Back in the USSR?


When a FOX News person talks about what Reagan did after he won the Cold War and the USSR, fell, you know you have problems.  They are either that stupid, that dishonest or that ignorant.  They will do anything and say anything to prop up Mitt Romney, even lie about history.

Who is Mikhail Saakashvili and why does he matter?  Why does he matter?  Well, he was backed by the Koch Brothers, who have constantly promoted the John Birch view of war against the USSR.  And he lost.  The new President of Georgia is pro-Russia.  That makes him the enemy of the Koch Brothers, and Mitt Romney.

“…Ivanishvili has confirmed his commitment to pursue Saakashvili’s goals of making Georgia an integral part of Europe and member of NATO, while adding he will seek to restore the trade and diplomatic ties with Russia that were severed after the 2008 war…”

Mitt Romney apparently thinks that Russia is our primary enemy.  He wants a war with Iran.  He wants Bibi to be our primary consultant on the Middle East.

He is delusional.

Sure, there are a few reasons Romney is delusional about Russia.  He’s basing his delusions on a bunch of used up Cold Warriors who are apparently unwilling to even consider that the world has changed, significantly. This leads one to ask the trillion dollar questions – why?


Let’s face it, we all know the reason.  He’s a Koch-head.  The Koch Brothers aren’t exactly welcome in Russia.  Since they are calling the shots, and they, and Romney’s big donors stand to make billions if we go into a Cold War status that will completely destroy our economy, it all makes sense.  It’s the Randian Way – profit ahead of anything else!

Someone needs to explain to Mitt Romney, the Koch Brothers, Glenn Beck, Romney’s slobbering and brain dead followers, and the far right that Ronald Reagan defeated the Soviet Union ages ago.  It fell. We won.  The Cold War is over.  Russia is NOT our enemy. The country has survived and is thriving.  They are becoming an economic powerhouse, perhaps greater than we are, to the point where The Pink Flamingo is beginning to wonder just who won the Cold War and just who lost it.

Anyone who follows opera can tell you that the Russians are now better dressed than we are.  They have better music, better classical music, are beginning to lead the world in opera, and are supporting the arts.  Concerts in Russia bring out men and women who don’t look like they came out of a Walmart after doing the yard.  They are clean, with good hair cuts, excellent make-up, the latest styles, and don’t go around wearing jeans, t-shirts, and athletic shoes.  When you watch a comparable performance or concert in this country, the audience looks like people who are supporting Mitt Romney.  They’re ill dressed, look dirty, wear jeans, and just plain old are insulting.

Something has happened these past few years to culture in this country.  There is no longer any pride.  There are no standards.  People don’t care how they look, dress, or behave.  There is a marked difference in audiences in other parts of the world, watching classical music, than here in this country.

It’s almost inexplicable, unless you realize that the country is being tainted by the very worst aspects of the extreme right. They are dirty.  They are evil.  Their souls are tainted.  Their dirt is rubbing off on the nation, polluting us all.

Something is going on here.  If you listen to Bloomberg, you know that there is a heck of a lot of smart money going into the Russian markets.  When you consider the fact that Russia is now the land of economic opportunity, something has happened to our world.  No longer is the US the land of economic opportunity.  It is like the two countries have switched places.  The US is now controlled by a handful of rich, old white men with more economic power than the czars ever dreamed they could have.  They are intent on turning We the Little People into their serfs, to do their bidding.  They are the masters, we are to be squashed under their feet.

Then again, we have Mitt Romney’s John Birch foreign policy.  Is it based on the fact that Romney is influenced by the Koch Brothers and their John Birch leanings, or the fact that neither Romney nor his advisers have ever served in the military and don’t give a damn about who they kill? After all, this is a man who felt that serving as a Mormon missionary was just as important as putting one’s life on the line walking over an IED and being blown to bits.  This is a man who thought his sons serving as Mormon missionaries was just as important as my brother and his sons putting their lives on the line for this country.

This is a man who is influenced by aging Cold Warriors who are more comfortable morphing back into making the USSR the enemy.  He is influenced by a group of aging white men who made themselves wealthy by going to war.  He is ignoring the reality of the fact that in Iran, Obama is winning, by destroying their economy with hyper-inflation.  So, why the hell does he want to start a war that is going to end up blowing the world up, just so he can pay back his donors with profits?

