Do You Stand with America or Israel?


No one is a more devoted Anglophile than The Pink Flamingo.  I am English.  I look like a Brit, I act like a Brit, I think like a Brit.  I have a sense of humor like a Brit.  80% of my ancestors hail from the British Isles.  I wallow in all things British.  I watch the BBC.   I laugh at Top Gear.  My favorite actors are British. I have been known to fly the Union  Jack on the Fourth of July I am such a Brit.  For gosh sakes, the Queen is my fourth (or is it 5th, or is it 3rd – I can’t keep cousins straight).  My mother looks like Princess Ann.  I look like Victoria.  Charles and my uncle could pass for twins. Heck, I even stand when God Save the Queen is played.  I also tear up over it. Fortunately, after than unpleasantness of 1812, we’ve been on the same side.  There are times when I laugh and say I don’t know which side I would chose.   I’m a tea drinker!

BUT… when forced to chose, I’m an American.  I may be related to the Crown, but I have so darn many DAR patriot ancestors ( I have papers on 2 – and could easily prove at least 18 more) that I’ve given up getting supplemental.  (I really should, just for my incoming great-niece, who will be here the end of November).  My great-great-great-great grandfather, Paul Dustin, even fought at Bunker-Hill.  I am related to the original tea partiers (not today’s idiot fakes who think they are patriots).  My great-great-grandfather Froehlich (at the time a Hessian mercenary) received his citizenship in a ceremony where President Abraham Lincoln was present. I have a half dozen Pilgrim ancestors. I’m a direct descendant of Hannah Dustin, who was the first woman in the new world to be immortalized by a statue.

Get it?  I am an American.  The United States of America comes first.  England comes second.  Get it?

So, why don’t conservatives who pretend to support the United States, put Israel and the well being of Israel before the United States?

It has reached the point, within the far right, that they appear to be more interested in promoting Israel than they are this country.  Case in point is the idiotic organization American Prayer Initiative.

“...We ask for Your wisdom, discernment and strength in all our dealings with other nations. Lord, as we pray for the restoration of America, we pray that You would make America a light to the world. Father in heaven, allow us to restore a sense of national dignity.  Teach us once again to be a virtuous people, worthy of respect.  Allow the world to see Your truth displayed in our citizenry. God of our Fathers, forgive our failures to seek Your guidance as we interact with the nations of Your world. Please give Your perspective on this world and Your wisdom to all those who represent America in official dealings with other nations. As our citizens travel abroad, Lord, we ask You to quicken us to represent our nation honorably. We pray that America would take the lead in ending greed and corruption around Your world.  May we be a blessing to all nations, Lord, but we especially ask You to lead us in our attitude and dealings with the nation of Israel, and to pray for the peace of Jerusalem in accordance with Your Holy Scriptures.…”

We ask You to lead and convict those who set foreign policy with a full understanding of Your Scriptural mandate to bless Israel.

We would ask, Lord, for favor from other nations who have benefited from the sacrifice of American blood and treasure….”

In other words, there are those within the far right who appear to be more loyal to Israel than to this country.

“…A Republican involved with the project said its airing in Miami, West Palm Beach and Ft. Myers. The flight is ultimately going to be $1 million, the official said – a media-tracking source said about $400,000 has been placed so far. Those markets house some of the state’s largest Jewish communities. The spot comes just after Netanyahu, who all but endorsed Mitt Romney in Israel in July, appeared on “Meet the Press” and distanced himself a bit from the GOP candidate’s criticisms of President Obama, but also discussed Israel’s concern about a nuclear Iran. The pollster for Secure America Now is John McLaughlin, who has worked with Netanyahu’s Likud Party….”


Now, if you dare say anything about Mitt Romney, and denounce his outsourcing foreign policy insanity,  you are labeled anti-Semitic.   Let’s get this straight, the majority of Americans oppose attacking Iran.  Any person in their right mind would. So, what’s the far right Bromance between Mitt & Bibi all about?

Well…. it’s about Sheldon Adelson’s billions.

Mother Jones

Meir Dagan, a former Mossad Intel head, says that Bibi’s plans to attack Iran are basically stupid.

“…Dagan, a man who Iranian authorities reportedly claim has dispatched assassins, computer viruses and faulty equipment in a bid to delay the country’s nuclear program, appears to have developed a surprising appreciation for the Islamic Republic’s regime – which is a sworn enemy of Israel.

