All Politics Are Local


Several weeks ago the NRSC announced that they were dumping Heather Wilson, not giving her another cent.  The were also dumping Todd Akin.  Right now we just don’t know where it stands with Akin. Either he’s getting their money, or not getting it.  We do know that Jim DeMint is now pulling out all the stops to get him elected.  Guess DeMint got his marching orders from the Koch Brothers, who control his leash.  Akin’s agenda fits hand in glove with the Koch Agenda:  no minimum wage, don’t pay women a decent salary, dump all unions, no social net, and let the rich get richer.

Heather Wilson has two things going against her.  First, she is a rational NORMAL, old-fashioned Republican who knows how to think for herself.  She was one of the first women to graduate from our military academies.  She cares about the military.  She cares about small business.  She’s a true, text-book Republican who has basically denounced the tea parties.  We all know that Thou Shalt Not Diss the Tea Parties and the hands who created them.   Heaven only knows we should favor small business over the mega-billions.

Secondly Heather Wilson is a woman.  Not to beat a dead horse, but there’s a serious problem within the GOP when it comes to women.  As bad as it is within the GOP in general, it is even worse in the US Senate, where women are to be neither seen, heard, nor have a brain.  Evidently the GOP only wants women who are cute, blond, bimbos, brainless, and giggle.  Michele Bachmann is the perfect GOP woman.  Ergo, Heather Wilson doesn’t stand a snow-ball’s chance in hell.

Larry Sabato recently pronounced Martin Heinrich the winner, without the election even being held.  Perhaps it would be best if Wilson simply packed up and went back to being Heather Wilson.

There’s one problem here.  Evidently when tea party backed Independent American candidate Jon Barrie is included in the mix, Wilson may have an 4 point lead.  Now, these are internal numbers.  Other numbers show Heinrich up by as much as 8, or only a few points.  The big problem here is that Barrie is not put into these polls.

Here’s The Pink Flamingo’s problem with this.  New Mexico has a large group of piss-ant independents in the state.  They are such annoying jerks, and so tea party prone that they won’t bother voting for a Republican.  They’re more apt to vote for a Democrat, ‘to teach the GOP a lesson’.  They’ re devoted Ron Paul supporters with a tendency to morph into the sovereign citizen school of thought.  What’s so strangely odd is that I don’t see these people voting for Gary Johnson.  They don’t support Johnson.

Right now, Johnson doesn’t have that much support because the main stream GOP is ticked with him for going Libertarian.  If he had run as an “independent” he would be much farther ahead here.  The state is so whacky with extreme libertarian nut jobs that there is nothing reasonable going on here.

This said, this is very much, still, George W. Bush country.  Here in this part of the state you still see more Bush bumper stickers than Romney.  I only know of one Romney bumper sticker here in town.  There are a few Obama stickers, but very few Romney.  All in all, in NM, no one is really excited about this election.

There are a few takeaways here with Wilson, primarily that she is a very strong finisher.  She has a tendency to go into the final weeks of a campaign a little bit down, and look like she is losing the night of the election -then pulls it out, like a rabbit from a cowboy hat.

The Pink Flamingo is not going to count Heather Wilson out, just yet.  Sure, if the GOP had nominated a decent candidate she may be doing better.  The problem with that is we’re talking about New Mexico.  The rules don’t apply to New Mexico.  Heather Wilson is very well liked and extremely well respected.

She may just pull it off.  Is she does, don’t bother thanking the GOP, NRSC, Jim DeMint, AFP, or the usual suspects.  They don’t like normal Republicans.  They sure don’t like women, who need to stay raped, barefoot, and pregnant with their rapist’s child.

What a bloody mess we have on our hands.  As far as Heather Wilson is concerned, you go girl!  For more on the situation with Wilson and the RNC:  Democrats for Sale.