Obama Goes All Wild West Gunfighter on Romney


If you study history the way The Pink Flamingo has done, you know that every nation has a defining moment and a defining individual.  This can be good and it can be bad.  The Greeks haven’t round anyone to supplant Odysseus.  You think Egypt and come up with either Ramses or Cleopatra. Rome was Julius Caesar.  Charlemagne was literally the Father of Europe.  El Cid defined Spain.  In England it is Arthur.

These are individuals who define, for good or ill, the very character of the nation.  Here in the United States, The Pink Flamingo has written, repeatedly, that our defining moment occurred on October 26, 1881 around 2:30 in the afternoon, in Tombstone, Arizona. When it was over, Wyatt Earp became forever our Arthur, Odysseus, our Charlemagne.  His character is forever repeated in every John Wayne movie.  He was played by Ronald Reagan. It’s about good guys verses bad guys, the lone gunfighter facing down the opposition and walking away with a swagger.  A gunfighter is a good-guy who goes after the gunslinger, the bad guy.  He walks away with a swagger, even if wounded.

It’s an American swagger.  You don’t see it anywhere else.  It is unique to this nation and our national character.  There are those who call it cocky.  George W. Bush said, in Texas, it is simply defined as walking.  In the southwest, we see it on a daily basis.  It’s very much a good guy thing, when when a man knows he’s right, and does something about it.

Tuesday evening, when the second debate was over, Barack Obama swaggered.  The Pink Flamingo saw something I never thought I would see with him.  He swaggered.  It was the, I was right, I came, I saw, and I kicked you know what.  It is a uniquely American movement.  It was a gunfighter moment.  It was a George W. Bush moment.

What we saw was something truly amazing, perhaps even historic.  We watched a Democratic POTUS, of  cowboy up, and kick the you know what out of the Eastern robber baron who claims to be aristocratic and perfect, who claims to be a Republican.  In doing so, the Democrat, who has been alleged to be a socialist, marxist, or even communist, proved that he was far more Republican than the alleged Republican nominee.

Mitt Romney and his ilk have taken the GOP far far to the right.  They have taken it over the edge, possibly to the point of no return, embracing right wing extremists who encompass the KKK, white supremacists, anti-government right, John Birch, national socialist white male agenda.  It is an agenda which recognizes the rights of the whimpering, simpering, pathetic white male who is so ill-equip to face the modern world that he must bash and oppress anyone of a different gender and race.  He thumps his version of the Bible to his scrawny chest, and demands a woman be nearly barefoot, pregnant, poorly paid, ill educated, and be home in time to cook his dinner, clean his house, wash his clothes, and have time for his more personal needs (bringing him beer while he watches football).  He will thank her by a slap on the face, another new baby to birth, and telling her what a bitch she is.

This is Mitt Romney’s brave new world.  It is the world of Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Glenn Beck, FOX News, the far right religious world, and all those super-rich billionaires who have propped up this failing campaign.

In embracing this world, they have destroyed everything that was good and honorable about the Republican Party.  Let’s face it, John McCain was the last honorable and decent Republican nominee.  We will never see his likes again.  The GOP will never see another George W. Bush, George H. W. Bush, or Ronald Reagan.  It no longer accepts men of honor.

On Tuesday night, when Barack Obama channeled Harry Truman, with the buck stopping on his desk, he cowboyed-up.  He stepped into those shoes.  He proved the difference between who he is, and who Mitt Romney is.  Like George W. Bush, his dad, Ronald Reagan, and Harry Truman before him, he stopped the buck on his desk. He took full responsibility of his actions. He became a leader.

The most shocking part of the evening is that he sounded like Ronnie or the two Georges. He sounded like a normal Republican, the kind the GOP no longer wishes to have represent them. His agenda, which the likes of Limbaugh, Ailes, Medved, Beck, Coulter, and Malkin consider socialist or liberal, is not much different than the agenda of Reagan, Bush-41 and Bush-42.

You will eventually be reading, via The Pink Flamingo, about Mitt Romney’s association with the John Birch society, Glenn Beck, and individuals Dwight D. Eisenhower, Ronald Reagan, and William F. Buckley denounced as dangerously extreme.  Buckley once wrote that, if there was ever a merger between the atheist supporters of Ayn Rand and the fascism of the John Birch Society, that he feared for our freedom.  He felt the nation was in far more danger from the sorts of individuals who are backing Mitt Romney and the new GOP, than the far left.

When a Chicago based Democrat sounds more like Ronald Reagan or George W. Bush than the GOP nominee, I fear the elephant is past the point of life-support.

In Texas they call it walking!  It’s a John Wayne, Wild West, Wyatt Earp, George W. Bush thing.

Welcome to the club, Mr. President.

And yes, The Pink Flamingo is one very heart-broken Republican.



8 thoughts on “Obama Goes All Wild West Gunfighter on Romney

  1. This, my friend, is the finest piece of writing I have seen about the debate. It captures what so many Republicans are seeing from a party we loved, grew up in, and supported. I have a collection of elephants I have been given along the way that I cherish and will keep as a reminder of the good men from the Republican Party, Dwight Eisenhower who forced integration of our schools and colleges, Ronald Reagan who thought there was nothing this Country couldn’t accomplish, GWH Bush who told the Iraqi Dictator that you don’t go into another Country and take over and backed it up with force, and then there is his son who I never was prouder of with the way he handled 9-11. Those men all stood for what is good about our Country.

    George W Bush was a compassionate conservative who believed in people just like his Dad, Reagan, and Eisenhower. It wasn’t how can we game the system, but they believed ‘all men are created equal’ and have the same rights as their neighbor and the guy down the street.

