PART III: Enough With the Far Right Muslim Hatred


How much of the manipulation of public opinion against Muslims, against the religion of Islam has been designed to turn public opinion against Barack Obama?

“…In 2011, during his campaign to oust Sheriff Baca, Klein forged an alliance with Joseph Nasrallah, an extremist Coptic broadcaster who shared his fear and resentment of the Muslim Brotherhood. Nasrallah appeared from out of nowhere at a boisterous rally against the construction of an Islamic community center in downtown Manhattan on September 11, 2010, warning a few hundred riled-up Tea Party types that Muslims “came and conquered our country the same way they want to conquer America”.

Organized by Geller and Spencer, the rally was carefully timed to coincide with the peak of the midterm congressional election campaign, in which many rightwing Republicans hoped to leverage rising anti-Muslim sentiment into resentment against the presidency of Obama….”

There can now be no doubt that much of the anti-Islam hatred spewed in this country is designed to aide the GOP in defeating Barack Obama.

“…A right-wing pundit with boundless ambition, Brigitte Gabriel, age 46, founded ACT! for America in 2007 as a citizen action network to “inform, educate, and mobilize Americans regarding the multiple threats of radical Islam.”3 ACT! for America was crafted with the intention to replicate the success of the National Rifle Association as a single-issue group that can drive legislation, political races, and the national discourse. But instead of pushing gun rights, Gabriel’s group hopes to make fear of Islam a pillar of the Republican Party and a galvanizing force in politics. ACT! for America’s world view is laid out in this statement from its website:…”

In August, Mitt Romney met with Jerry Boykin, one of the leading anti-Muslim bigots in the country, today. He is part of the problem behind the unrest we are seeing in many Islamic countries today – because of the trouble he is making. He is advising Romney.

“…Nearly two years later, Bachmann, Franks and three colleagues fired off letters to federal inspectors general alleging infiltration by the Muslim Brotherhood and requesting an investigation. The second paragraph of their letter, which fingered Huma Abedin, cited a series of web videos by the Center for Security Policy. The videos, available at, are narrated by Gaffney and lean heavily on Boykin’s Team B II report.

Remarkably, the efforts described above have spilled into Egyptian politics, with unfortunate consequences. As the New York Times reported in mid-July, many opponents of the Muslim Brotherhood, citing statements by Bachmann, Boykin, and Gaffney falsely believe that “the Obama administration harbors a secret, pro-Islamist agenda” and may have even “plotted to install the Islamist party’s presidential candidate in office.” As a result, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s motorcade “was pelted with shoes and tomatoes by Egyptian protesters” motivated by conspiracy theories that “originated with American conservatives.” With Egypt on the brink, nonsense like this only serves to undermine American diplomacy, just as his comments years earlier in uniform undermined American efforts to win hearts and minds abroad and likely put soldiers at increased risk….”

Right Wing Watch

“…Pamela Geller began her publishing career at The New York Daily News and then became associate publisher of The New York Observer from 1989 to 1994. She quit that job to stay home with her four children34 and a decade later founded her blog, Atlas Shrugs.35 The blog is named after novelist and philosopher Ayn Rand’s, Atlas Shrugged. The Fountainhead, Atlas Shrugged, and other Rand novels promote an extreme philosophy of selfishness and undiluted libertarianism, and are worshipped by the right wing—and by Geller, who calls Rand “the greatest philosopher in human history” and says the goals of her blog are “clearly defined by Rand’s philosophy.”

In addition to being a media player, Geller is an active grassroots organizer for anti-Muslim causes (as detailed in Chapter 3 of our report). Geller’s many commentaries, blog posts, and media appearances promote a slew of conspiratorial claims. They include: President Obama is a Muslim; Arabic is not just a language but actually a spearhead for anti-Americanism; radical Islam has infiltrated our government, which is being run by Islamic supremacists; and Muslims are engaged in stealth cultural jihad by wearing their head scarves at Disneyland….

