The Great Far Right GOP Character Deficit


For years, The Pink Flamingo has been defending liberal Memphis Congressman Steve Cohen from the vicious attacks against him, from the right.  There’s a reason for that.  Cohen has been a very good friend to my sister’s family for nearly 30 years.   I happen to know the character of the man.  He is a good person, honorable and decent.

After observing what the GOP has become, these past few years, it is impossible to ignore the Great Far Right GOP Character Deficit.  It has reached the point where, I truly wonder if they even know the definition of character, let alone have any. If “Character” is defined as of moral or ethical quality, honesty, courage of the like, integrity, let’s face it, the GOP under Mitt Romney and the Tea Party influence is any example, they have been found lacking to the point where they have none.


Do you want examples?

Take CA Congressman Howard ‘Buck’ McKeon.  The Pink Flamingo has been hearing, from a colleague, how dirty McKeon was.  Then, I was forwarded a link to this article with the comment, that “I knew he was dirty, but it is even worse!”

I have long said that Jim DeMint is one of the most depraved individuals in Washington.  Like many of the tea party far right, DeMint is literally owned by Americans for Prosperity.  He has basically sold his soul for power, and probably for very nice donations to his PAC.   He now sets himself up as the bastion, the power-broker, the make or brake person in Washington.  Thanks to AFP money, he’s become just about that.  In doing so he has degraded the GOP to the point where the party, once stable, once very selective about the individuals who ran as Republican, has become a joke. The only ethic that counts is allegiance, not to the country, not to the GOP, but the hand that owns them.

The same holds true of Rand Paul, Ron Paul, Eric Cantor, and the Boy Wonder, Paul Ryan.  They are owned, literally, by Americans for Prosperity, and  Crossroads GPS.  In fact, this current election cycle is all about Crossroads GPS and Karl Rove.  It is about purchasing the country for a handful of extreme far right, John Birch leaning donors.  As long as you sell your soul to them, you get the world handed to you, on a silver tray.

We have a nominee who has so much trouble telling factual accuracies, and is so mendacious, no one is bothering to keep up with his “myths“.  If  Mendacious Mitt were a Democrat the press would be all over him.  Unfortunately, he is a Republican – the very embodiment of the GOP’s version of Waterloo.  He has crossed the Republican Rubicon, to eventually bring down the party.  The worst of it, the hatred the right has for Barack Obama is so great, so spoon fed by Mendacious Mitt’s prevaricating panderers of the press that good men and women are no longer able to differentiate between factual accuracy and “myth”.   They have truly proven the old saying that, if you tell a lie long enough, it becomes the truth.

It’s like the old story about a frog and boiling water.  If you put a frog in cold water and slowly turn up the heat, it will never notice that it is being cooked to death.  If you put one in hot water, it jumps out and saves itself.   And  –  that’s the problem.  Thanks to at least twenty years of Rush Limbaugh, good, decent, honorable men and women have been so slowly indoctrinated that they are no longer capable of even considering information from another source.  If Rush has, over the years, labeled it, “left” then they automatically reject any fact, even those that can be verified, as a socialist, Democrat lie.

It started out as cold water, gradually turning up the heat with FOX Tabloid News, Sean Hannity, Mark Levin, Laura Ingraham, Michael Medved, and then Glenn Beck.  No one even stopped to fact check.  No one even questioned if that momentous moment when the first tea party occurred, if it were a set-up.  It was.  Instead of being fact checked and treated with skepticism, the story grew, became myth, and was allowed to fester into the abject disaster of the Tea Party take-over of Congress in 2010.  No one even bothered to character check the individuals who ran on this platform that government is bad, Obama is evil, and the country is hanging by a thread.

We now have a political machine that is pure propaganda.  We have a nation of brain-washed individuals, good men and women, who are no longer capable of doing their own fact-checking.  Oh, they will, but they only read what they’re told are proper sources.  They don’t bother asking if these sources are accurate and verifiable.  All that matters is that they are ideologically correct and reinforce their opinion that Barack Obama and the Democrats are the embodiment of evil.  Heaven forbid they even open their closed minds long enough to consider the fact that Obama is a born-again Christian.  That doesn’t fit the lie.  It doesn’t fit the meme that he is a Muslim.  It doesn’t matter that he has stated, repeatedly, that he isn’t.  All that matters is that they’ve been told he’s lying.

It doesn’t matter that Mendacious Mitt does nothing but lie. They’ve been told that he doesn’t.  Their opinions are backed up by FOX Tabloid News, Sean Hannity, Rush Limbaugh, Michael Medved, Laura Ingraham, Mark Levin, and Glenn Beck.  It is backed up by the poison pen drippings of Michelle Malkin, R. S. McCain, and a world of ‘independently’ thinking conservative columnist bloggers and writers.  Never mind that, as Rush Limbaugh has said of the left, they are conference called every morning at eight and told what to do and say. If you don’t want people to notice what you’re doing, you lie and say the other side is doing it.

They have slowly built a myth.  They are slowly revising history, led by their very own David Barton, their very own propaganda machine.  Glenn Beck thinks his work is wonderful.  So does Michael Medved, Mark Levin, Rush Limbaugh, etc. etc. ad nauseum.  Never mind that his work is so inaccurate even his publisher has dumped him and recalled his books.  That’s a liberal plot, Glenn Beck tells us as he wipes a tear from his blood shot, perhaps coked-over eye.  No one ever bothers to ask of Beck is sober or still using cocaine, like he once did.  All that matters is the truth, no matter how untrue that truth is.  What matters is that Barton is “correcting” the falsities of liberal, socialist revisionist history of the past half century.  They don’t bother telling you that Barton is doing the same thing on the right, only he is making up new facts.  It fits the narrative.