“The regime in Iran is a very rational regime,” according to Dagan. Asked if he felt the regime in Iran was capable of backing down from an escalating crisis over the country’s nuclear program, he replied: “No doubt that the Iranian regime is not exactly rational based on what I would call ‘Western Thinking,’ but no doubt they are considering all the implications of their actions.”

Dagan’s interview is in stark contrast to the opinions of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who appeared on ‘Meet The Press’ earlier. Netanyahu said that supporters of the policy of ‘containing’ Iran and its nuclear ambitions “set a new standard for human stupidity.”…”

Bibi Netanyahu doesn’t like Barack Obama.  This said, it appears he also did not like George W. Bush.  He’s not well liked in Israel.  He and Mitt have been BFF’s – well – almost forever.  Like Mitt, he’s bought and paid for by Sheldon Adelson.

Kinda makes you wonder why, doesn’t it?

The Hill

MJ Rosenberg has put Bibi in his place.

“...Fortunately, President Obama — like President George W. Bush before him — is standing in the way of an Iran war. Netanyahu’s plan requires the United States to jump in to bail Israel out once it begins a war it cannot finish, but Obama, like Bush, won’t permit it.

So what is Netanyahu to do? He will defeat President Obama (at least in his dreams) and bring in a Mitt Romney under the sway of Sheldon Adelson. He believes Romney would go to war and so he is engineering conflict with the United States to tip the election.

Forget the fact that he can’t do it. The percentage of American Jews who vote based on Israel’s perceived desires is 3 percent at best, and not even that 3 percent necessarily believes war is in Israel’s interests. Nonetheless, that is what Bibi’s whole game is about.

The irony is that it is unlikely a President Romney would go to war, either. With the military opposed, one would have to imagine that Romney would risk American interests (most importantly, young lives) to please a donor and the same neocon claque that led Bush to a horrific war with Iraq.

Really? A new Republican president would want to begin his term with another Middle East war? Dream on, Bibi.

The only force in the United States that favors Netanyahu’s approach is the Israel lobby (AIPAC and its satellite organizations), neoconservative pundits and some Christian rightists (although the latter are more enthusiastic about going to war against a woman’s right to choose and gay rights than against Iran). War with Iran could destroy Romney’s presidency and he surely knows it.

The bottom line then is that all Netanyahu is accomplishing with his ugly saber-rattling (and attempts to influence our election) is threatening the survival of the U.S.-Israel relationship.

Don’t kid yourself. No matter what Obama says publicly, he is furious with Netanyahu. Privately, it is hard to imagine that even Republicans like seeing the United States being treated with such contempt by a country we sustain with $3.5 billion a year in aid (exempt from all cuts, unlike every other program) and U.N. vetoes that make America look like Israel’s satellite. The only thing that keeps politicians quiet is intimidation and campaign contributions. That won’t last forever, particularly as younger American Jews have moved toward indifference to Israel due to the policies it has pursued since an Israeli fanatic killed Yitzhak Rabin….”



“…The idea that a foreign leader would be so attuned to American domestic politics would be strange for almost any country other than Israel. But the always-fuzzy line between American and Israeli politics has been nearly erased this year. Billionaire Sheldon Adelson, for one, has pledged to commit $100 million to defeat Obama, whom he views as dangerously anti-Israel.

“I stand with our friends in Israel. I stand with our allies,” Romney said during a meet-and-greet with supporters in Florida Wednesday, according to ABC News. “I can’t ever imagine, if the prime minister of Israel asked to meet with me, I can’t ever imagine saying no. … They’re our friends, they’re our closest allies in the Middle East.”

While Romney basked in Obama’s troubles, liberals in Israel — a country so linked to the U.S. it was once called the sixth borough of New York City — accused Netanyahu of trying to sway American Jews, especially older Israel-centric Northeast transplants living in Florida, to Romney’s cause.

“Israeli meddling in internal U.S. affairs and turning the U.S. administration from an ally to ‘an enemy’ has caused us severe damage,” said Shaul Mofaz, leader of the centrist opposition Kadima party, during a Wednesday session of the Knesset.

“Please explain to us: who is Israel’s greatest enemy — the U.S. or Iran? Who do you fear more — [Iranian President Mahmoud] Ahmadinejad or Obama? Which regime is more important to overthrow — the one in Washington, or in Tehran?” he asked.

