The Pink Flamingo Turns Seven Today!


The Pink Flamingo is seven years old today!  Seven years ago next Wednesday I fell and just ruined my right elbow.  The first eight weeks of my blog were hunt and peck with my left hand.  It was the beginning of a very rough year.   My mother nearly died in April, 2005, when she suffered heart failure.  In January of 2005, my adorable little Clancy suffered a major ruptured disk and did not survive. I did, though adopt Ronald Rumsfeld Reagan Reidhead a week later.  (Demon Dog from Hell!)

By the time Rums was four months old, he had been banned from Tombstone!  Do you know how bad you must be to be banned from Tombstone, AZ, considering all the hardcases, toughnuts, and outlaws?  Yep, the Little Guy (toy poodle) was banned for trashing his motel room (The Larian Motel – Best Place to Stay in Tombstone).  He was literally dumping over the trash container and shredding everything, while I was loading the car.  Never checked to see if he damaged anything!

It just dawned on me that things do go in a cycle of seven years.  Well, maybe the seven roughest years of my life might be coming to an end.  We’re currently dealing with my father’s Alzheimer’s (still fairly early), and aging parents.  One thing has followed another.  I’ve reached the point, several times, of seeing my world crash down in ruins, primarily due to the economy.  Things I never thought happen, have.

In July, 2011, I began a prayer journal that has, I think, turned into a devotional.  After a year, I completed it.  I’m letting it “sit” and percolate a little, before going back to do edits.  I spent a year, praying for answers, for guidance. This is what I wrote.

“…It is as though this great evil has settled over the nation and over our leaders.  Some nasty, vile demonic spirit has been unleashed.  The problems are one thing when the Democrats are trying to break us, but the way the far right and the libertarians are manipulating things, this country is going to fall apart, financially.  Good, decent people are suffering, not because of some vast depression, but because our so-called conservative leaders are so darn selfish and arrogant that they cannot bend a little to help this country.

How does one begin to pick up the pieces?  We are shattered, destroyed, while the demonic forces of evil simply dance around us in their libertarian delight.  Love is gone.  Kindness is gone.  There is no compassion, basic human decency or personal charity. 

How do we survive this vile darkness?

If it were a darkness brought on by the left, it would be easy, but this darkness comes from the far right.  It comes from men and women who have become so selfishly devoted to their own personal ideology that they can’t see they are destroying the very country they claim to love.  The worst of it is the fact that they are being manipulated by a libertarian spirit that is evil.  A person cannot be a follower, a devotee of Ayn Rand and still be a Christian.  It is impossible.  Because of her perverted writings and her work, good, decent men and women have turned their back on what is right, honorable an decent.  They have been over-come with a spirit of lies, manipulations, and personal arrogance that is going to destroy our nation.

…  I know now that Ayn Rand was controlled by a spirit of evil.  That spirit is now unleashed within the so-called Tea Parties.  It all makes perfect sense.  I’ve been praying for months for answers, understanding of what is going on here, and now I know.

I need help.

Our country needs help.

How, Dear Lord, do you pray for the deliverance of this country when so many of the very men and women who should be praying for us have been assimilated into the almost demonic evil that was Rand?

This is abjectly heart-breaking. No wonder a great darkness has fallen over our nation and over all of use.  The very men and women who should be praying for our blessings and the good things You give us are otherwise occupied by an evil force….”

What have I learned?  Well, when you call upon the Lord, He will answer.  It may not be the way you suspect it to be.  Trust me.

What have I learned?  Well, if we, as Christians, sincerely call upon the Lord, he will answer.  I suspect He also has a sense of humor.  When I sincerely called upon the Lord, I was given my answer.  It was not what I expected.  It was what I least expected.

I have described the past year or so of the worst year of my life and the best year.  I wish it were over, but it isn’t.  My conservative values have been challenged.  I would like to say that they lost, but it isn’t that easy.  I’ve realized that I have been required to see the world differently.  My values are the same, but the conservative movement has, to paraphrase Ronald Reagan, left me.

I’ve seen how the new far right, people who have never been a part of it until now, are willing to lie, cheat, steal, and destroy someone, to achieve their ends. I’ve learned, contrary to what my once brainwashed mind believed, that liberals are, for the most part, a heck of a lot nicer than conservatives. Today’s version of “conservative” is rude, arrogant, and merciless.  They have adopted Ayn Rand, morphing into her evil ways.

Right now, I can’t even tolerate the sight of some of these people.  I can’t stomach their lies.  I’m sick of their manipulations.  I’m tired of being bullied and treated like dirt.  I’ve realized that these people have become so stuck on their own self-importance and the verbal vomit spewing from their mouths, that they’ve lost sigh of what it is all about.  They’ve managed to forget humanity, decency, and honor.  They’ve managed to forget, that, as they claim to be “Christian” right, as Christians, we are required to live by the Sermon on the Mount, not some profoundly anti-Christian ramblings of a their fictional fake god of the moment, John Galt.

Yes, I’ve changed.  I’ve realized this so-called local charities are not the way to go.  They rob people of their humanity and their dignity.  They are designed to humiliate and punish.  That’s the Randian way.  Unfortunately, Rand and Christ are not the same thing.  I’ve learned that there are times when federal social systems are better.

You can be too rich.

When you become as rich as some of those who are propping up the right are, you realize they have become narcissistic tyrants, who don’t give a damn about others, only their loud mouths, and getting their way.  These are the very worst people to prop up a political party, and a candidate like Mitt Romney.

What have I learned?

Well, I’ve learned, through prayer, that sometimes the Republican isn’t the best person for the job.  I don’t even mind admitting that I’m going to vote for Barack Obama.  After all, HE is a Christian, and we know that Mitt Romney most certainly is not.  You can’t be a committed Christian and lie the way he does.  If so, you’re dealing with serious mental illness.  Either way, he’s not fit for the job.

FYI:  During the past seven years, I’ve acquired several new cats: Mommy Cat, Ba(r)t Masterson, Miss Piggy, Redford, Little Joe Cartwright,  Hoss Cartwright, Bubbles Silverman, and Leontyne Price (Baby).  I’ve also lost a few.  Brunhilda died in 2007.  She was born in 1989!  Miss Piggy & my beautiful Georgie W. died of pet food poisoning.  Redford was born with a birth defect.  Someone let Little Joe out, and I never saw him again.

I periodically blog about my father’s Alzheimer’s at The Pink Flamingo’s Father.

On the up side, these past seven years, I’ve had three books to come out:
TRAVESTY: Frank Water’s Earp Agenda Exposed
A Church for Helldorado: Endicott Peabody’s 1882 Tombstone Diary
The Second Mrs. Earp

I’ve finished the devotional.  It’s “sitting” waiting for me to go into it and do edits.  I’ve nearly finished my first murder mystery.  With luck, it will be out a year from now.  I’m having a total and complete blast writing it.  The first draft of Wild West Redressed:  American Fashion in Photos 1860-1910 is nearly complete.  I’m reformatting as I work.  It’s a pain in the tush, taking forever!    It requires a tremendous amount of concentration, something I just don’t have right now.

The blog I’ve done about my father will eventually be turned into a book.  I’m also doing basic research (making it up as I go along) on dealing with senior citizens.  Hint:  I think you sometimes need a padded cell!

I do love the mystery I’m writing.  I can’t get over how much fun it is.  I’ve always wanted to write one, but could never come up with an angle.

Oh, and I’ve destroyed 3 garbage disposals.  The new one is sitting in the box, on the kitchen floor, waiting to be installed. I figure if it sits there, I won’t obliterate it!