The NEW & Acceptable Racism Is Here!


Many years ago, right after the sit-ins at various lunch counters began, my mother and my grandmother Reidhead were in a store in West Palm Beach.  My grandmother looked around, watching people.  There was a young black woman who was not allowed to eat with the whites.  Gram walked over to the water fountains.  There were two.  One for whites and one for blacks – separate but equal.  Gram used the water fountain for blacks.  The young woman looked at her and asked why she did it.  Gram asked if it was problem.  The woman said the fountain was for blacks only.  My spunky grandmother, who was a Temperance fighter, a Suffragette, and one of the first women to vote in the state of Minnesota simply shook her head.  “I know, but we are all the same, aren’t we?”.  According to my mother, the look on the young woman’s face was enough to start her thinking differently.  She realized that we are all the same.

There comes a time when good and honorable men and women must say enough is enough, and stand up for what is right.  If things continue, and racist bigots like Pam Geller (who is a friend and associate of John Bolton, Mitt Romney’s foreign policy adviser) Muslims will be confined to separate and not equal.  We can stop this bigotry now, if we have the courage.

Enough is enough.

“…A wide range of people have condemned the ads, including Rebecca Vilkomerson, New York-based Executive Director of Jewish Voice for Peace, who says, “As Jews, we remember our own history of facing discrimination and oppression based on religious status and thus feel doubly obligated to speak out against the vile bigotry and hate displayed in these ads. Pam Geller’s cynical targeting of an entire religious community to drum up support for Israel is particularly noxious, but does helpfully reveal the links between Islamophobia and unconditional support for Israel.”

And Yousef Munayyer, Executive Director of the Jerusalem Fund and the Palestine Center in Washington DC, adds, “At a moment when understanding is needed to calm tensions, Pam Geller chooses yet again to throw fuel on the fire.” But Geller, for her part, argues that “if anyone commits violence because of these ads, the responsibility will be theirs, not mine.” Her blog also argues that Obama may be Malcom X’s love child….”

Someone decided to fight back against Pam Geller’s racist attack on anyone who happens to be of the Muslim religion.  I find what she has done to be offensive.  The daughters of my adopted sister, who happens to be Muslim live in New York.  To think that they might ride this subway and see Geller’s hate speech makes me very angry.

This is NOT what America is all about.  Yet, unfortunately  it is.  It is about what is great about the United States and what is the very worst of the United States.  The greatness is in our freedom of speech.  Anyone in this country is free to make an ass out of themselves, be a total jerk, say things that might get someone killed, and they have a right to do so.

It’s the beauty of being an American.  Like my grandfather Reidhead would say, have your own way and let everyone hate you.  That’s about it when it comes to people like Pam Geller.  They exploit hatred for their own personal gain.

You see, Islamophobia is now the new McCarthyism.

“...Throughout, the official US position has remained fixed: the United States government condemns Islamophobia. Americans respect Islam as a religion of peace. Incidents suggesting otherwise are the work of a tiny minority—whackos, hatemongers, and publicity-seekers. Among Muslims from Benghazi to Islamabad, the argument has proven to be a tough sell….”


“…When we last checked in on the new anti-Islam signage by the Pamela Geller–led American Freedom Defense Initiative, which paid $6,000 to put large ads that suggest Muslims are savages in ten subway stations around Manhattan, Intel Joe found that most of the ads had been marked with “racist” stickers or the like. On Tuesday night, the Post captured footage of an altercation at the Times Square Station between sign defender Pamela Hall and 45-year-old Egyptian-American activist Mona Eltahawy, who marked the sign with red spray paint. Hall put her body between Eltahawy and the sign as they pushed each other and exchanged barbs over freedom of expression.

“Mona, do you think you have the right to do this?” Hall said. “I do actually,” Eltahawy responded. “I think this is freedom of expression, just as [the ad] is freedom of expression.” Officers arrested Eltahawy, who said to a crowd as they took her away, “This is what happens in America when you nonviolently protest.”…”

The importance here is in the comments.  In other words, the jerks who made that vile video are allowed to practice their freedom of speech and expression, but Mona Elthaway isn’t.  Okay, The Pink Flamingo gets it.  Pam Geller has her racist panties in a wad over someone daring to speak out against her.

