PART I: Enough With the Far Right Muslim Hatred


There are nearly 1.6 billion Muslims in the world.  If they were all practicing Sharia, or involved in violent practices, the would would be aflame, including this country.  It is not.  We are looking at a very small handful of individuals involved in this religion who are involved in terror.  But, to listen to FOX News, or read the blogs, you would think that every single Muslim in the world is evil, just waiting to kill innocent Christians and Jews.

“…“Take your Sharia and go home, you terrorist lovers. Your hands are bloody! Your money is bloody! Get out! Terrorists! Terrorists! Terrorists!”  These statements were shouted by protestors at Muslim American children walking into a fundraiser event in Yorba Linda, California, in February of this year. The Muslim American families moved briskly into the building as some parents shielded their children from the men and women in the crowd, who were waving flags, carrying homemade signs, and barking obscenities. The taunts and howls of the mob were captured on video and later circulated online. …”

Let’s be brutally honest here.  Would we be dealing with Islamophobia and this deplorable film scandal if it weren’t for people like Pam Geller, Robert Spencer, David Horowitz ,Daniel Pipes, Frank Faffney, David Yerushalmi, Steven Emerson, and their associates? For years, now this group of individuals, along with a few others, have been promoting what can only be called Islamophobia.

American Progress
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  • American Family Association
  • Eagle Forum
  • Stop Islamization of America
  • Tennessee Freedom Coalition
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  • Patriot Action Network
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  • Christians United for Israel
  • Stop Islamization of America
  • American Center for Law and Justice
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American Progress

They have turned hatred into a very profitable business.  It’s profitable, if you hate Muslims.  You can’t hate Jews, Blacks, Christians, Mormons, Native Americans, Hispanics, or even aliens from Mars.  You can, though, hate Muslims, and Mexicans, who might be Islamic terrorists in disguise.

“...Gabriel informed the Christians United for Israel convention audience in 2007 that Arabs and Muslims “have no soul. They are dead set on killing and destruction. And in the name of something they call ‘Allah’ which is very different from the God we believe.” Blending her personal story with anecdotes about the dangers of Islamic terror, Gabriel is a favorite of conservative conferences, Fox News, and Tea Party rallies. In this capacity, she validates the Islamophobia network’s manufactured fears and hate campaign directed against Muslims. And she validates and repeats the anti-Muslim memes promoted by Frank Gaffney, Daniel Pipes, and Robert Spencer, such as “President Obama was born into the Islamic faith,” radical Muslims have “infiltrated” our government and “are being radicalized in radical mosques,” and that Muslims engage in taqiyya, which she describes as religiously mandated lying. She bases this last charge on the Center for Security Policy’s inaccurate definition of the Arabic word. …”

  • When is something hate speech?
  • Does hate speech only apply when it is not about Islam?
  • Why are people like Pam Geller allowed to get away with hate speech?
  • Why are Muslims sub-human, less than important, and not allowed to have the same rights as the rest of us here in this country?
  • When did hatred become acceptable in this country?
  • Why do people who claim to be “Christians” have their hate speech protected?
  • Why are Libertarian-Republicans more involved in hatred of Islam than normal Republicans?
  • How much of this is promoted to make Barack Obama look bad?

Case in point is the so-called “Ground Zero Mosque”.

“...Park51 is the new name of the Cordoba Project, initiated in 2009 as a planned  Muslim community center that is two blocks from Ground Zero. Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf, one of the project’s lead organizers, works with New York City, the  FBI, and the State Department to combat Islamist extremism. His new center is modeled on New York’s 92nd Street Y, a Jewish community center that serves diverse groups across the city. “We want to push back against the extremists,” said Rauf, explaining his intentions behind constructing the center.7 The project plans detail a cultural center to house a swimming pool, a basketball court, a library, as well as a prayer space.

These well-intended goals were ignored by the five men profiled in this chapter who instead promote a fabricated myth that the center would be built as a testimony to Islam’s dominance. On June 30, 2010, Gaffney wrote, “The Ground Zero mosque is designed to be a permanent, in-our-face beachhead for Shariah, a platform for inspiring the triumphalist ambitions of the faithful.”…”

If a Christian church of Jewish synagogue were opposed as vocally as the alleged “Ground Zero Mosque” was, it would be declared pure hate.  Because it was against a mosque, there was nothing wrong with the hate.

The far right, under the auspices of the Koch bought and paid for Libertarian-Republicans and their little groups, is absolutely inflamed over Muslims to the point where they are treating Muslims the way they treated Blacks before and after the Civil Rights era.  Between 2001 – 2009, conservative and libertarian charitable organizations have donated nearly fifty million bucks to anti-Islamic think tanks and organizations.

“…A leading figure in the Sunni Islam world called for fellow believers to respond to recent controversial portrayals of Mohammed — which he said “spread hatred” — just like the prophet himself would, “through patience and wisdom.”

The Grand Mufti of Egypt Ali Gomaa spoke to CNN as Muslims staged yet more passionate protests Saturday in yet more locales, from Germany to Lebanon to Bangladesh, as they have since September 11. Demonstrators railed against an obscure, 14-minute trailer for a film that mocks Mohammed as a womanizer, child molester and killer — as well as the country in which it was privately produced, the United States — and more recently a French satirical magazine’s cartoons of a figure representing Mohammed.

Egypt’s grand mufti questioned whether in the United States, for example, the inflammatory film “Innocence of Muslims” was not illegal under laws prohibiting the spread of hatred. And he also challenged if laws protecting freedom of speech were applicable….”

Now, they are up in arms because Obama is going to go “address” Muslim unrest. Good for him!  He’s doing the same things that George W. Bush did.  This film, Innocence of the Muslims, is NOT about freedom of speech, but pure, unadulterated hate.  If this clip had been about the Jews, Hindus, Blacks, or any other group, it would have been condemned as hate speech and a hate crime.