“….There is a longing for American leadership in the Middle East—and it is not unique to that region.  It is broadly felt by America’s friends and allies in other parts of the world as well— in Europe, where Putin’s Russia casts a long shadow over young democracies, and where our oldest allies have been told we are “pivoting” away from them … in Asia and across the Pacific, where China’s recent assertiveness is sending chills through the region … and here in our own hemisphere, where our neighbors in Latin America want to resist the failed ideology of Hugo Chavez and the Castro brothers and deepen ties with the United States on trade, energy, and security.  But in all of these places, just as in the Middle East, the question is asked:  “Where does America stand?”

I know many Americans are asking a different question: “Why us?”  I know many Americans are asking whether our country today—with our ailing economy, and our massive debt, and after 11 years at war—is still capable of leading.

I believe that if America does not lead, others will—others who do not share our interests and our values—and the world will grow darker, for our friends and for us.  America’s security and the cause of freedom cannot afford four more years like the last four years.  I am running for President because I believe the leader of the free world has a duty, to our citizens, and to our friends everywhere, to use America’s great influence—wisely, with solemnity and without false pride, but also firmly and actively—to shape events in ways that secure our interests, further our values, prevent conflict, and make the world better—not perfect, but better.

Our friends and allies across the globe do not want less American leadership.  They want more—more of our moral support, more of our security cooperation, more of our trade, and more of our assistance in building free societies and thriving economies.  So many people across the world still look to America as the best hope of humankind.  So many people still have faith in America.  We must show them that we still have faith in ourselves—that we have the will and the wisdom to revive our stagnant economy, to roll back our unsustainable debt, to reform our government, to reverse the catastrophic cuts now threatening our national defense, to renew the sources of our great power, and to lead the course of human events.

Sir Winston Churchill once said of George Marshall:  “He … always fought victoriously against defeatism, discouragement, and disillusion.”  That is the role our friends want America to play again.  And it is the role we must play….”

Don’t blame the Dems because this is no longer the land of opportunity.  Blame it on the Koch Brothers, FOX News, Glenn Beck, the tea parties, and people like Mitt Romney.  They are destroying this nation.  We are allowing it to happen.

The right is trying to create a war with Russia.  It doesn’t make sense.  Mitt Romney’s out of touch advisers, including John Bolton (who is buds with Pam Geller), seem to want the USSR to be revived once again.  It doesn’t make sense.  When one considers that Russia has a very serious problem with Islamic terror, you would think that these genius savants would figure out that we are on the same side.

They can’t, though.  The far right is being manipulated by people like the Koch Brothers, who have a financial stake in creating a new Cold War.

History Commons

Add this with Several years ago, when Glenn Beck began his march toward what we thought was insanity, he embraced Cleon Skousen.

“…He was also a prolific popularizer among Latter-day Saints (Mormons) of their theology. A notable anti-communist and supporter of the John Birch Society, Skousen’s works involved a wide range of subjects including the Six-Day War, Mormon eschatology, New World Order conspiracies, and parenting. His most popular works are The 5,000 Year Leap and The Naked Communist. A book by Skousen on end times prophecy, The Cleansing of America, was published by Valor Publishing Group in 2010, four years after his death….”

The very real problem here is the fact that the far right, who follow Glenn Beck, FOX News, the Koch Brothers, and their supporters, have begun to be so brainwashed, they just don’t know how to use their heads and think rationally.

“...According to Southern Poverty Law Center, among the sources Skousen cited to substantiate his claims in The Naked Capitalist was a former czarist army officer named Arsene de Goulevitch, whose own sources included Boris Brasol, a White Russian émigré who provided Henry Ford with the first English translation of the fraudulent Protocols of the Elders of Zion, and later became a supporter of Nazi Germany…In the 1990s, Arizona law enforcement veteran Russell Pearce became a disciple of Skousen’s views. Pearce became an influential Arizona State Senator and was sworn in as President of the Arizona State Senate in 2011….”

