The New Romney Campaign Strategy


Some interesting things have developed in the past few days within the “winning” of the first POTUS debate. The Romney family has taken over the campaign.  The Pink Flamingo is hearing that the reason they’re doing this is because they’re broke.

“…: “In the blur of well-heeled good looks and generic charisma that defines the public perception of the Romney brood, it’s easy for outside observers to differentiate among them, and to miss the increasingly active role being seized by the candidate’s eldest son. But over the past two months, Tagg has emerged not only as his father’s most motivated surrogate, but also as his most trusted ally and key political adviser….””

We all know Romney lied through his teeth.  There is no way a person can even respond to someone vomiting something like 27 lies in 37 minutes.  You can’t do it.  It is impossible.  When dealing with someone who is almost a pathological liar, there is no defense.  You can counter them, later, but not while they’re being told.

“… In the first presidential debate between Romney and Obama, the Republican presidential candidate compared the African-American president to his “boys,” who, when they were little, he said, would pile fib upon fib thinking they could fool their dad. It was an audacious tack for the truth-challenged Romney, whose most furious attacks on Obama have been based almost entirely on lies.

The very theme of the first night of the Republican National Convention was built around a deliberate misrepresentation of the president’s words regarding the role of government in building small businesses — a false narrative that Romney repeated often on the campaign trail, alleging that the president had insulted the work of small business owners, saying of their businesses, “You didn’t build that.” (Actually, Obama said they hadn’t built the roads and bridges that brought customers to their doors.) The convention was themed “We built that,” and featured a deceptively edited video of Obama’s inelegant attempt to echo a message originated by Democratic U.S. Senate Elizabeth Warren, Mass., meant to shine a light on all of the infrastructure built by government that is necessary for economic success: roads, bridges, railroads, schools.

On the very day of the terrorist attack on the U.S. consulate in Benghazi that resulted in the deaths of four Americans, including Ambassador Chris Stevens, Romney falsely accused the president of sympathizing with the attackers. Stevens’ body had not yet been returned home for burial.

Then there was the race-baiting welfare lie, in which Romney falsely accused the black president of removing the work requirements for welfare recipients that were enacted in the Clinton-era welfare reform law. That was one particularly despicable lie, since Romney seized upon an effort by the administration allow states new ways of increasing the numbers of welfare recipients who worked, and twisted it to suggest that the black president was on a mission to give handouts to people on welfare, who, among members of the Republican base, are mistakenly believed to be primarily black.

This is a mere sampling of the mendacity the Mittster has served up along the trail. In the debate alone, ThinkProgress counted 27 myths delivered by Romney over the course of 38 minutes, and AlterNet’s own Alex Kane picked his own list of Romney’s top 10 debate lies. And lest you think this Romney lie narrative to be an alternative-media conspiracy, just look at what CNN found when its fact-checkers examined Romney’s statements.

I’ve only scratched the surface here on the Romney lie front, but I know you don’t have all day….”

He is the single most corrupt candidate to ever run for POTUS as a Republican.

There are things one watches for in ‘real life’ when dealing with people who are bullies and abusers.  They have a tendency to create a narrative to degrade and destroy their target.  Yes, I am well aware that there are a few people who slobber all over these people, considering them absolutely perfect – in every way.  It has been The Pink Flamingo’s experience that people who do this, families who do this, are the very least perfect of them all.

The Hill

“…From April 1998 through August 2000, Romney and his Brookside Capital Partners Fund, a Bain affiliate, poured around $23 million into the Global-Tech sweatshop in Dongguan, China. Among the details outlined in the report were the following: Factory workers made 24 cents an hour in 1998 and less than $2 a day. Wages in Global-Tech were less than 2 percent of U.S. wages.

As CEO, Romney appears to have been uninterested in calling for improvements at the facility. Today, the sweatshop is still a horror where starvation wages prevail and workers’ rights are nonexistent.

Overcrowded, filthy dormitories; rotten food; routine 15- to 16-hour shifts; and backbreaking 105- to 112-hour, seven-day workweeks are the norm.

The appliance factory has 800 student “interns” — 16-years-olds forced to work repetitive, exhausting 15- to 16-hour shifts on assembly lines with no overtime pay…”

The Romney Family Narrative against Barack Obama is to paint him as a small, spoiled child.  For one thing, it is completely lacking in respect for the office of POTUS.  For another, it says a tremendous amount about the Romney family, their dynamics, and how they have been treated as children.  Contrary to portraying a perfect family, it shows us a family where the children were subjected to degrading verbal manipulation.


There is something very bad simmering under the surface of this perfect family.  The Pink Flamingo has been saying so for at least five years.  I have yet to change my mind. Now, the far right is gushing about genetic perfection, and the fact that a political dynasty is being born.

In order to have a political dynasty one must believe in something.  These people only believe in winning, no matter what the cost and who they destroy.  They are very, very strange people  –  far too strange to be trusted with so darn much power.



5 thoughts on “The New Romney Campaign Strategy

  1. I may be the only one, but I really didn’t think Obama did too bad in the debate. He may have been a little jet lagged. I’ve experienced that myself. It was obvious that Romney was putting on an act. He’s such a slick business man that he will probably win the other debates too. He knows how it’s done. He’s a shyster in the full definition of the word.

  2. I don’t know how you debate someone who is almost a pathological liar. I thought Obama showed great restraint. Can’t believe I’m calling him Presidential! The Lord sure has a sense of humor!


  3. That’s what I mean. It’s possible that Romney may have made 260 million dollars honestly, but didn’t Jesus’ parables about rich men give us a clue?

  4. All I know is, Ann Romney is a mean looking one. I’m not fond of Michelle Obama either — but anyone who complains about her scowl and then gushes over Ann Romney isn’t using their critical faculties.
    And that bit with her horses kinda tips me off to her true nature as well (look at any photo of her with her horses and compare them to photos of people who love theirs — even professional people who just basically like their horses — and you’ll see a big difference).

    Those boys remind me of children who have been raised by parents who were sanctimonious Christians (I have more examples of them than Jews, Hindus, or Muslims — as there are few in this area and the ones that are here tend to be of the more lenient, easy going bent — although I know they are out there). The sort of people who like to feel their spiritual superiority by being grand inquisitors in private and “nice, salt of the earth” types out in public (and they will usually cheat other people blind and run over their dog for kicks too).

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