“…Still, I defend the right of the video’s authors even if I loathe what they produced. The U.S. Supreme Court, in its 1969 Brandenburg v. Ohio decision, overturned the conviction of a Ku Klux Klan leader who had menaced political officials with violence, saying that “the constitutional guarantees of free speech and free press do not permit a State to forbid or proscribe advocacy of the use of force.” As Glenn Greenwald wrote in The Guardian, “Obviously, if the state cannot suppress speech even where it explicitly advocates violence, then it cannot suppress a video on the ground that it implicitly incites violence.”…”

Problem is, in Egypt, the Coptic Church is standing with the Muslims, in condemning the film.

“...Noting Egypt-based Coptic Church bishops had condemned the film that sparked protests, Egypt’s grand mufti — who noted he’s active in the Coexist Foundation, which promotes religious tolerance — urged an end to the cycle of different groups attacking each other. And in Egypt, at least, he vowed Muslims and Christians will continue to peacefully coexist despite the recent turmoil….”

The Pink Flamingo has been involved in a rather interesting twitter conversation about Islam, terror, hating Muslims, etc. Yes, there are some very bad people who are Islamists. Most are in it for personal ambition, not religion. You get to the bottom of it, and the bad guys pulling the strings are sociopaths who would be doing the same thing if they were Christians, Jews, or Tea Partiers.


Let’s be brutally honest here.  This is not about religion.  It isn’t about Islam.  It is about manipulating a tawdry group of individuals in the most mercenary manner.  It is about defeating Barack Obama any way possible.  It’s like throwing darts.  Right now, not much is sticking.  Ergo – his foreign policy needs to be ruined.

What better way to ruin it than to fan the flames of hate?  This is all about hate.  It is about a group of seriously disturbed individuals who aren’t interested in saving lives, of making the world a better place, but about hating over a billion and a half people who don’t worship the same way they do.


Now, can we please dispense with the racist insanity that Barack Obama is Muslim?  He’s a Christian.  I know, it doesn’t exactly fit the bigoted agenda against him, but deal with it.

“...First and foremost, my Christian faith gives me a perspective and security that i don’t think i would have otherwise: That i am loved. That, at the end of the day, God is in control—and my main responsibility is to love God with all of my heart, soul, and mind, and to love my neighbor as myself. Now, i don’t always live up to that standard, but it is a standard i am always pursuing. my faith is also a great source of comfort to me. i’ve said before that my faith has grown as president. This office tends to make a person pray more; and as President Lincoln once said, “i have been driven to my knees many times by the overwhelming conviction that i had no place else to go.” Finally, i try to make sure that my faith informs how i live my life. As a husband, as a father, and as president, my faith helps me to keep my eyes on the prize and focus on what is good and truly important. …”

The man is a Christian.  It’s one of the reasons The Pink Flamingo is voting for him.  Another reason is I can no longer stomach being part of a political party where people like those mentioned in the first part of this article have such power.

It’s about hate.  As a Christian, I do not do hate.  I do love.


2 thoughts on “PART I: Enough With the Far Right Muslim Hatred

  1. After Pastor Terry and Ann Barnhardt’s notorious Koran burnings, I thought about one of the teachings of my grandfather, the wisest man I have ever known. He said never deliberately deface or destroy something that is dear or sacred to another person. For what it is worth, I will share this story with you. Strange as it may seem, the Koran at one time was part of every educated southerner’s library. Many southerners had a Koran on the same shelf as the Bible. I inherited a great many old books. Most people in the family didn’t want books when uncles, aunts etc. died. They also didn’t want to throw them out, so they passed them along to yours truly. It was not surprising that I had a Koran. I didn’t think much about it until after Hurricane Katrina. There was a Muslim man in the contruction crew repairing my home. When he told me he was a Muslim, I asked him if he had a Koran. He said, “Oh, no, my father had one, but he kept it up on a high shelf. As children we were never allowed to touch it.” I thought about the one in my possession. For some reason I didn’t feel comfortable about owning it anymore. How would I feel as a Christian if a non believer had a Bible and I didn’t. So, the day he left, I gave him the Koran. He was absolutely speechless. I was rather uncomfortable because there were ears on the pages and some passages had been marked and underlined. I didn’t want to offend him and I wondered if he would consider it defaced. I showed these to him, but he said it didn’t matter. He was glad to get it. Of course, afterwards I got a tongue lashing by some family members. I heard things like, “You should never have done anything like that. They will be coming back to kill you.”(They always tell me that when I do things they don’t approve of so I didn’t pay any attention.) I live my life according to my own conscience. I wondered if I was doing the right thing, but if I made one person happy, maybe I did not do wrong.

  2. Kind is kind. It doesn’t matter what the religion. Of course you did the right thing. You showed the man Christian kindness. I have very dear friends who are Muslim. I think that’s what makes me so angry about this. I don’t want my friends insulted. Because I love and respect them, I respect them when they are practicing their religion. My introduction to Islam came from them. That’s where I learned that there were as many divisions in it as we have as Christians. My friends were extremely well educated, upper class Hindi. Their friends, today, who are part of their faith, are from India, or have relatives from India. They don’t hang with Muslims from other countries. They do have many friends and associates who are American, as are they (now) their daughters, and grandchildren. The day my friend, whom I consider an adopted sister, received her citizenship, she called just celebrating. She had wanted to be an American since she was a teenager. Her daughters are as American as are my nieces and nephews.

    Hatred toward these people just makes me furious. Let’s face it, people like Terry Jones and Ann Barnhardt would be protesting anyone who wasn’t pure “white” if they could get away with it. Hate is hate. That is what angers me about people like this. It’s nothing but hate.


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