Does Romney Have a Serious Personality Disorder


In 2008, The Pink Flamingo thought that Mitt Romney had a problem.  I seem to remember calling him a psychopath.  When the 2013 season began, I truly tried to give him a chance.  I did not like what I saw in him.  I still don’t.

I’ve been working to complete my first murder mystery, and am nearly finished.  I’ve been reading up on psychopaths in order to create a bad guy.  First, there is a difference between a psychopath and a sociopath.  A sociopath is someone who had problems due to a brain injury or a organic reason.  Then again, when Romney sustained a serious brain injury in that car crash could account for his behavior.  That would make him a sociopath, instead of a psychopath.  The thing is, they both have the same symptoms.

I’ve been reading the books by Joe Navarro. They are quick, easy, and are great for a writer.  I’ve learned a heck of a lot.  By the time I had completed several of them, I realized that Mitt Romney has a problem.  First, thought we need to realize that anyone running for POTUS  must have a healthy self-image.  They must be positive and so self assured that their believe in themselves might be taken for narcissism.   Four years ago I thought Barack Obama was narcissistic, but then, when I started paying attention to him, I realized he wasn’t. He’s basically just a normal person.  So is George W. Bush.  Bill Clinton is another story.  But GWB’s dad is just a normal person.  So was Ronald Reagan.   Usually the American people have the ability to see through the crap and chose “normal”.

Mitt Romney is far from “normal”.
Neither was Al Gore.
Nor John Edwards
Herman Cain
Michele Bachmann (The Pink Flamingo does not think there is a category for Bat Sh*t Crazy)
John Kerry was just plain old “tone deaf”.
Heck, Jimmy Carter is even “normal”.

A psychopath has a personality disorder:

“… personality disorder that has been variously described as characterized by shallow emotions (in particular reduced fear), stress tolerance, lacking empathy, coldheartedness, lacking guilt, egocentricity, superficial charm, manipulativeness, irresponsibility, impulsivity and antisocial behaviors such as parasitic lifestyle and criminality. There is no consensus about the symptom criteria and there are ongoing debates regarding issues such as essential features, causes, and the possibility of treatment.

While no psychiatric or psychological organization has sanctioned a diagnosis of “psychopathy” itself, assessments of psychopathy are widely used in criminal justice settings in some nations and may have important consequences for individuals. The term is also used by the general public, in popular press, and in fictional portrayals. This popular usage does not necessarily conform to the clinical concept. According to the Scientific American, although psychopathy is associated with and in some cases is defined by conduct problems, criminality or violence, many psychopaths are not violent, and psychopaths are, despite the similar names, rarely psychotic….”

From what I’ve read, many of the successful Wall Street, predator vulture capitalist types are psychopaths. They don’t give a damn who they hurt, what they do, who they destroy, or how many jobs they ruin.  Winning is all that matters.


Low and behold, The Pink Flamingo found a fascinating little article in Politicus USA:  Is Mitt Romney Mentally Ill.  The Pink Flamingo knows people who know people.  I contacted my people who know people.  It seems like, maybe, a little Eagle flew the nest and maybe dropped a little blob on the windshield of Romney I.

Is it true?
Does it come from a fascinating source?
Do we take it seriously?

Politicus USA

You must make the call for yourself.  If you think it is valid and viable, then pass it on.

 “…During an important election to decide the fate and direction of a country, a voter is likely to consider a candidate’s consistency of actions, values, methods, principles, and expectations, as well as outcomes from previous experience in political office before supporting a candidate. Many voters contemplate a candidate’s honesty and truthfulness, or accuracy of actions, before deciding to cast their vote, and few would choose a candidate renowned for lies and hypocrisy because it defines the candidate as morally deficient with anti-social tendencies. Americans are witnessing a morally deficient candidate for the presidency, and if it is not obvious by now that Willard Mitt Romney is a pathological liar, a hypocrite, and deceitful in words and deeds, it is about time his possible mental illness, Antisocial Personality Disorder (ASP), is exposed to the American people.