More recently, Geller has been linked in the news to confessed Norway terrorist Anders Breivik, since he cited her 12 times in his manifesto.43 Geller quickly defended herself against any connection, but then went on to condemn the Norwegian Labour Party summer youth camp, whose children had been
attacked by Breivik. Geller called the camp part of an anti-Israel “indoctrination training center.”She further claimed that the children and young people who were killed by Breivik would have grown up to become “leaders of the party responsible for flooding Norway with Muslims who refuse to assimilate, who commit major violence against Norwegian natives including violent gang rapes, with impunity, and who live on the dole.” Not yet done with her slanderous attacks, Geller posted a camp picture of the children, likely featuring many of the victims. The caption read: “Note the faces which are more Middle [sic] Eastern or mixed than pure Norwegian.”…”

American Progress

Let’s be honest here. You can follow the bouncing spit ball and know exactly what is going on here. Someone is using the haters to go after Obama and take him out. One of the reasons The Pink Flamingo began looking at Obama differently was because I am sick and tired of the lies and the liars. I am sick of this stuff:


Who is behind the hype promoting anti-Islamic sentiment? There are a half dozen large foundations funding the hate to the tune of a couple of million bucks a year. This enables those who are promoting hatred of Muslims to have nice cushy positions, good salaries, book deals, travel money, and celeb status.

American Progress

“...The identity of the major donor bankrolling the “Obsession” DVD distribution has been speculated about since the event occurred. In 2008 attention rested on Sheldon Adelson, a casino billionaire mogul, as a likely funder of Clarion Fund and one of the people behind funding the distribution of 28 million free DVDs in the US. But a 2010 Counterpunch article pointed to Koch money and, in 2011 a Salon article reported that Clarion documentation pointed to Barre Seid as bankroller of the “Obsession” DVD operation – though not directly, more likely through Donors Capital Fund:

…[A Clarion document showed] a donor listed as Barry Seid gave Clarion nearly $17 million in 2008, which would have paid for virtually the entire “Obsession” DVD campaign. … There’s only one Barry Seid Salon could find who might fit the profile of a $17 million donor to Clarion. That would be businessman Barre Seid (note the different spelling) of Illinois…. But his representative flatly denied to Salon that he has ever given money to Clarion.” [but neither Ball nor Seid’s assistant would say whether Seid had given the money through Donors Capital Fund – which dispensed $17.7 million to Clarion that year.]…”


“...A patrician moderate constantly on the defensive against his own right flank, Romney fell for the bait, baselessly accusing Obama of “sympathiz[ing] with those who waged the attacks” and of issuing “an apology for America’s values”. The clumsy broadside backfired in dramatic fashion, opening Romney to strident criticism from across the spectrum, including from embarrassed Republican members of Congress. Obama wasted no time in authorizing a round of drone strikes on targets across Libya, which are likely to deepen regional hostility to the US.

A group of fringe extremists had proven that with a little bit of money and an unbelievably cynical scam, they could shape history to fit their apocalyptic vision. But in the end, they were not immune to the violence they incited….”

It doesn’t take much to start putting two and two together.  It is quite obvious that there was not only a cynical timing of the release of such an murderous video, but it was planned to do as much damage to Barack Obama as possible.  The Pink Flamingo is still quite suspicious of the timing.

What angers me even more is the fact that the very individuals who have fallen for the hate spew coming from the usual suspects, about Barack Obama’s religion, are using their canards to try and ruin him.  In order to inflame the usual Christian FOX watching, brainwashed, decent people in this country, they are now crying wolf.  They are now trying to make it look like Barack Obama is against the Christian religion and freedom of speech in this country.

The Pink Flamingo finds this line of attack insulting.  Once in awhile I would like to be allowed to be insulted, as a Christian.  This most recent attack fills me with ire and disgust.  It also makes Christians look bad.  Christ is about love, not hate. I defy you to PROVE to me that the misc. bigots involved in this project are “real” Christians.

As far as I’m concerned, they have a heck of a lot of ‘splainin’ to do.