thus got the label of “rino” — meanwhile his Democrat opponent was anything but liberal (I met him once, seriously creepy guy — sort of a Democrat Mitt, no principles except “winning is everything”) and his Republican successor could care less about Republican values and is, if anything, even more radical than the Democrat, and for the first time ever the reactionary grousing against my Congressman wasn’t coming just from the left supporters of his Democrat challenger, it was coming from the right this time as well (God help us).

    Perhaps one of the best things that can be done is to demand that the actual definitions of words be taken into account before they are used to describe anything.

  2. I guess they want to replace Lindsey with some Christine O’Donnell type. God help the Republican party. Jim DeMint can’t be trusted. He is such an embarrasment to the GOP. I watched the Senate when they were in session late Friday night. He and Rand Paul are real nut cases. Paul’s lack of experience is pathetic. Of course, the Tea Partiers are going after Lindsey. It’s not enough that they lost the senate in 2010. It is almost hilarious how hard they work to get some kind of scuttlebutt on him…..Lindsey is a RINO, Lindsey is too liberal, Lindsey is a warmonger, Lindsey is a friend of Biden, Lindsey said a bad word, etc. etc. etc.

  3. Lindsey is one of the more conservative senators in there — conservative in the true definition of the term: doesn’t act rashly, tries to conserve the traditional status quo of our republic, aka. not a radical, gets things done quietly and without a great deal of fanfare (when allowed), etc. (confession: at one point I bought the line about him being “too liberal”, but then I noticed around about a couple of years ago, when I started really paying attention — hey, this guy gets things done that are benefitting the whole country, what’s so wrong with him? ah, the sudden dawning of realization…better late than never, but still).

    So much for wanting conservatives it seems…sigh.

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