Here’s the thang…. Do only those who hate Muslims have freedom of speech?


Evidently, there is something wrong with Barack Obama’s speech to the UN.  In it, he said that new democracies need freedom of speech.  Evidently he did not get the memo that Freedom of Speech is only for those who are exercising it “properly”.

“...Now, let me be clear: Just as we cannot solve every problem in the world, the United States has not and will not seek to dictate the outcome of democratic transitions abroad. We do not expect other nations to agree with us on every issue, nor do we assume that the violence of the past weeks or the hateful speech by some individuals represent the views of the overwhelming majority of Muslims, any more than the views of the people who produced this video represents those of Americans. However, I do believe that it is the obligation of all leaders in all countries to speak out forcefully against violence and extremism.

It is time to marginalize those who — even when not directly resorting to violence — use hatred of America, or the West, or Israel, as the central organizing principle of politics. For that only gives cover, and sometimes makes an excuse, for those who do resort to violence.

That brand of politics — one that pits East against West, and South against North, Muslims against Christians and Hindu and Jews — can’t deliver on the promise of freedom. To the youth, it offers only false hope. Burning an American flag does nothing to provide a child an education. Smashing apart a restaurant does not fill an empty stomach. Attacking an embassy won’t create a single job. That brand of politics only makes it harder to achieve what we must do together: educating our children, and creating the opportunities that they deserve; protecting human rights, and extending democracy’s promise.

Understand America will never retreat from the world. We will bring justice to those who harm our citizens and our friends, and we will stand with our allies. We are willing to partner with countries around the world to deepen ties of trade and investment, and science and technology, energy and development — all efforts that can spark economic growth for all our people and stabilize democratic change.

But such efforts depend on a spirit of mutual interest and mutual respect. No government or company, no school or NGO will be confident working in a country where its people are endangered. For partnerships to be effective our citizens must be secure and our efforts must be welcomed.

A politics based only on anger — one based on dividing the world between “us” and “them” — not only sets back international cooperation, it ultimately undermines those who tolerate it. All of us have an interest in standing up to these forces.

Let us remember that Muslims have suffered the most at the hands of extremism. On the same day our civilians were killed in Benghazi, a Turkish police officer was murdered in Istanbul only days before his wedding; more than 10 Yemenis were killed in a car bomb in Sana’a; several Afghan children were mourned by their parents just days after they were killed by a suicide bomber in Kabul.

The impulse towards intolerance and violence may initially be focused on the West, but over time it cannot be contained. The same impulses toward extremism are used to justify war between Sunni and Shia, between tribes and clans. It leads not to strength and prosperity but to chaos. In less than two years, we have seen largely peaceful protests bring more change to Muslim-majority countries than a decade of violence. And extremists understand this. Because they have nothing to offer to improve the lives of people, violence is their only way to stay relevant. They don’t build; they only destroy.

It is time to leave the call of violence and the politics of division behind. On so many issues, we face a choice between the promise of the future, or the prisons of the past. And we cannot afford to get it wrong. We must seize this moment. And America stands ready to work with all who are willing to embrace a better future….”

The Pink Flamingo is very loath to admit this, but in an effort to be intellectually honest, and it is a very painful effort, trust me, I must admit that Barack Obama is following in the footsteps of George W. Bush with this speech.

NY Times

This is not acceptable to Allen West.  On Wednesday, he went on to say that we needed to declare war on those who did such evil things.  Evidently, he forgets that we have been at war for a few years.

Allen West Facebook

It’s not acceptable to far right “Christians”.

…“It is an orthodox Christian belief that Mohammed is not a prophet,” wrote Erick Erickson, the editor of the conservative website Red State. “Actual Christians, as opposed to many of the supposed Christians put up by the mainstream media, believe that Christ is the only way to salvation. Believing that is slandering Mohammed.”

Erickson also saw a double standard in Obama condemning the slander of Mohammed while condemning only the desecration of the image of Christ.