Even worse:

“...In September 2007, a year prior to the 2008 U.S. presidential election, Jan Mickelson of Iowa radio station WHO and Republican Iowa caucus presidential candidate Mitt Romney discussed Skousen in an off-the-air conversation during a break in Mickelson’s broadcast, which Mickelson recorded. In the conversation, Mickelson touted Skousen’s American Constitutionalism and Romney cited Skousen as an expert on Mormon theology.[42] In commentary about this exchange, the National Review’s Mark Hemingway termed Skousen an “…all-around nutjob”, and described The Naked Communist as “so irrational in its paranoia that it would have made Whittaker Chambers blush,” adding, “to be fair Skousen wrote on numerous topics with wildly varying degrees of intellectual sobriety. In fact, as the radio host in the YouTube video notes, Skousen’s writings on original intent and the U.S. Constitution in The Making of America are compellingly argued, and to this day are often cited by conservatives unaware of Skousen’s more checkered writings. Further, Skousen’s scriptural commentaries are still very popular well-regarded within the relatively unradical world of mainstream Mormonism.”…”

Is this what is motivating Mitt Romney’s foreign policy?

Cleon Skousen

“...The John Birch Society – According to Clary, the John Birch Society (JBS—see March 10, 1961 and December 2011) “is just a political version of the KKK, without the name of the KKK. They center on the political ideas of the Klan and are not as vocal in public on the ideas of the racial superiority, but they attract the same people and say the same things behind closed doors.… The John Birch Society is the Klan.…

They are racist, and full of hate and are officially listed as a hate group with several civil rights organizations throughout the USA.” Tom Metzger, the founder and leader of the White Aryan Resistance (WAR), is an active leader of a California chapter of the JBS, Clary writes, as are many other members of the Klan and various neo-Nazi and white supremacist militia groups.

Clary explains why the Klan is openly racist and the JBS is not, stating: “The John Birch Society’s function is to recruit professional people into their ranks of anti-government conspiracy freaks, that would be too afraid to join an organization with the name of the KKK. They suck these people into their ranks and use the donations to further the cause of radical un-American fascist racist KKK activities.

This is a ploy for the KKK to get funding to help spread their agenda.” In response to an email from a JBS member portraying his organization as “conservative,” Clary writes: “Please do not try to represent your organization as ‘conservative.’ You are not conservative, and are disowned by the Republican Party and are considered a disgrace to true conservatives everywhere. Ronald Reagan, the greatest conservative American ever, would have nothing to do with any of you. Neither will President Bush for that matter.” …”

The very real question is how involved in this is Mitt Romney.  Considering he is a pawn of the Koch Brothers, a devote of Skousen, then his Russian policy makes a heck of a lot of terrifying sense.

Is this the basis of Mitt Romney’s hatred of Russia? If it is, then the GOP is in very serious trouble.  Ironically, several  years ago, it was Mark Hemingway of NRO who pointed out Romney’s association with Skousen.

National Review

Please DO NOT make the mistake that this is about Mitt Romney’s Mormon faith.  Far from it.  It is about a perfect storm and a candidate who is backed by a group of middle aged white men, all with strangely hidden ties to the John Birch Society.  That’s the real tie here – the racist John Birch Society.

There is one great irony here.  Ron Paul is the darling of the John Birchers.  There are those who think we dodged a bullet when he was not nominated this time.  The tragic truth of the matter is that Mitt Romney is just as much a product of the John Birch mentality and the money behind it as is Ron Paul.

The Pink Flamingo’s favorite political movie is a classic starring Loretta Young and Joseph Cotten.  In it, Loretta Young plays a young women who, because of her annoying propensity to speak her mind, ends up running for Cotten, who is in love with her, is a Congressman from another district.  The person nominated from his party ends up being someone obviously associated with the KKK. Once this fact is discovered, he tells his party he will switch if they don’t denounce the racist candidate.  They do and everyone lives happily after.

Unfortunately, real life does not imitate art.  The Pink Flamingo once had this fantasy where the powers to be in the GOP and conservative punditry would have the courage to speak out and do what Joseph Cotten’s character did.  Unfortunately, they have no honor or courage.  They are as involved in this despicable utterly racist, bigoted charade as is Mitt Romney, the Koch Brothers, Glenn Beck, and Rupert Murdoch.

Several of us have been asking why Mitt Romney is the chosen person to promote this agenda, who is behind him, and why.  We all know he’s not bright enough to do this on his own.  He’s a terribly flawed individual, narcissistic, incapable of caring for anyone but himself.  He’s an increasingly disturbed person who doesn’t have the temperament or intellect to be POTUS.