Bradley Burston, a columnist with the liberal Haaretz newspaper, thinks Netanyahu is growing increasingly nervous, in part because Obama seems more likely to win reelection now than before the conventions.

“[T]here’s been a certain air of desperation in the ways Netanyahu has continued to pursue this policy,” he wrote. “The desperation has grown in the face of the opposition of growing and already large numbers of respected current and former Israeli security, nuclear, diplomatic and intelligence experts to any attack on Iran at this time, and more pointedly, against a unilateral Israeli offensive. … And, in particular, when Barack Obama’s campaign appears to be surging.”…

Buzz Feed

Supporting Israel is a good idea.  They are an important strategic partner in the Middle East.  We very much need their symbiotic relationship.  But, things need to be more honest here.  The only reason the country exists is because we prop it up.  We don’t go begging to them, they come begging to us.  Without the US, the country would last about as long as a good manicure does on me – a couple of days.

It amazes The Pink Flamingo how abjectly blind the far right is.  We’re basically propping up a socialist nation.  They are terribly socialist, and we support them, both militarily and financially.  That’s fine, but we need to call it what it is.

We also need to face the fact that there is an increasingly rabid conservative element within the Jewish community that is every bit as tolerant, warm, and fuzzy as the Taliban.  They are brutally repressive with women.  They think nothing of stoning someone who does not think the way they do. As this group grows in power, we are going to see numerous human right’s violations from them, but that’s okay?  Right?

For Bibi to try and interject his delusional and dangerous views on foreign policy into our election, and to attempt to manipulate the outcome of the election is deplorable.  For Mitt Romney to allow it to happen is even worse.

Years ago, during the height of the Roman Empire, the world was divided into Rome and their satellite states.  The satellite states were required to pay tribute, acknowledge that they existed because of the Empire.  We need to re-examine our relationship with Israel.  Are they the ones who pay tribute to us, or the other way around?

Israel exists because of the United States, not the United States existing because of Israel.  It’s about time the far right opens their cloudy eyes and faces reality.  It’s time they realize that the United States comes first.

As far as the religious right’s determination that the US will be destroyed if we do not stand by Israel, well, you know, that’s a bit of crap.  Sure, I am well aware of passages within the Old Testament about this, but let’s get down to a bit of historical reality here.  Rome destroyed Judea. The Roman Empire still stands, in the form of the Catholic Church.  I suspect, historically, and maybe even theologically, that Rome is where the Lord established His Church.  If so, that debunks the whole far right dribble.

And, no I don’t expect a lightening bolt to hit me in the tushie.  I’m just not seeing the historical reality of Israel’s enemies being destroyed all that often.  Empires come and go, nations rise and fall over the sands of time, but the far right needs to grow up and drink something besides green Koolaid.

One of the texts the far right uses to explain their superstition, and it is superstition is Psalm 68.  There’s a problem here.  According to the US Conference of Catholic Bishops the text is badly preserved.

“…* [Psalm 68] The Psalm is extremely difficult because the Hebrew text is badly preserved and the ceremony that it describes is uncertain. The translation assumes the Psalm accompanied the early autumn Feast of Tabernacles (Sukkoth), which included a procession of the tribes (Ps 68:25–28). Israel was being oppressed by a foreign power, perhaps Egypt (Ps 68:31–32)—unless Egypt stands for any oppressor. The Psalm may have been composed from segments of ancient poems, which would explain why the transitions are implied rather than explicitly stated. At any rate, Ps 68:2 is based on Nm 10:35–36, and Ps 68:8–9 are derived from Jgs 5:4–5. The argument develops in nine stanzas (each of three to five poetic lines): 1. confidence that God will destroy Israel’s enemies (Ps 68:2–4); 2. call to praise God as savior (Ps 68:5–7); 3. God’s initial rescue of Israel from Egypt (Ps 68:8), the Sinai encounter (Ps 68:9), and the settlement in Canaan (Ps 68:10–11); 4. the defeat of the Canaanite kings (Ps 68:12–15); 5. the taking of Jerusalem, where Israel’s God will rule the world (Ps 68:16–19); 6. praise for God’s past help and for the future interventions that will be modeled on the ancient exodus-conquest (Ps 68:20–24); 7. procession at the Feast of Tabernacles (Ps 68:25–28); 8. prayer that the defeated enemies bring tribute to the Temple (Ps 68:29–32); 9. invitation for all kingdoms to praise Israel’s God (Ps 68:33–35).