An individual suffering from ASP is calculating, manipulative, frequently charming and alluring, and fits the clinical portrait matching depictions of con artists and predators found in literature, and is masterful at using machinations of a criminal who fails to conform to social norms with respect to lawful behaviors. Some criteria psychologists use to diagnose ASP are deceitfulness, as indicated by repeatedly lying, conning others for personal profit, and lacking remorse or rationalizing having caused harm. Besides persistent lying, Romney demonstrates an innate inability to care about harming others borne out of narcissism, elevated self-worth, and a sense of extreme entitlement and cannot tolerate authority figures. If these criteria seem suspiciously similar to convicted felons and life-criminals, it is because over one-third of the prison population suffers from different degrees of ASP and,  like Romney, they have a childhood history of the disorder….

…Romney has demonstrated he will do anything to succeed and everything in “the service of his own wishes” and not what is good for the American people or this country. Willard’s biggest advantage to date is that it is incomprehensible that a presidential candidate would resort to lying, obfuscation, and blatant racism in his bid for the White House, and to a degree this falls on a negligent press that is as aware of Romney’s anti-social behavior, record of entitlement and flouting the law as anyone, and yet they have turned a blind eye to his malfeasance.

Perhaps Romney’s greatest crime is purporting to be a Christian to appeal to the religious right. The crazy Mormon foundations and beliefs notwithstanding, would a Christian lie as a matter of course, promote pre-emptive war, cut funding for children, seniors, and Veterans in the pursuit of greater tax cuts for himself? Willard Romney has given every indication under the Sun that he harbors sociopathic tendencies on a variety of levels, and as such, is not qualified or trustworthy to run for the presidency much less win the election. Any reasonable human being is revolted by a pathological liar, narcissist, and entitled charlatan, so it is curious why any American other than Mrs. Willard thinks he is qualified to be president. It is true that a president has to be something more than normal to handle the Herculean job of leading America, but the idea of more than normal does not mean abnormal, and certainly not a self-entitled narcissist displaying all the traits of a dysfunctional antisocial sociopath with personality disorders reminiscent of a third of the prison population….”

I found this comment:

Politicus USA

Before you go all postal on The Pink Flamingo and say that this does not apply to Mitt Romney,  you need to understand that the criteria listed below are extreme. A person who has a preponderance of these symptoms, or even half of them basically cannot function in the real world, and get away with it.


You will find that many of the more successful Wall Street and financial types have the same personality qualities that Mitt Romney does.  Our culture is so determined to link “success” with financial achievement that we have a tendency to ignore the fact that such financial successes are not necessarily business successes or personal successes.   Yes, it’s capitalist, but it’s not the same thing as a Sam Walton starting with nothing and building a mega-empire.  As much as I detest Wal-Mart, the man was a marketing genius.

That’s the difference.  Sam Walton, like Walt Disney, Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, even Howard Hughes (before he went nuts) built something from absolutely nothing, not by co-opting but the old fashioned way, by the “sweat” of their brow.  Men like Mitt Romney do the opposite.  They fly over like vultures, swoop in, pick the bones dry, and enjoy their money and obscenely low tax brackets.  Anyone who says “they built that” is a total and complete fool. They stole that.

David Stockman wrote:

“...Bain Capital is a product of the Great Deformation. It has garnered fabulous winnings through leveraged speculation in financial markets that have been perverted and deformed by decades of money printing and Wall Street coddling by the Fed. So Bain’s billions of profits were not rewards for capitalist creation; they were mainly windfalls collected from gambling in markets that were rigged to rise.

Nevertheless, Mitt Romney claims that his essential qualification to be president is grounded in his 15 years as head of Bain Capital, from 1984 through early 1999. According to the campaign’s narrative, it was then that he became immersed in the toils of business enterprise, learning along the way the true secrets of how to grow the economy and create jobs. The fact that Bain’s returns reputedly averaged more than 50 percent annually during this period is purportedly proof of the case—real-world validation that Romney not only was a striking business success but also has been uniquely trained and seasoned for the task of restarting the nation’s sputtering engines of capitalism.

Except Mitt Romney was not a businessman; he was a master financial speculator who bought, sold, flipped, and stripped businesses. He did not build enterprises the old-fashioned way—out of inspiration, perspiration, and a long slog in the free market fostering a new product, service, or process of production. Instead, he spent his 15 years raising debt in prodigious amounts on Wall Street so that Bain could purchase the pots and pans and castoffs of corporate America, leverage them to the hilt, gussy them up as reborn “roll-ups,” and then deliver them back to Wall Street for resale—the faster the better….”