“Note he says we cannot ‘slander the prophet of Islam’ but it’s only the image of Christ in the next sentence – not actually Christ himself desecrated. If this is so, why does Barack Obama’s government continue funding the National Endowment for the Arts, which funds Christ in piss, the Virgin Mary painted in dung, etc.?” he said.

Another conservative site that pushes an interpretation of Christian values, Sword at the Ready, accused the president of the apparently contradictory aims of “an all-out attack on faith” while also attempting to appease the Muslim world.

“Since all Islam demands everyone recognize Mohammed as God’s true prophet – for the Salafists, Sufis and Shia – anyone who does not acknowledge the prophet is considered not only an infidel – but slander the prophet by their refusal to submit to him,” it said. “Obama knows this having been raised a Muslim in Indonesia. His speech at the UN was an all-out assault on not only freedom of speech, but of faith. In cleverly cloaked words to deceive ignorant Americans, key phrases ping the ears that the Muslim world will understand what Obama really means.”

John Bolton, the former US ambassador to the UN and arch conservative, derided Obama for “moral equivalence” for allegedly suggesting that the anti-Islam film was equally as offensive as the killings that followed it.

“It was like a great big warm fuzzy blanket. The president comes out in favour of tolerance. There’s your breaking news,” Bolton told Fox News. “The problem with the speech was that it was infused with the fallacy of moral equivalency – that there’s sort of extremism and intolerance everywhere and it’s all the same.”…’

Evidently they forget that Christ is about love.  They forget the parable of the Good Samaritan.  They have a tendency to forget that some of the worst atrocities in the past 2000 years, committed against Christians, have been in the name of Christ, by other so-called Christians.  The Pink Flamingo keeps thinking that people like Allen West, Erick Erickson, Pam Geller, and John Bolton would be quite at home as Grand Inquisitors, sentencing others to death for not measuring up to their ideals.

The Muslim religion has over a billion and a half followers.  When  you look at those staggering numbers, even the most rancid, racist jerk must be forced to admit than only a small percentage of them are “savage” murderers.

So, in conclusion, it is free speech if you do a movie, dub it, lie about it, put it on Youtube, and get people killed.  It’s free speech if you put racist posters out in the NYC subway system.  BUT, if you decide to exercise your free speech by defacing one of the racist posters, that’s not free speech.  I get it.  Free speech exists only for a select few.

Hot Air

It’s quite obvious something terribly rancid is going on here.  We’re starting to see handful of really nasty bigots decide that it’s once again time to break out the white sheets and little pointy hats.  We all know its just a matter of time before they start doing something nasty like a modern version of burning crosses in the yard of an innocent Muslim.

To think that there is not a problem with Islamic extremism and violence is foolish.  We must recognize that the extremists have perpetrated so much violence on their own people, that it is possible, we’re starting to see the beginning of the end of their reign of terror.  For racist bigots to constantly attempt to flame the fires of hate, for their own benefit, for self-promotion is just plain vile.

Sure, they have their rights.  They have their right to yell fire in a crowded theater.  Let’s just hope some of those who are trampled will, one of these days, turn around and file a lawsuit that is so nasty, they will never be able to dig out of it.  These people are self-promoting hacks, who live for headlines and the money that comes with the headlines.  I think it’s time someone exercises their freedom of speech and takes them out, legally and financially.

Just a thought….


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  1. Very good article about Pam Geller and her crowd of hate against Muslims is so far over the top I cannot get over it is not called hate speech. I have a real problem today with the hate emenating from the hard right against all minorities like they are somehow superior. The attacks on the President with lies has led me to believe this is the same group behind the attacks on GW his last years in office because he was a compassionate conservative who believed in the good of people. The fact that he didn’t hate all Muslims made this group mad so I believe they went after him and undermined him every step of the way. His immigration bill was too soft when it wasn’t — issue after issue they attacked and undermined BW.

    What this group of Geller, Bolton, Rush and others have done to this President with their lies shows that the right will say and do anything to win which is the Rove playbook — facts don’t matter — it is the narrative. Even when their lies are pointed out, they still don’t care — it is all about their narrative that Obama must be defeated no matter what. They have sold their souls to be messengers of hate IMHO!

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