A heck of a lot of things make sense now.  This is about a group of people who are little more than the intellectual counterpart to the KKK.  When you realize that the origins of the the religious right, as a power-house, came from one of David Duke’s mailing lists, it all starts falling together.

The GOP has been hijacked by the extreme right, who now no longer even apologize with being associated with the KKK, white supremacists, CofCC, Stormfront, American Renaissance or Vdare.  No wonder Michelle Malkin is allowed to spew her racist filth on FOX.  No wonder Pam Geller is allowed to get away with what she does.

Does anyone in the GOP have the courage to pull the plug on Mitt Romney’s John Birch sponsored, promoted, and created campaign before it’s too late?

I’m not holding my breath.

Neither should you.

It’s rather ironic that the people who are most involved in this consider themselves to be anti-abortion.  What does it matter?  If they continue with their racist, bigoted, white supremacist agenda, they’re going to get many, many young people slaughtered.  Evidently, they care about the “pre-born” but not those who are hear already.  It doesn’t matter.  People like Mitt Romney and the Koch Brothers will see to it that their off-spring will never serve in any war.  They are the privileged ones.  As far as I’m concerned, they are the damned.

Right about now, I’m feeling very good about my ability to see through people, and figure out the difference between right and wrong. I’m glad my instincts and standards haven’t been blighted by the brainwashing of the far right.

So, we have a choice.

In one corner is Mitt Romney, who is basically the apex creation of the John Birch Society, and all that it entails, including Skousen’s devoted followers.  There is a difference in being conservative and so far right you’re nothing but a a follower of an unspeakable ideology and agenda.  It’s an agenda for rich white men only.

Then we have Barack Obama, who is not that great a POTUS.  He’s decent.  He’s liberal, but he’s not a communist, socialist or a marxist.  I would rather err on the side of human decency.  So, I’m voting for Obama.

The way it’s going, if Mitt Romney gets his way, we’re going to wake up and realize that he’s going to put missiles in Miami to aim at Castro.  He’s going to block Putin from going to Disneyland, and rebuild that nasty little wall in Berlin.  It was better that way.  A heck of a lot of old white men managed to get very rich.  Mitt is backed by a whole bunch of very rich old white men who want to become richer.  The lives of America’s young people don’t matter to them.  They’re just cannon fodder in the engine of progress.

The Pink Flamingo doesn’t even want to think what he would do in Iran, other than getting Israel wiped off the face of the map within a couple hours after starting his war for profit.

You know, it really doesn’t matter, does it.  As long as the Koch Brothers, and a few others make billions, that’s the American Way…. right?

Media Matters

Let’s be honest here, there’s not much more we can expect from Mitt Romney.  His increasingly out-of-touch supporters, brainwashed by FOX, won’t even bother fact checking his pathetic speech.

Yep – makes sense.




5 thoughts on “Back in the USSR?

  1. They’ve been trying to make Romney the next Reagan in the eyes of the public since the beginnings of the primaries (some of whom are too young to remember Reagan well, some of whom are so desperate to have him back that they’re getting delusional, and some of whom detested Reagan but realized they’d best not talk openly about that).
    That in itself is an insult to my and other Americans’ intelligence.

    And yes, Romney’s foreign policy scares the crap out of me — does this idiot not realize that it is Russia’s good graces (actually, their self interest) that keeps much of our heavy lift operations in Afghanistan, well, operational? (on Iran we have to be careful of Ivan though — there’s a lot going on there where I’m sure they’d love to play us for dupes, so far we have fairly successfully managed to wind our way through that mess, so so good.

    And thanks for bringing up Cleon Skousen — Romney has some interesting…muses.

  2. Very good article! Romney scares me and what he would do. When he wants to add money to an already blotaed DoD budget you know he is planning on paying his big donors from the defense industry back with big fat contracts of weapons we don’t need. When he talked about adding so many Navy ships, I almost fell off my chair. The man and the people behind the curtain are certifiably nuts.