The Daily Beast

This is risky behavior.  It is behavior that is as risky as someone trying to dirt bike down the Grand Canyon!  It is almost insane in its risk.  The only reason Romney succeeded is because he got lucky, plain and simple.  Romney and his supporters like to point to Staples as one of his two finest moments, the other being the Olympics in Salt Lake City (which succeeded only because of a massive taxpayer bailout).  According to Stockman, who crunched the numbers:

“...Stemberg made Staples a free-market success, a relentless generator of efficiency in the retail distribution of office supplies. Yet this honest capitalist efficiency, which benefited millions of customers, was achieved by a rampage of job destruction among tens of thousands of Main Street stationery and office-supplies stores and other traditional distributors. These now-defunct operations could not compete with Staples due to their high labor costs per dollar of sales—including upstream labor expense in the traditional, inefficient wholesale and distribution layers that stood behind Main Street retailers.

Ironically, the businesses and jobs that Staples eliminated were the office-supply counterparts of the cracker-box stores selling shoes, shirts, and dresses that Bain kept on artificial life-support at Stage Stores Inc. At length, Wal-Mart eliminated these jobs and replaced them with back-of–the-store automation and front-end part-timers, as did Staples, which now has 40,000 part-time employees out of its approximate 90,000 total head count. The pointless exercise of counting jobs won and lost owing to these epochal shifts on the free market is obviously irrelevant to the job of being president, but the fact that Bain made $15 million from the winner and $175 million from the loser is evidence that it did not make a fortune all on its own. It had considerable help from the Easy Button at the Fed….”

Romney didn’t build any of this.  He got lucky.  He picked managers who did his work for him.  He spent his time playing with his toys.  He left chaos in his wake, bailed out by everyone around him, just like the SLC Winter Olympics. He didn’t build that, either.  WE the Tax Payer of the United States did that.  You get as much money as he did, and you can pull off an Olympic adventure.

People with these tendencies leave their world an abject disaster, disorganized, chaotic.  You don’t think much about it with Romney until you start paying attention to the rumors that surround his campaign.

  • He can’t get his FEC reports in on time
  • They are always inaccurate
  • He’s not raising as much money as claimed, at this stage in the campaign he should be spending not raising
  • There are rumors of amazing mismanagement within the campaign
  • There are tales that some of his staff haven’t been paid in months
  • There are rumors that his upper level staff received out of proportion bonuses
  • There are tales that some networks have not been paid for campaign ads
  • There are allegations that many vendors in Tampa have yet to be paid
  • I hear that networks now demand cashier’s checks from the campaign, before they run an ad
  • His wife and oldest son are managing the campaign
  • There are wild and crazy stories of living like Louis XVI on the campaign trail
  • Are the tales about the jet rentals true?
  • Why so many vacations?
  • We know the campaign is lying about the crowds
  • There are tales that a heck of a lot of campaign bills have not been paid

Then there is the lack of human empathy.  This alone is startling.  He is one of those individuals who are completely lacking in the ability to empathize.  Many people are like this.  They fake it through live, and have no problems.  There are basic ethics they follow.  BUT – those who are incapable of empathy are the ones who experiment on Jews in concentration camps.  They don’t understand that people can feel pain or heartache.

The only way Romney can show empathy is via a life-lesson from the Mormon church.  He sat by the side of a dying boy – once.  He comforted the survivors of a tragic accident – once.  He cannot present one empathic moment in his entire life that does not involve members of his church cult.  If he were just seeking a life in the hierarchy of his cult, that would be fine.  He’s not, though.  He wants to be President of the United States of America – of We the People.

This is all  quite tragic.  In the name of racist hatred of Barack Obama, the talking head right is willing to turn the fate of this nation over to a man who, The Pink Flamingo has been told, off the record, is a danger to this nation.

Mitt Romney is a man who should show such great promise.  Unfortunately, his promise is all smoke and mirrors, a con, a fake, a mask for someone who should never be in a position of authority.  Yes, things can be worse than the Obama Administration.  At least Obama is not turning our foreign policy over to an allegedly corrupt Prime Minister of another country, and begin another cold war, just to appease his big donors.

The worst part of all of this is the GOP is now so corrupt no one has the courage to call him out, or speak out against him.  They fear his big donors.  Being re-elected is more important than saving the country from someone who may or may not be a “madman”.

It looks like Dr. Strangelove may be true, after all.