The Death of Republican Civility


Once upon a time, the Pink Flamingo had a boyfriend who had a father who was a huge Ronald Reagan fan.  During one of the debates in 1984, between Reagan and Walter Mondale, he was cleaning his pistol.  He had one of those old wide screen television that cost about $5000 bucks.  Deciding to test the gun, he pointed it at the screen and dry fired at Mondale.  The gun was loaded.  He blew up his television. For the normal person, that is as violent as anyone ever becomes…. until now.

On Tuesday night, Tagg Romney wanted to take a swing at Barack Obama.

The Pink Flamingo recently heard the tawdry tale of a life-long Republican who went to a Democratic fundraiser.  Reports before the event indicated that members of the local GOP were going to be there, taking the names of

On Sunday, former Senator Arlen Specter died. Specter became the poster child for the nasty, almost borderline anti-social mood disorder that has infected the GOP.  Because he was not pure or conservative, he was treated like dirt to the point where he finally left the party.   He was reviled.  He was maligned.  He was verbally abused.

How could any of us know then, that this was going to be the new normal?

In the spring of 2008, Michelle Malkin began a series of truly vile attacks on Lindsey Graham.  Her nasty followers took their cue from her.  The GOP began to fall apart.  Malkin took her cue from her white supremacist associates at Vdare, FAIR, Numbers USA, and other lovely little organizations.

Then the Ron Paul Bots began organizing. They took over Free Republic.  They began infiltrating state and local Republican organizations.  They were rude, crude, and socially unacceptable.

When the Koch Brothers and their John Birch handlers created the tea parties, the situation went from bad to worse.  Because the far right controls FOX Tabloid News, Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Bill O’Reilly, Mark Levin, Michael Medved, and a tremendous amount of blog media, they lost all sense of perspective, moderation, manners, honor, and shame.  Glenn Beck and Andrew Breitbart turned the entire movement, and then the GOP into a mass of cowering, quivering jelly.

The white supremacist, KKK, John Birch, Vdare, pot-smoking libertarian, left over hippies, all organized under the loving arms of a Koch bloated machine that spat out money.  Their numbers appeared to be massive, huge, insurmountable.

They marched on Washington.  Those of us who have been life-long Republicans warned that normal Republicans don’t march.  They don’t climb on buses to be shipped across the country to march on Washington, and stand, applauding on cue, to a FOX approved slate of speakers.

In 2010 they took over the country, or so they thought.  They insulted.  They threatened.  They obstructed.  They basically stopped any form of economic recovery in order to thwart Barack Obama.  The under current of racism was denied.

Mitt Romney’s machine began using these nasty sources.  They have been encouraged and paid. They have gone from rude, crude, and socially unacceptable to threatening, frightening, and are, in some instances, breaking the law.

If you speak out against Mitt Romney and his alleged business dealings, this is what happens:

“…Romney supporters yelled “Communist” at fellow Americans who are trying to save their jobs from being shipped overseas to China by Mitt Romney’s company. They yelled this as the Romney people have the Americans workers “removed” from a political rally for trying to get Romney’s ear on a pretty important subject.

Mitt Romney’s business practices, with the lack of transparency and top down power structure, are more in line with the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) than the workers his supporters were yelling at. The New York Times exposed the fundamental hypocrisy in Romney’s tough China talk when Bain is touting China as a great investment because labor is 85% cheaper.

Tom Gaulrapp of Bainport doesn’t understand that his fellow citizens are being brainwashed by Fox News to turn on him and anyone eles who sticks up for their rights with rabid mob rage.

Perhaps patriotism is best put into practice by being willing to be educated and informed about what’s really going on. It’s just not patriotic to get your “news” from a propaganda outlet like Fox News. Romney supporters calling Americans Communists who are sticking up for keeping jobs in the USA! USA! USA! is proof that the propaganda experiment has gone too far….”

If you oppose him on Twitter, this is what they do.

SJR Twitter Feed

There are death threats.
There are harassing phone calls.
There is intimidation.
They lie.
They destroy reputations.

It’s all for a good cause – ridding the world of Barack Obama.

Blogger and law professor William Jacobson has made it his life’s mission to destroy Elizabeth Warren.  His attacks have been so vicious and bitter that The Pink Flamingo feels, if Scott Brown is defeated by Warren, Jacobson must take some of the blame.

CNN’s Candy Crawley is just beginning to see how vicious these individuals can be. If she is not careful, they will destroy her.  Like an endless tide, they never stop.  They are very well paid for their efforts, so it doesn’t matter to them what they do.

Anyone who speaks out against Mitt Romney must be maligned.  What Tagg Romney said about Barack Obama, wanting to punch him, is no exception.  There are stories, well sourced, about clandestine meetings between Roger Ailes, Karl Rove, Frank Luntz, Dick Morris, a Koch or two, and elected Republican officials, all of whom were working with FOX News to help rid the country of that African elected to the White House.

Don’t ever think this isn’t about racism.  It is.  Contrary to the lies told by FOX Tabloid News, the tea parties are directly and indirectly connected with the John Birch Society, KKK, CofCC, American Renaissance, FAIR, Numbers USA, Vdare, National Socialists, and misc. white supremacists.  So is Mitt Romney’s campaign.