    This GOP is full of hate and corrupt and will do anything to win. Why aren’t more people concerned that Romney lied 27 times in 39 minutes in the debate and some of those lies were repeated. Now we know why he along with the GOP don’t believe in fact check. It is the narrative and if you have to lie to fit his narrative that he is going to sin so be it. Karl Rove at work where lies, deceit, cheating, and stealing an election don’t matter as long as his candidate wins. When a candidate lies to win a debate, they are the loser in the end.

    Will the GOP survive and have someone with a backbone to take it back to center right? I doubt it — looking more likely that a 3rd Party will arise from the ashes just like the Republican Party arose from the Whigs. Are the people who are Republican incapable of governing before they blow up the Party? Sure looks like it. When a party loses ethics and integrity, they are not going to be in power long. After all the obstruction to make Obama a one-term President, they deserve to be roundly defeated on Nov 6, 2012. A major defeat in the House and Senate is the only way that the GOP can survive but I wouldn’t take bets on any chance of survival as the far right will blame Romney for not being conservative enough.

    What a mess! Thanks for all you are doing to educate people.

    Romney involved with Skousen is more scary.

  3. I took his big talk of 14 new ships, 3 new submarines! (and apparently a chicken in every pot not belonging to this vaporous 47% which somehow remarkably never consists of any group he is addressing at that moment) to be simply more campaign window dressing: we haven’t the money for it. We do need some R&D and especially an R&R for our military (going on 12 years now — they need a break), but there are far smarter ways of going about this (and this is something I would like to hear but really haven’t from either side).

    It does worry me that Romney’s first response to any trouble will be the emotive one, as with everyone, and that response will be colored by the likes of Skousen, the JB Society, and that faction within Mormonism which is quite comfortable with those as well as Ayn Rand. It could get us into a lot of trouble. It also troubles me that Romney is psychologically not the sort of person who, in a time of trouble, is going to listen to the advice of others — not when he feels he has the power to finally override them — nor will he take ultimate responsibility for things (he’s an habitual liar with an entitlement personality). He’s everything in spades that Obama has been accused of being (not that I’m an Obama supporter — I have severe criticisms of him — but I’m not so blind as to not see some things I don’t like on the other side as well).

    As for the dirty, WalMart clothes wearers: easy now, I resemble that remark! lol! Some of us have been financially beaten down to the point of even ill-cut rags from WalMart is a hardship on our wallets…it is also one of the issues I have with The Thing That Used to be the GOP/Conservatism: it is not right to mock the poor, nor consider them somehow lesser beings…especially when the poor would display better taste and manners if given the opportunity to attend the opera! As a fellow 47%er friend of mine said: those rich people have too much money to excuse their bad dressing habits and manners! That goes for the academics and celebrity types of the left who gave liberalism a bad name as well.

  4. I wrote something once about people going to church, dressed like they’d been out cutting the grass. Heard from a very good friend. She said that she rarely dressed up for church, and that one time she had been cutting the grass at the church, went in for Sunday service, forgetting how she was dressed! Why bother apologizing? A person can be clean. This dressing down to talk down to the 99% really makes me mad. I’ve seen some people at the Met, so well dressed, in out dated, almost threadbare coats and gloves. It would be obvious that their clothes money went into good 2nd row seats. Can’t criticize that. It’s the dirty jeans, and dirty t-shirts that get me.

    As far as Rand – wait until you read what I have for tomorrow.


  5. I can’t wait!

    *that’s why I put the “lol” in — I know what you meant…but it does point to a big problem: the elites of this country have become much like any other; they are separated off in their little bubbles and have no feeling for “the common lot”…worse, unlike in other countries, our elites now oftentimes have absolutely no culture, no taste, nothing but rank materialism, glut even — the aesthetics of Ayn Rand and Stalin (ironic, really).
    And Charles Murray gets on his high horse and complains about the low culture of Beantown!

    (I saw a video of Andrew Breitbart gettin’ down with his bad self at a Snoop Dogg concert — nothing against Snoop, although he isn’t the most talented hip hop/rap artist he doesn’t take on airs that he is, but he was doing a rendition of a Metallica song…a not-the-best Metallica has put out song and the rendition was really, really bad…really bad…really; when anyone brings up the idea of culture/taste in this country I’m going to have an image of Piss Christ and Andrew Breitbart gettin’ down to Snoop Dogg’s rendition of “Sad But True” running around in my head…”).

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