Do We Really Need Nukes at This Point?


I had a wonderful history professor who said the three worst Kings of England were considered to be John, Richard II, and James I.   King John liked to bathe, at least every two weeks.  Richard II introduced the use of the handkerchief, and James I brought the fork into polite society.

Anyone who is a student of sociology, culture, trends, and fashion will tell you that there is a certain point at which something that was terribly popular is no longer even acceptable in polite society.  Case in point are the reason men’s suits have buttons on the sleeves.  Before the invention of the handkerchief by Richard II of England, people saw no problem wiping and blowing their nose on the sleeves of their shirt, dress, jacket.

There are trends who are ahead of their time like the handkerchief, and forks, and those that just take awhile. Then there are trends that just no longer make sense, like Pet Rocks.  Among those trends that no longer make sense are nuclear weapons.  Why on earth do we need more than a few tactical nukes for things like blowing up an alien space craft?  We don’t need the big ICBMs.  We don’t need a nuclear missile shield.  Those days are long gone.  Now, though, thanks to Mitt Romney’s bellicose insanity we’re on the brink of a new Cold War – because it will benefit Mitt’s big mega-donors.

This isn’t about taking care of the country, it is about Mitt appeasing his big time donors, nothing more and nothing less.  This is a man who wants to put two trillion back into the DOD, even though the DOD doesn’t want it.

October 21, 2012 1:15 Headline

“…”He may discover the value of Russia as a partner on some issues,” says Andrew Kuchins, the head of the Russia program at the Center for Strategic and International Studies.

U.S.-Russian relations, like international affairs in general, have not been major issues in a presidential campaign dominated by the economy. But they are an area of sharp disagreement between the candidates and could be an issue in Monday’s presidential debate, which will focus on foreign policy.

Obama administration officials see improved relations with Russia as a foreign policy success after years of tension during George W. Bush’s presidency. They cite the opening of a supply corridor to Afghanistan, the signing of a major arms control treaty, known as New Start, and progress on trade issues, including Russia’s entry into the World Trade Organization.

While Russia has often blocked Western initiatives in the U.N. Security Council, it has gone along in key instances. Last year, Moscow abstained in a vote allowing military intervention in Syria, though Russian officials later accused the U.S. and allies of abusing the council’s mandate. In 2010, Russia also backed new sanctions against Iran after a compromise. However, it has opposed further sanctions aimed at curbing Iranian nuclear ambitions.

Recent heated disputes over Syria and Iran and missile defense show that the relationship remains testy and may be getting tense. In a sign of faltering ties, Russian officials said recently that they would not extend a 20-year-old program for U.S. help securing Russia’s nuclear stockpile unless it was substantially overhauled. The Nunn-Lugar program is considered one of the hallmarks of post-Cold War cooperation.

Also, last month, Russia ordered U.S. foreign aid workers out of the country, charging that they were inciting unrest by supporting government opponents.

Romney advisers say Obama has conceded much to Russia and received little in return. They accuse Obama of being weak with Putin, whom they see as bent on undermining democracy at home and abroad and harming U.S. interests wherever he can. They cite Russian opposition to U.S. and European efforts to reign in Iran’s nuclear ambitions and to bring down the Syrian government.

“On every major issue, we have received nothing but intransigence, obstruction, counterproductive behavior,” says Romney foreign policy adviser Alex Wong.

Romney has criticized Obama’s decision to scrap a Bush administration plan for a European missile defense system and replace it with one that was less threatening to Russia. He says this offended important allies like Poland and the Czech Republic, which were to host the original system, and won nothing from Moscow. Indeed, Moscow continues to oppose Obama’s missile defense plans.

Romney also says the New Start treaty accomplished little because Russia’s arsenal was already below treaty limits. The Obama administration says the agreement allowed a resumption of U.S. inspections of Russian weapons facilities that had ceased when a previous treaty expired. If elected, Romney “will reset the reset,” his campaign website says….”

What is wrong with the far right?
Have they lost their minds?
Are they even keeping up with what is going on in Russia today?

Russia has a very serious problem with Islam – militant Islam.  There is a problem with skinheads who are connected to the occult, working with Islam.  Young women are being assimilated into Islam in Russia, and are being used for suicide bombers. At the same time, Putin has been working to restore church to the position it had before the revolution nearly a century ago.  These extremes don’t like the fact that Christianity has been restored to its proper place in Russian society.

The reason for the whole Pussy Riot attack on the church was defame and denigrate it.  They are part of the skinhead, occult culture, opposed to any form of Christianity and the church taking its rightful place in Russian Society.  Aside from The Pink Flamingo, there have been only a few sources in this country or the UK who have bothered with this side of the story.

The Pink Flamingo does not get the far right.  All of my life, until the fall of the Berlin Wall, all the GOP ever stressed was the defeat of the communist world.  All they could talk about was embracing Russia once the USSR had been defeated.  We did that.  My entire childhood contained discussions about how wonderful it would be if Russia were free, and Christians were allowed to practice their faith, openly.

It would be a day this nation would rejoice.

Those days, evidently, have come and gone.  Now, instead of celebrating the fact that Christianity has been returned to its rightful place in Russian society, Mitt Romney wants to start a new Cold War.  His advisers refer to Russia as the USSR.

What the heck is wrong with these people?

Sorry, but I don’t want nukes anywhere near them.  They are so insane, they’d use one.

Anyone who wants a return to the cold war is out of their minds. Then again, that’s about what we’re seeing with Romney, and the GOP he now controls.  They are out of their minds.  If what we saw on Monday night is any indication, the only foreign policy constancy Romney has is his determination to continue the Cold War.

After watching the debate, it is increasingly obvious that Romney cannot be trusted in the complicated world of foreign policy because he has no core, no center, no standards, and believes in basically nothing but does and thinks what he is told.  We just don’t know if he is parroting his wife and oldest son or his agenda driven advisers.  Either way, it is a disaster.



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  1. They want to become wealthier like some did during the Cold War with increasing the DoD budget to reward the defense contractors.

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