Twitter’s Unfollow Problem


You may or not know it, but The Pink Flamingo tweets.  I can’t tolerate Facebook, which I think is an invasion of privacy.  It slow, boring, and very, very limited.  I do Twitter.  I currently have (as of this writing) about 1470 followers.  If I knew what I learned about two weeks ago, I would have a good 250-300 more followers than I now do.

Twitter has a couple major glitches.  First is an annoying email that tells you someone is saying nasty things.  When I was first on Twitter, I dropped and blocked anyone who did this.  I now know it’s also a glitch.

The worst glitch, though is the unfollow ‘dump’.  It happens, constantly.  I would say I get an average of two a day.  I’m discovering that, quite often, the unfollow, was a glitch and not intentional.

Several weeks ago I had a note, “Sorry you unfollowed” – only I had not unfollowed that person.  That started a back and forth, where I learned when you get an “unfollow” notice from  something like Who Unfollowed Me, to ask first, before doing a mutually annoyed unfollow.

I use Who Unfollowed Me.  It keeps a running tally of just who does an unfollow.  As I’m writing this, I’ve checked.  There are two individuals who may or may not have unfollowed.  Because one is spam, I’m not going to bother checking to see if the unfollow was a “drop”, which I think it was, because of the sheer number of followers.  The other, is someone I’ve not followed, and would rather not have follow me.   And, trust me, there aren’t all that many people like that.

I just did a block for spam.  Some you know what followed me and spewed the worst pornographic filth I’ve seen – in public.  This was just plain gross.  I report that stuff.  I report for spam and block anything along that line.

I don’t follow spammers or business follows, unless I have a specific reason like my sister’s business – Cafe Eclectic @cafeeclectic (shameless plug) in Memphis.

What really ticks me off is when people unfollow because they don’t approve of something you said, politically.  That is so totally foolish, it makes me crazy.  No one agrees with everyone, all the time.  I don’t get this following only people who agree with you.  It’s not quite rational.  Makes no sense.  Do people who do this, especially with politics, think that they might hear something that could make them change their mind or make them think?

I don’t get vicious attacks, either.  There’s nothing I love more than a good political argument.  I just don’t like being called slut, whore, or having the “F” word hurled at me.  I don’t use that word in real life, and don’t allow it to be used around me.  I will unfollow for that.

What’s going to happen when this election is over?  Do you unfollow everyone who supported the winner, which you may or may not have supported or act like an adult.

Stupid question.

I try not to unfollow. I’ve been known to do it, when something just gets filthy.  I also unfollow racists.  Can’t stand that.  I have been known to block.  There was one guy who just was bordering on harassment, for months.  I finally blocked him.

Bottom line, if you get an unfollow from me, it’s probably a glitch.  Just ask. I’ll let you know.  If it’s a glitch, I will make sure I refollow!