Bitter Political Realities for Good Little Girls & Boys


It’s almost over, boys and girls, and ready to begin again.  In the perpetual quest for the White House, Rand Paul is circling Mitt Romney like a vulture, ready to pick out his eyeballs, nibble on entrails, and take off as the first in line.  The way the GOP is today, it could happen.  It all depends on Mitt Romney losing and the Billionaire Boy’s Club willing to cough up another billion in hopes of buying the country.  If Romney loses, expect Rand Paul to make a bee-line to Iowa on the morning of November 7.

Right now Barack Obama has the advantage of the ground game.  Deal with it.  He has far more small donors than Mitt Romney.  Romney had big bucks, but they come from big donors.  Obama has little bucks, coming from little donors.  Because of this The Pink Flamingo would like to present my theory of economics.  Billionaires and the super-rich are nice.  It’s a great life if you can get it.  But, for the purposes of reviving an economy, they’re a bust.

No, my reasoning is not socialist, it’s simple numbers for the dyslexic, presented by a dyslexic.  How many refrigerators a year will the Koch Brothers, Sheldon Adelson, and Romney’s big three buy in a year?  Being generous, let’s say they each have 10 residences.  They blow ten units a year.  That’s six billionaires X 10 = 10 refrigerators at the very most.

BUT – Say the Koch Brothers and Sheldon Adelson each employ 50,000 people, giving them a decent wage of about $50 – 75K a year.  That’s 100K households.  If only a tenth of those households need a new fridge, we’re talking ten thousand units.

Anyone who has half a brain can comprehend that We the Little People can do more to revive an economy than the mega rich.  Just think refrigerators.

The same thing holds true for a ground game.  If Obama has a million little donors and Romney has 100K big donors, that’s just 100K votes for Romney.  BUT – it’s a million votes for Obama.

Small is good, very good.

Small wins.

It’s like the little engine that could.

Don’t count on Mitt Romney’s ties to the Mormon Church to give him a good ground game.  They are already factored in to any GOP race, as reliable votes.  They are so reliable, they are not even part of the equation.  What isn’t being factored into the mix is the Hispanic vote. The past few election cycles their numbers were vastly under-polled, and went heavily Democrat.

Then there is the Gary Johnson and Virgil Goode.

Good is on the ballot in Alabama, *Arizona, Colorado, Florida, *Georgia, Idaho, *Illinois, *Indiana, Iowa, *Kentucky, Louisiana, *Maryland, Michigan, Minnesota, Mississippi, Missouri, *Montana, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York  *North Carolina, North Dakota, Ohio, Rhode Island, South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee, *Texas, Utah, Virginia, Washington, *West Virginia, Wisconsin, Wyoming.

Gary Johnson is on the ballot in every state but Oklahoma and Michigan. The die-hard Ron Paul supporters, who are the ones who are the back-bone of the tea parties, and are the ones who literally won the House in 2010 are not supporting, in any great numbers, Mitt Romney.

Neither Johnson or Goode are being polled to any great extent. In these close races, 3% here and 4% there is the difference between a squeaker and an electoral landslide.  There are reasons Mitt Romney has pulled out of North Carolina, and it isn’t because he is winning.

Scuttlebutt is that Goode is polling extremely well in a very strong GOP district in Virginia.  This is going to do great damage to Romney’s numbers, if it is true.

There is an outside chance that the Senate race in Arizona is going Democrat.  There is more than an outside chance that Michele Bachmann is going to lose her seat (please!).  We’re hearing that Eric Cantor is in trouble. We’re hearing that Allen West is in trouble, and that Bill Nelson is way ahead of Connie Mack.

Anything can happen in that final debate on Monday – anything.

Political reality is money.  The Democrats are raking in the money.  We’re just not sure about the GOP.  There are rumors that Romney has maxed out so many donors that they money is now being given to either the GOP or is being returned to the donor.

There are rumors that his campaign is seriously low on money because of his mismanagement.  There are tales that some staffers have not been paid in months, while others were given hundred thousand dollar bonuses. His family is micro-managing the campaign, which is not a good thing.  He is still fundraising, for himself.  By now, he should be swimming in the cash.

These are the realities.  They have nothing to do with rumors that Obama is a Muslim or Romney has binders full of women. There comes a time when rumors, innuendo, and the false dissemination of allegations that are as accurate as a first grader coloring inside the lines.  After awhile, don’t people get tired of repeating stories that cannot be documented?

What about manners?

In a few weeks, this whole mess is going to be over, finally.  Will you be able to look yourself in the mirror and say that you have conducted yourself the way you should?  Have you harassed, bullied or defamed people?  Are you going to be adult enough to apologize?

There are many damaged feelings this election cycle.  It is worse than others.  Going all out on a campaign is one thing, but when you must ruin a friendship over a stupid election, that’s another.  I know a number of people who claim to be Christians who need to do a heck of a lot of soul searching.   I don’t now about you, but The Pink Flamingo has been treated worse by my so-called Christian friends, than political enemies.

I can forgive.
Can you?
Forgiveness is one thing – trust is another.
I don’t know if I can ever trust anyone who betrayed my friendship over politics.
Can you?

I feel like I’ve conducted myself as a Christian.  I’ve tried not to malign, demean, or bully my friends and relatives.  Can you say the same thing?