FAIR, Vdare, Racism, Hate & Little White Bigots


The original title for this post was FAIR, Vdare, Racism, Hate & Little White Male Bigots, then The Pink Flamingo realized that several of the nastiest bigots and racists were women (Michelle Malkin, Ann Coulter, Virginia Abernethy).  So, I changed the title.  I’m not going to list Ann Coulter as a bigot.  I think she’s a bomb throwing attention whore who will simply say just about anything to sell books and be noticed.  I don’t mind that.  But, the Michelle Malkin version of fake “Christian”, conservative reason and logic, that is hiding a rancid agenda of bigotry is what I can’t tolerate.

Rant over…?

For years The Pink Flamingo has been telling you about FAIR, John Tanton, Vdare, Peter Brimelow, Jared Taylor, Kris Kobash ,American Renaissance, Stormfront, CofCC, the KKK, white supremacists, national socialists and so forth and so on.  I’ve been saying, for the past seven years, that they are all connected.I’ve also been saying that Mitt Romney’s immigration adviser, Kris Kobash is part of their wonderful little group.

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Well – low and behold, as if the sky were opening up, with a beam of light upon the nasty little roaches, they are all coming together for a meeting a few weeks ago, in Washington.  The entire meeting was important – because Peter Brimelow was allowed back into the “mainstream” fold of racists like Tanton, Beck, FOX expert Mark Kirkorian – all people you see on a regular basis on FOX, telling the world how bad Hispanic immigrants – legal or un – are.

P. S.  Please remember that FOX darling, and conservative stalwart, Michelle Malkin’s column has appeared on a regular basis in Vdare. Vdare is a white supremacist organization that basically toes the line between being outright bigots who hang with the KKK, John Birch Society, American Renaissance, and the CofCC – and the lovely  little National Socialists from Stormfront and other more mainstream organizations who goose-step and worship the wonderful sociological concepts of certain long dead Austrians.

Brimelow was once a major player at Forbes, until his identical twin brother was outed as the leader of one of the National Socialist groups in this country.  If you don’t know what “National Socialist” is – go look it up. And yes – Michelle Malkin, darling of the right, tea party champion, and all around FOX bimbo is very well connected with Peter Brimelow.

Get it – or must someone draw a picture of who these people really are?

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From what The Pink Flamingo can find, they’re all gathering in one location, to celebrate the great cultural diversity of this nation.

“…This was the rationale for John Tanton, a documented white nationalist, to establish not only FAIR but also anti-immigrant think-tank Center for Immigration Studies. Tanton has mounted a formidable effort over the last 30 years to make this battle “legitimate,” but he hasn’t been able to do it without the help of white nationalist organizations and publications.

In the aftermath of the Sikh temple massacre, white nationalist Peter Brimelow wrote an article on the website he founded, VDARE.com, that all but defended the alleged shooter, neo-Nazi skinhead Wade Michael Page. Brimelow suggested that Sikhs should not have been settling in Wisconsin in the first place and that the Sikh community is itself responsible for mass shootings. He also wonders why there was a rush to judge Page, despite well-documented evidence that he had long been involved with neo-Nazi groups.

This kind of racist victim-blaming is more despicable that Brimelow’s and VDARE.com’s normal fare, but not much. What is really shocking is that self-described “pro-immigrant” groups like Center for Immigration Studies and FAIR continue to associate and even promote VDARE.com….”

There have been rumors that Peter Brimelow, identical twin brother of former National Socialist leader, John, is being elevated to some sort of an important position within the Tanton empire of hate and bigotry.

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“...A glaring example of how closely aligned the two camps are occurred in February when Otis L. Graham, a Center for Immigration Studies board member, released a tribute to his longtime friend John Tanton. The tribute was published by VDARE and details the highs and lows of the anti-immigrant movement. Brimelow prepared an introduction to the piece in which he states that Graham’s and Tanton’s efforts are “honorable.” But its Graham’s own words that most clearly demonstrate the tightly woven network:

On what John Tanton often called “the battle of ideas” our movement’s performance was, I thought, impressive. FAIR’s policy papers by the nineties reflected an increasingly experienced staff, and CIS under Mark Krikorian’s leadership made a remarkable impact on public opinion and policy discussion. One also had to be impressed by the independent writers who were building the case for cutting immigration back and changing the selection criteria: Leon Bouvier, Vernon Briggs, Peter Brimelow, Roy Beck, Phil Martin, George Borjas, Georgie Ann Geyer, Madeline Cosman, Katherine Betts, Lindsey Grant, Larry Harrison and Sam Huntington, to mention only some.

Just last week, Center for Immigration Studies circulated an email to its members that included links to VDARE.com. This is a practice that the Center has been engaged in for some time, indicating that it is comfortable publicly supporting VDARE. And the aforementioned  Mark Krikorian, Center for Immigration Studies’ Executive Director, has his own legacy of unsavory remarks.

On April 27, 2011, Krikorian wrote an article on National Review where he called Muslims a “vicious people.”

After the tragedy and horror of the earthquake in Haiti at the beginning of 2010, Krikorian stated, “my guess is that Haiti’s so screwed up because it wasn’t colonized long enough.”