Until and unless the GOP has the courage to stop these people, to expose them to the light of day, for what they are, the party is in ruins.  Unless they do, it is dead.  There are those who think it is already too late.  Enjoy Mitt Romney.  Don’t worry, Rand Paul is already working to stab him in the back.  They’re good at this.  After all, the whole nasty movement began with his father and his KKK associates.

And – you expect these people to be civil?


8 thoughts on “The Death of Republican Civility

  1. This makes me very sad on so many levels.
    I remember when the Tea Party started, and many of the people who attended the rallies were people who had good intentions — reduce government overreach, protection of the middle class, reduce our debt burden…those are not bad causes. They were fairly civil too, if passionate in their beliefs. There were no “ObamaHitler” or “John Galt” signs. In many ways they reminded me of some of the early OWS protestors around here who also had a good cause: reduce corporatism overreach, protection of the working class, reduce crony “capitalism”. They too were fairly civil, if passionate in their beliefs. There was none of the awful behavior.
    I always thought if you could just get those two groups together, they might be able to really do something worthwhile. That this might be a good thing for Americans — to finally get off their butts and actually start caring about how they are represented, that gov’t. works for us.

    Then both movements quickly got taken over, and now you only see the very worst — completely in the pocket of certain power brokers (who could care less what happens) and blindly followed by those who don’t have the ability to think for themselves and know better.
    And the little people are being used, used, used — all the while what remaining politicians we have who actually have some integrity left are either falling in line to keep their jobs (and thus lose their integrity) or they get shoved aside for party apparatchiks (or people willing to become party apparatchiks).
    I’m afraid that many, many people are going to be ruined in one way or another, have already.

  2. In the meantime, I think a liberal, Democrat, big time ’08 supporter of Obama friend of mine (we have for the last 4 years just agreed to not talk politics up until now) said it best:
    She didn’t like Bush, hated him in fact, but….he was still the President, still the Commander in Chief, and she was disgusted and sick at the way many fellow Democrats/liberals acted towards him. Her direct quote was “you don’t smear the President that way, and you never wish anybody’s death just because he isn’t the person you want in a freaking political office…some Democrats need to grow the ___ up; not everything W did was bad and he certainly wasn’t Hitler or the Antichrist; that was crazy nonsense…you don’t like him, then don’t vote for him, disagree with what he’s doing, end of story no temper tantrums”. In the process she has quit being a straight party ticket voter; she said it made her realize that voting her conscience was more important (and she’s voting third party this year — because as a liberal, she’s not happy with Obama).
    I find myself saying the same thing now in regards to Republicans/conservatives vis a vis Obama. I don’t care for Obama, heck, I don’t like him…but, he is still the President, still the Commander in Chief. He isn’t Hitler nor the Antichrist. Not everything he does is wrong.
    I’m voting my conscience: Obama doesn’t completely line up ideologically for me, which is fair enough I think; Romney is a vote against my conscience however — the two major parties aren’t getting my vote this time, and won’t unless they both shape up (I live in IL, and really don’t have anyone to vote for until I get down to the local elections — so that’s where I’ll spend my energy).

  3. I don’t know, but I’m glad there are at least some — and hold out hope that the number is growing.

    Meanwhile much of the internet punditry have become bigger shills and whores than the major media they like to rail about — I don’t go on many political sites anymore (and have been banned from most of them anyway — left and right — their hypocrisy and lack of scruples know no bounds!)

  4. This is what happens to people who crawl in the bloggy fringes looking for things to self-enrage. It’s a form of [unhealthy] entertainment I fear. The sad part is, you have identified concepts and moral issues worthy of consideration and discussion. But you’ve pitched it all in the most extreme and unbelievable terms, completely discrediting yourself. And now for the final dramatic act… pretending to support the party of institutionalized death and deception. Huh? What a silly bird you’ve turned out to be.

  5. Fox Tabloid News Tucker Carlson just compared Candy Crowley to John Wilkes Booth who killed Lincoln. These so-called conservatives are some of the most dishonest people I have ever seen and the nastiest. Comparing a journalist to an assassin shows how far the right of the GOP has gone. These conservative don’t want the truth as they prefer their own narrative which means the pundits on Fox are nothing but a bunch of liars for the most part. The number of honest ones doesn’t even fill up one hand. A GOP strategist now on the Ed Show is defending the fringe that Candy Crowley should have let Romney lie.

    What is it with Republican strategists who lie to defend Romney like I am witnessing right now. Are their any honest Republicans left in leadership or as consultants?

  6. In other news, Ann Romney just equated missionary service with military service on The View. I’m not a fan of The View, so I found out secondhand, but after watching the video — freaking “wow”. I’m officially really, really not liking the Romneys at all.
    Especially in light of Mitt’s deferments AND pro-draft protest back during Vietnam (draft dodging is a real sore point with me as it is, but to wiggle your way out of the draft and then to stage a PRO-draft protest????). And then there’s the fact that Mitt has made noises that he wants to use the military more…along with he and his wife saying that their sons didn’t serve the country because it wasn’t their calling…but they were missionaries (which is now apparently the same as being in the military) and their one son treats some veterans, so that’s apparently comparable too.
    Just wow.

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