PART III: The GOP Needs a Rand Purge Before They Destroy the Country


The US has a problem with debt.  Anyone who thinks we don’t is living in a fool’s paradise.  It is a serious problem, but it is not the problem the libertarian right wants us to believe it is.  You can do it several ways.  The Simpson-Bowles Commission is rational, but they are not doing enough with taxes.  The problem is the fact that everyone, every entity in the country should be required to pay the same amount, no matter who or what they are, once a minimum has been established.

One of the worst parts of Randian economics is the fact that the advocates think, for some strange reason, the ultra wealthy and corporations are more important that We the Little People.  They think that there is some great virtue in the simple fact that they are wealthy and we aren’t.  Wealth and success are enough to insure legitimacy, honor, and virtue, no matter how it is gained.  Wealth, and maintaining that wealth, even if the country is destroyed, is all that matters.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with the accumulation of wealth and great wealth.  The Pink Flamingo aspires to do just that.  BUT – I look on it like I do everything else.  If you achieve something by destroying someone, something else, what good is it?  No, Ayn Rand would think I am an utter failure in life.

Fix the Debt is made up of a group of non profits. They are called “pro-prosperity” organizations, designed to help business keep from paying taxes, and “educating” their employees as to what is right and what is wrong. BIPAC, which claims to be a pro-prosperity group, is actually part of Karl Rove’s Crossroads funding monster.

Corp Watch

It is rather fascinating that one of the groups, Keep America Great, is so new it doesn’t have a web presence.


The Pink Flamingo thinks there is absolutely nothing wrong with the Simpson-Bowles commission and what Erskin Bowles and Alan Simpson are endeavoring to do. If Fix the Debt would do just that, then it is a laudable idea. The problem, that I see is the reliance on the CEO as an economic genius.

The real problem here, is these CEOs, who live in their own little yes-man bubble, who require their employees to be brainwashed to vote for those they think will be better for them, don’t live in reality. They don’t mind austerity, as long as they profit from it.

“…Two stories seemed to tell a contradictory story this week. One said that European countries like Greece were “closing their spending gap,” while another said that their overall debt was soaring.

Here’s how that happens: When a country’s economy is collapsing from within, investors don’t feel as safe lending it money and its interest rates go up. When it goes up too quickly it increases the overall national debt. And if the austerity measures also inhibit economic growth, government debt becomes a larger percentage of the overall economy. That’s what’s happening in Europe’s troubled countries.

Where it isn’t happening is here in the United States, even though the austerity mavens have been warning us for years that we’ll see our interest rates soar unless we immediately — immediately! — enact the kinds of steep spending cuts we’ve seen in Europe. But austerity’s ever-shrill avatars are undaunted by reality. Our Alan Simpsons and Erskine Bowleses keep on shrieking that we must follow Europe’s path or we’re avoiding our “moment of truth.”

Here’s the real truth: Every time these European nations have made austerity cuts it’s made their economies worse — and increased their debt. Meanwhile investors are essentially paying the U.S. Treasury to let them lend us money — money we’re not using to create badly-needed jobs here at home.

Yet all we hear from Washington is chatter about a “Grand Bargain,” when we should be talking about a “Grand Borrowing” — a smart and targeted short-term plan that would jump-start our economy, put millions of people back to work, and cut the debt more effectively in the long run….”


Thanks to the likes of the Cato Institute, the Koch Brothers, Paul Ryan, Rand Paul, Americans for Prosperity, etc. etc. ad nauseum, we are


In an effort to cut costs, American universities are cutting classes in engineering, nursing, and computer science. It is now so bad, and Americans are so ill educated because of this, Microsoft is going outside the country to recruit foreigners to take thousands of very high paying jobs that Americans are no longer qualified to perform.

“...That’s what makes it so creepy how Rand and her followers clearly get off on hating and bashing those they perceived as weak–Rand and her followers have a kind of fetish for classifying weaker, poorer people as “parasites” and “lice” who need to swept away. This is exactly the sort of sadism, bashing the helpless for kicks, that Rand’s hero Hickman would have appreciated. What’s really unsettling is that even former Central Bank chief Alan Greenspan, whose relationship with Rand dated back to the 1950s, did some parasite-bashing of his own….”

This is not rocket science, folks. We live in a consumer driven economy. When consumers don’t have money to spend, the economy shuts down like it has been doing for the past 4 years or so. Why on earth do you think that GWB insisted that people go do their patriotic duty and spend money after 9/11? It was to keep the economy going, stupid! That’s why my greatest objection to Barack Obama in 2008 was when he said people needed to start being smart with their money, stop spending so much. Yes, he was right, but it was the wrong thing to say at the wrong time. And, yes, We the Little People have taken his advice and have paid down the credit cards. Our individual debt is less than it has been in years. That is a laudable thing. It is also one of the problems with our economy.

Exiled On Line

We are dealing with a group of narcissistic sociopaths who think they are entitled, by the fact that they have so much, to pay a smaller percentage of taxes than We The Little People.


One of the worst problems with the Randians who now control the GOP, the right leaning media, the talking heads, and their paid minions on line is that they are woefully ignorant of history.  Like all totalitarian leaning fascist ideologies, the Randian Corporatists have chosen to re-write history in order to brainwash and control those who would chose to follow them. In this modern age, it only works so well.  There are still those of us who know the difference and chose to exercise our right to think and learn as individuals.

When you chose to create a depression through the type of austerity that has caused the mess in Greece, you cause people to suffer.  When too many people suffer and their lives become so bad, they don’t care what happens, several things happen.  None of them are good.  In Greece, the neo-Nazis are gaining control quickly.  This is how Hitler came to power.

Gross inequity that is facing Greece and appears to be heading here causes revolutions, like the French and Russian Revolutions.  The corporate CEOs who think they are better than everyone else, are woefully ignorant individuals.  If the Koch Brothers were to get their way, and the minimum wage be dropped along with social programs, how long to you think they would be allowed to keep their wealth before the people in this country rebelled?

If the GOP does not purge Ayn Rand and those who worship her, not only is the party going to be doomed, not that it already isn’t, but they are going to doom the country.



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  1. Unfortunately it is going to be nigh next to impossible to wean our politicians from such a lucrative pandering method…and ourselves; if the American people had stood firm and provided a united front, we would have less trouble with enacting a purge.
    Unfortunately, we gave in to fear (and now our worst fears may be soon upon us).

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