In 2009, Krikorian lamented the pronunciation of Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor’s last name, stating, “While in the past there may well have been too much social pressure for what sociologists call Anglo-conformity, now there isn’t enough.”…”


…his summer, Rep. Steve King of Iowa’s 4th District authored and signed a fundraising letter for the anti-immigrant group ProEnglish. The letter was printed on his own letterhead, and carried his own picture and signature, as well. To solicit funding on behalf of a group staffed with individuals who are well-documented as activists within the organized white nationalist movement would be deemed career-suicide by many politicians.
But not by Rep. King, who by all rights seems a Teflon politician. His own record of bigotry won’t even stick to him, so why should that of others?

King has worked closely with ProEnglish for an extended period of time.

Back in February at CPAC 2012, Steve King spoke on a ProEnglish panel. King shared the stage with white nationalist “intellectuals” Peter Brimelow and John Derbyshire, both of the overtly racist VDARE.com. Both career bigots. Unfazed by his stage-fellows, Rep. King strolled up, shook Robert Vandervoort’s hand, executive director of ProEnglish, and began speaking. Rep. King has also worked with ProEnglish, using the group to rally support for his long suffering English-Only bill, HR 997, which has failed to be voted into law for a decade or so.

To that regard, towards the end of July he announced that he was inviting a ProEnglish board member to testify before a Congressional subcommittee about the social benefits of the bill.

King also seems unfazed by the fact that prior to being hired by ProEnglish, Vandervoort and Phil Tignino, who may or may not still work for the group, were both committed activists within the organized white nationalist movement. Both have at one time or another regularly sought out the company of and/or offered support to some of that movement’s most die-hard leaders and organizations. (For more on their backgrounds, reference here, here, here, and here.)…”


“...A former leader of the student organization Youth for Western Civilization (YWC) garnered a moment of mainstream media attention recently when he called for the establishing of a White Student Union on the Towson University Campus. Matthew Heimbach led the YWC chapter on that campus for a year until the group was forced to disband after its members scrawled “White Pride” in chalk throughout campus.

Heimbach has active connections to the neo-Confederate group the League of the South. As a speaker at one of their gatherings in Maryland, he outlined the discrete ways in which the missions and visions of YWC and the League of the South overlapped one another. Heimbach loves to boast of such connections, as well, taking up the mic this summer on a Southern Nationalist Network podcast, in which he recapped for listeners this year’s Council of Conservative Citizens (CofCC) national conference. CofCC openly refers African Americans and Blacks as “a retrograde species of humanity.”

Heimbach also loves to boast and to provoke via his Twitter account, as well. His Twitter bio reads, “Maryland League of the South, member of the Sons of Confederate Veterans, and proud defender of liberty.” There, he also links to the YWC website. He recently tweeted a picture of himself raising up a Confederate flag beside a memorial to Martin Luther King, Jr in Montgomery, Alabama (see above-left). His Twitter profile picture shows him dressed in the period uniform of a Confederate infantryman, smiling broadly with his arm around a black man.

And so in the wake of his call for a White Student Union, some took stern notice when Heimbach tweeted, “I am honored to announce that my hero Mr. Jared Taylor will be speaking at towson [sic] university during october [sic].” Previous emphasis is his.

Jared Taylor is one of the foremost intellectual fountainheads within the global white nationalist movement. His group American Renaissance is a “think-tank” of sorts that seeks to argue the pith values of the movement in a way that disposes of crude epithets and overtly blunt criticisms of other races. Taylor is invited to speak all over the world, recently addressing a gathering of around 800 nationalists in France. Taylor delivered his talk in fluent French, receiving a standing ovation from the crowd upon the close of his talk….”

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 The question that should be asked, considering Mitt Romney’s ongoing flirtation with Kris Kobach, and the fact that he and Glenn Beck share the same far right extremist John Birch mentor (who was also a staunch racist and bigot) is connected is he to the philosophies of these dear people?  He’s never renounced Kobach and his form of gentle anti-Hispanic hatred.  When one adds into the mix, this rancid taint of John Birch extremism, there is a picture emerging that is absolutely nasty.  John McCain strongly denounced these people.  We all know how they hated George W. Bush because he did not do what he was told.

Why does Mitt Romney apparently embrace these people, and all the stunning implications of who and what they are?



2 thoughts on “FAIR, Vdare, Racism, Hate & Little White Bigots

  1. From what I can gather (sometimes I go take a look on SF’s site, which is very tiresome, sometimes darkly amusing, but can be informative, see the following) it appears as though there has been an uptick in Romney supporters commenting in the last month or so (interesting).
    But they are having a difficult time convincing those not-so-fine fellows to get in for the big win…nobody meets their, heh, “purity” test except for some obscure third party guy whose on the ballot in maybe 5 states. LOL!
    Hope they have fun trying to herd that lot of racist cats. Still, the fact that they are is bothersome…it reminds me of Nixon’s Southern strategy (no offense against Southerners, who definitely do not deserve to be counted with that lot, but it, imho, opened the door for some rather disgusting elements germane to the South — the new secessionists come to mind, racists/caste structure supporters for another, to worm their way into the GOP, and they should never have been allowed in).

  2. Although, to be fair and honest, I don’t believe even Nixon would have wanted it to go this far — I could be wrong, but I don’t think so.
    And much like the evangelicals, I’m pretty sure that eventually the wn’s and their ilk will likely be won over — to the detriment of us all. God help us if the coalition that’s beginning to form an embryonic state actually becomes fully formed.

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