Will Romney’s October Surprise Backfire on the GOP?


Everyone is talking about an October Surprise.  From what The Pink Flamingo has been able to uncover, it appears that Romney’s campaign, working in what is illegal collusion with Darrell Isa and Jason Chavetz, has decided to release restricted access documents in an attempt to destroy Barack Obama.  While doing so, they have risked so many lives.

This is one of those little October Surprises that may just backfire on everyone involved.  If you read between the lines, we have a number of Republican officials who are barely legal here.

Dana Milbank wrote:

“…Through their outbursts, cryptic language and boneheaded questioning of State Department officials, the committee members left little doubt that one of the two compounds at which the Americans were killed, described by the administration as a “consulate” and a nearby “annex,” was a CIA base. They did this, helpfully, in a televised public hearing.

Rep. Jason Chaffetz (R-Utah) was the first to unmask the spooks. “Point of order! Point of order!” he called out as a State Department security official, seated in front of an aerial photo of the U.S. facilities in Benghazi, described the chaotic night of the attack. “We’re getting into classified issues that deal with sources and methods that would be totally inappropriate in an open forum such as this.”

A State Department official assured him that the material was “entirely unclassified” and that the photo was from a commercial satellite. “I totally object to the use of that photo,” Chaffetz continued. He went on to say that “I was told specifically while I was in Libya I could not and should not ever talk about what you’re showing here today.”

Now that Chaffetz had alerted potential bad guys that something valuable was in the photo, the chairman, Darrell Issa (R-Calif.), attempted to lock the barn door through which the horse had just bolted. “I would direct that that chart be taken down,” he said, although it already had been on C-SPAN. “In this hearing room, we’re not going to point out details of what may still in fact be a facility of the United States government or more facilities.”

May still be a facility? The plot thickened — and Chaffetz gave more hints. “I believe that the markings on that map were terribly inappropriate,” he said, adding that “the activities there could cost lives.”…”

If you don’t think Mitt Romney and his fawning, lying, cheating, prevaricating, supporters in the House and the media have gone too far, this time, then The Pink Flamingo would like to suggest you take a time out and examine your values.  If you are a conservative, a Republican and think what Darrell Issa has done is acceptable, then either you are nothing but a fake, or you have sold your soul to defeat Obama.  Either way you are ruining your credibility, and are participating in one huge ethical disaster.

There are times when the end does not justify the means.  This is one of them.

When John Kerry now has the moral high ground over the GOP, you know they’ve gone too far.

“…Sen. John Kerry (D-Mass.), the chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, called the release of that information – which is sensitive, but not classified – “a moment of real incompetence and irresponsibility.” Kerry’s committee is one of several on Capitol Hill investigating the Sept. 11 attacks.

“The wholesale release of State Department documents by the House Oversight Committee has exposed Libyan nationals working with the United States to possible danger,” Kerry said in a statement Saturday. “This is irresponsible and inexcusable, and perhaps worst of all it was entirely avoidable. It is profoundly against America’s interests in a difficult region.”

“It’s bad enough that it’s becoming a political sideshow presumably driven by the calendar of Monday’s upcoming presidential debate, but even worse is that in their rush to make news they’ve exposed Libyans who were working side by side with America,” Kerry continued….”

Okay, so you’re not convinced?  Let’s count the ways.