    Maybe I have grown up in this election after all these years believing in the GOP. It has been hard have had to face the fact that the Romney Republican Party is filled with men and women who are out for their hard right agenda and anyone who dares get in their way will be taken out as the money is on their side — not ethics or integrity, but money. They will get down in the gutter to win and have no second thoughts about the lies they are telling. They must defeat a black man because only white guys have a right to be President or CEO of a company. That goes against everything I believe.

    You are right that Barack Obama was the Republican on the state last night. I am extremely proud to say he has my support and the support of my whole family including extended family who were all Republicans until this election.

  2. Thank you


    P. S. Like I said, I’m getting custody of the elephant. If you think we’re going to let those jerks abuse it…! Heck, Mitt would tie it to the top of Air Force One, and open a window to hose it down when it pooped on the windshield.

  3. I guess I must be missing something here about the Cowboy Messiah. The debate last night reminded me of two cur dogs sniffing each others’ behinds before the dogfight started. In my opinion, it was a disgrace. The candidates could not hide their hatred for each other. I don’t even want to think about Romney. It was embarrassing the way he put himself into Obama’s face, daring him to take a slug at him right in the kisser. I am so disappointed that I will have to choose one of these two lessers as President of the United States. By this time, I wish I could favor one over the other, but I can’t. In my opinion, Obama is still living in a fantasy bubble created by the media. Sooner or later that bubble is going to pop. Everything that has gone wrong in the last four years he continues to blame on George W. Bush. I’m on a fixed income. I’m paying higher gasoline prices, more in taxes, food prices are up, utility costs are up, my medicare supplement is up. My Part D medicare premium is up. I’ll be paying much higher prices for drugs next year. And Obama thinks I am better off? I can only trust him long enough to keep taking me to the cleaners while he kisses the a$$es of everybody in Hollywood. He said the reason we were paying such low prices for gasoline when he took office was because the economy was getting ready to go into the tank. ( Somebody needs to explain that one to me.) He would have us believe that it was all George W. Bush’s fault and if we don’t vote for him we will be going back to the same (Bush’s) policies that caused the recession in the first place. I wonder what he is going to do when he no longer has Bush to blame. He says times are tough, but he needs four more years to straighten out what he should have done during these past four years. Whichever dog gets elected, it is obvious that he’s going to lift his leg and pee on me. In the meantime, I’m on my way to Greece and on the way over, I’m being told I should stop off long enough to kick the sh$t out of the dead elephant.

  4. The GOP has been taken over by Rand fans on one side and apparently Cleon Skousen afficianados on the other (and Skousen makes Rand look sane, so what does that say?).
    The is not the GOP I have voted for — I won’t vote for people who are stabbing the party and the country in the back.

  5. I kept hoping someone would slug the other, then again, I watch these debates the say some people go to car races, for the crashes! Then again, you are much politer than I am!

    What truly bothers me is the fact that of the two, I think that Obama is better. That just gets me. We have such a mess. We can think the Koch Brothers and people like them for the high fuel prices. Their speculation has put a good $27 a barrel onto the price of oil, over the past 4 years. They’ve made something like $52 billion over it, and have paid very little in taxes, using the money to pay of the GOP and put their John Birchers in office. My mantra: We Are So Screwed!


  6. I couldn’t believe some of the things I heard from both of these dudes. Romney shot me in the head with his ” binder on women.” To me, it came across sounding like a portfolio of sleazy strip tease artists. He could have had an edge on Obama with the terrorism situation, but he got all rattled. Somehow, he couldn’t distinguish between an act of terror and a planned premeditated attack. He doesn’t know squat about foreign policy. Everybody is criticizing the moderator, I’m thankful it happened to be a woman. She had to tone down some of that testosterone, otherwise one of them would have been charged with aggravated assault. I didn’t think Romney did all that well in the first debate. This one was a disaster. He doesn’t act presidential. A person does not have to grin and show his teeth to have a smirk on his face. One thing Obama has in his favor is that we can have only four more years of him. If Romney gets elected he will want to run for another term and we might get stuck with him for eight years. If you folks decide to vote for Obama you have my blessings. If you are a Republican, I think it is very brave of you to take a stand against a party you can no longer relate to. I am registered as a Democrat, but I have voted for three Republicans, Gerald Ford, Ronald Reagan and George W. Bush.

  7. P.S. This will probably be a year I will hold my nose and vote for the party instead of the candidate. ( If I get to vote.) My sister(who is living in Florida) and I asked for an absentee ballot about a month ago. Neither one of us have received a ballot. So many crazy things have been going on concerning voting regulations that they probably have us listed as “dead”! Interesting!

  8. It bothers me that I’ve been seeing that Obama could run to the right of Romney and is far less reactionary — that it might be better to just put Obama back in and give him a Republican Congress (although that’s no guarantee anymore — but some old line Republicans and some blue dogs would put the brakes on him). One thing about Obama: he shows a disinclination to triangulate (in the Clintonian sense) — so with him you either get deadlock or compromise (he’s got to watch it with using executive order anymore), which is a lot better if you ask me.
    If Romney gets in I’m not sure Congress (either R or D) can or would put the brakes on him.
    In the end, we might have better luck holding Obama’s feet to the fire.

    And then there’s Mitt’s regard for Cleon Skousen….(ever read “The Cleansing of America”? that’s some crazy bad stuff right there…coupled with Rand? God save us.).
    My state will go solid blue, so it doesn’t matter — and even if it was a swing state I’d still be voting third party.

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