* [68:2] The opening line alluding to Nm 10:35 makes clear that God’s assistance in the period of the exodus and conquest is the model and assurance of all future divine help.

* [68:5] Exalt the rider of the clouds: God’s intervention is in the imagery of Canaanite myth in which the storm-god mounted the storm clouds to ride to battle. Such theophanies occur throughout the Psalm: Ps 68:2–3, 8–10, 12–15, 18–19, 22–24, 29–32, 34–35. See Dt 33:26; Ps 18:8–16; Is 19:1.

* [68:7] While rebels live in the desert: rebels must live in the arid desert, whereas God’s people will live in the well-watered land (Ps 68:8–11).

* [68:15] Zalmon: generally taken as the name of a mountain where snow is visible in winter, perhaps to be located in the Golan Heights or in the mountains of Bashan or Hauran east of the Sea of Galilee.

* [68:17] The mountain: Mount Zion, the site of the Temple.

* [68:23] Even from Bashan…from the depths of the sea: the heights and the depths, the farthest places where enemies might flee.

* [68:25–28] Your procession: the procession renews God’s original taking up of residence on Zion, described in Ps 68:16–19.

* [68:31] The wild beast of the reeds: probably the Nile crocodile, a symbol for Egypt; see Ps 68:32 and Ez 29:2–5….”

I suspect those who value Israel over the United States need to simply move to Israel and renounce their American Citizenship.  After all, what good are they if they can’t stand up for this country – first?  Here’s the problem.  If some bust head like Bibi were to star a war with Iran, and we take our own sweet time getting involved, does God destroy us for using our brains, and let a jerk like Bibi get away with what is literally murder?

Take your time answering.

There’s something else here.  When the phrase is constantly repeated in the prophets and NT, that God will destroy the enemies of Israel, the far right is forgetting something.  Israel is the name given to Jacob.  Quite often the phrase is used in connotation with the “Jacob’s Seed”…. Especially the line of David.  I hate to break it to you, but the line of  David exists in two places:  the British Monarchy and the very strange line of US Presidents.

Deal with it.

The line of David also includes a carpenter from Nazareth.  Is it possible we are ignoring the true meaning of those prophesies?  Looks to me like the Lord is saying He will destroy those who seek to destroy the seed of Jacob – Christ.

As Christians, we are the seeds of Jacob.

Deal with it.


One thought on “Do You Stand with America or Israel?

  1. I would argue (not with you, but with others) that sometimes “defending Israel” can sometimes mean defending Israel from herself (and that the theological concept of Israel is hardly the same as the modern day country).
    Right now there is a bit of the same civil cold war happening in Israel as is happening here (it’s happening in other places as well, but I digress). Bibi has thrown his lot, so it seems, with the more fanatic elements within his own society — probably to stay in power, as I don’t believe he is the sort to carry strong religious convictions himself — a quick run down of what the hard core fundies in that society believe goes a long way towards seeing what the dangers are with them. As it is here: it is very enlightening to check out Christian Dominionism and its views about Israel, which aren’t necessarily all that beneficial for actual Jews. Good idea to see where the Mormon church historically stands on that subject as well, since we do not know if Romney would be taking advice or even orders from the Quorum of 12.
    Above all else, no matter even of heavy civilian casualties in other countries over religious beliefs (something I’m thinking God/Christ would not be “cool” with under the circumstances), I fail to see why we should commit our blood and treasure to military operations of dubious benefit and easily ascertainable risks…but then I’ve noticed that many so-called conservatives and Republicans are more than happy to wrap themselves in the flag and write reams of praise to the “glorious dead”…safe in the knowledge that they and their children are all warm and cozy back home (interesting note: some of the Mormon blogs are stating that the age of mission has been lowered, many are wondering if it is to keep young Mormons from having to be drafted — as they know their religion better than I, the conjecture perhaps means something).
    For myself — I have skin in the game, always have: my family fights for this country, and to honor the oath they took…nothing else (yeah, that’s why sometimes the neocons and I argue: geopolitics being what it is, I can understand the need for SOME interventionism; I’m no Buchananite and have some knowledge of foreign policy…I just wish that sometimes people would consider all the angles before jumping into it…for personal reasons, most likely).

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