  1. Issa didn’t bother to redact the names of Libyan civilians and local leaders mentioned in the cables, and just as with the WikiLeaks dump of State Department cables last year, the administration says that Issa has done damage to U.S. efforts to work with those Libyans and exposed them to physical danger from the very groups that had an interest in attacking the U.S. …”
  2. Because Mike Rogers, chairman of the  House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence refused to hold public hearings on Libya, thereby exposing agents, and people working with the US, along with countries like the UK, John Boehner and Eric Cantor allowed Darrell Issa and Jason Chaffetz to hold PUBLIC hearings in the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform.
  3. The members of this committee do not have the security credentials to handle restricted access, eyes only information – which Issa promptly made public.
  4. Why did Issa not redact the information?
  5. Why did the leadership of the House over-ride the Intel Committee and allow restricted access information to be leaked to the public?
  6. What about the agents who have been betrayed?
  7. What is going to happen to those who are working with us?  Is it acceptable to see them slaughtered – for the greater good – getting Mitt Romney elected?
  8. Why have CIA safe houses been betrayed?
  9. What role does former UN Ambassador and Romney adviser Mitt Romney play in this?  It is a known fact that Bolton does not think much of the CIA.  He would rather see them disbanded, or taken away from the State Department  and just use military intelligence or put the CIA under the military.
  10. Does Mitt Romney plan to go along with John Bolton’s idea of dumping the CIA in favor of military intel?
  11. Reports are that Jason Chaffetz, another Romney supporter, was in Libya a few days before September 11.  What role does hie play in this debacle?
  12. Is it true part of this is to not only destroy Barack Obama’s re-election chances but also to ruin any possibility of Hillary Clinton running in 2016?
  13. “...A senior State Department official wrote in to The Cable to contest Hill’s assertion the State Department had an opportunity to work with the committee to identity sensitive information in the documents before they were released by Issa. “Many of the documents the committee posted weren’t provided by State. So there wasn’t any discussion about their sensitivity prior to the committee revealing them for all to see,” the official said. “Had State been given that opportunity, we’d have taken it and pointed out what documents needed to be handled with extreme care so as not to endanger anyone.”…”

This isn’t about national security.  It is about betrayal of national Security.  It is about a group of men and women who are basically willing to throw the entire country under the bus, in order to insure that a POTUS who is of a different race, is unseated.

There is a principle at stake here.  It’s about honor. It’s about putting the country before party.  Once upon a time good men and women of honor did just that.  Today, it’s about winning, at all cost, no matter who or what is destroyed, even the country.

The Romney Way is infecting leaders The Pink Flamingo thought would never fall for his power before honor, win at all costs. I keep asking myself why people would betray just about everything to get this man elected.  What is his hold over them?

Why do they hate Obama that much, or love power and ambition more?

When I was a kid, adults would talk about the fall of this country, putting it into perspective with the fall of the Roman Empire.  The real reason Rome fell was not because of lead pipes, foreign invasions, or the decadence of the people.  Rome fell because the leadership of the empire put their rank personal and blind ambition ahead of everything else. There are times when I wonder if Mitt Romney isn’t America’s Caligula, and all it implies.

What I don’t understand is why the right continues to go along with this.  Then, it dawned on me.  Why should I be surprised.  This is a party that has given a pass to the likes of Michele Bachmann.  Steve King is never even castigated for being part of a program with Peter Brimelow, who has a brother who was the leader of the National Socialist Party.  Michelle Malkin is the darling of the far right, no matter than she is nothing but a bigot who also associated with Brimelow.

There are now no standards within the GOP.  When goodly men and women continue to spread lies, to continue to spread hate, and continue to be blinded by the gentle bigotry of far right hate, we have a party that is falling apart at the seams.  It will never recover, I fear.

(FYI – There’s some interesting background on Darrell Issa you might want to try and find.  Allegedly he was once convicted of auto theft.  There was also a suspicious fire in a building he owned.  Nothing could be proven.)




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  1. When are Republicans in leadership going to get a backbone and stand up for the truth and quit trying to make Libya a political issue. Obviously they don’t understand intel and how it takes a lot to put the puzzle pieces together. Instead of waiting for the pieces to fall in place, Issa put out intel that contained the names of those who have been helping the US in Libya thus putting them in danger. IMHO he should be forced out of the House for his actions.

    Why wasn’t Chairman Rogers of Intel put in charge of this investigation? Was it because it would be bi-partisan behind closed doors not out in front of the world? Inquiring minds would like to know!

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