The frog has been cooked so slowly, it is unable to even comprehend that people like Glenn Beck have a weird agenda.  It doesn’t want to understand that Rush Limbaugh is owned by a company that belongs to Bain Capital as are many of the other talking heads.  They don’t even want to consider the possibility that these individuals, these good patriotic men and women don’t give a damn about factual accuracy and are doing what they told to do, to keep their jobs.

It’s a liberal lie, I tell you.  Anyone who dares bring up the topic is told that they no longer care about the country.  That Obama must be eliminated, at any cost.  You ask why, and you are told he is destroying the country, just look at the economy.  When you point out that people are going back to work and close to a million additional people would be working of the GOP in in the House and Senate were not in collusion with Rove, Luntz, Ailes, and the Kochs to ruin Obama, well, you’re delusional.  Never mind that verifiable fact proves the point.

Never mind that we’re producing more oil than ever before, and that under Obama’s plan we will exceed Saudi Arabia in the production and export of oil within the next 8 years.  That’s a damn lie, we’re told.  No one in their right mind would even look at the verifiable facts.  It’s the same thing with taxes, which are lower now than in ages.  It’s the same thing with the fact that of all the industrialized nations only one other country has a lower corporate tax rate.  That doesn’t fit the anti-business narrative, even if the facts are verifiable.   It doesn’t matter that all those new weapons the right promotes really don’t work, aren’t wanted, and line the pockets of the politicians who do what they are told.  That doesn’t fit the narrative that Obama hates the military. Obamacare being verbatim what Romneycare is?  No.  It’s not true.  The Right says that it isn’t – no matter that the same people who put Obamacare together are the very same experts who did Romneycare.  That doesn’t fit the narrative of the right.

When it is pointed out that Michelle Malkin is a racist bigot who writes for white supremacist leaning Vdare, it is ignored.  It is ignored that the person she writes for has an identical twin brother who was once the leader of the national socialist party in this country.  Those people don’t exist, even when you have photos of Steve King at meetings with them.  It’s photo-shopped.  There’s no such thing as the KKK, white supremacists, Stormfront, neo-Nazi movement.  You’re insane.  No matter that there is verifiable fact, putting Tom Tancredo with them, or that the entire Christian right movement owes its start to David Duke’s mailing list.

Once upon a time, the GOP put a halt to David Duke.  He was kicked out of the party.  How he must be laughing at the fact that one of the original creators of the tea party comes from a family where his father was a member of the KKK or that Neo-Nazis are openly recruiting at tea party meetings.  It doesn’t matter that a major tea party founder in the South is also connected with the CofCC and Stormfront.  It’s a damn liberal lie. Verifiable facts mean nothing.  Sean Hannity, who makes fun of anyone who says there are these people involved in the tea parties, never bothers mentioning that one of his best friends, the godfather to one of his children, was just released from prison.  He’s a “former” neo-Nazi leader – verified fact.

They never bother mentioning that the leadership of the Washington Times is still well connected with these same people.  It isn’t true. Only losers mention neo-Nazis, white supremacists, and the KKK.  Why, there are NO racists in the GOP, only good, God-fearing men and women who want to protect this nation from the evils of Islam.

Which brings us to the so-called leaders of the anti-Islamic movement.  Pam Geller never puts it on her resume that her money comes from a car dealership she and her late, ex-hubby owned.  They specialized in selling hot, fast cars to drug dealers.  She never mentions the two Brooklyn cops who died because of the drug dealers in and out of her business.  She also never mentions the fact that she and Robert Spencer have extremist far right (as in neo you know what) ties in all those anti-Islamic European “leaders” they hang out with.  You might want to ask about Sheldon Adelson’s connection to these people. You might also want to inquire as to why George W. Bush never really pushed the reinstatement of her good bud, John Bolton, as UN Ambassador.

Oh, wait, those kind of people don’t exist.

Where does this stop?

It stops when good men and women stand up and say ENOUGH! It stops when we are capable of comprehending the fact that character is far more important than political ideology.  It stops when those who just can’t possibly comprehend what you are trying to say, stop denigrating.

The Pink Flamingo has lost friends over the fact that I refuse to put up with what is going on in the GOP.  I’ve lost friends because I have standards that do not allow for me to vote for a man as abjectly lacking in character as Mitt Romney.  I’ve lost friends because I’ve dared state that Barack Obama, as a person, is far superior to Mitt Romney as a person. One of the hallmarks of the encroaching totalitarian mindset of the new far right, the new GOP, is that you are no longer allowed to have an opinion and not be castigated about it.

I’ve been called the following:
Marxist Bitch
(word deleted) Bitch
Mentally ill

People forget that we have a right to have an opinion, it’s called freedom.  We still have freedom – as long as you don’t work for the Koch Brothers, Sheldon Adelson, or numerous mega-buck supporters of Mitt Romney.  Then you must vote as you are told, or you will lose your job. (That’s also proven fact).

The most hurtful thing happened the other day, when a very good friend, informed me I’ve never been a real Republican, and I know it.  If I were a real Republican, I would not have voted for Barack Obama.  Why not admit that I’ve always been a Democrat.  No matter that verifiable fact states that I’ve been a Republican all my life.

What I’ve learned in all of this is that from now on, I will never look at “party” when voting for a person.  Right now, if I were living in Memphis, where my sister lives, I’d be voting for Steve Cohen.  I am well aware he’s one of the most liberal members of Congress.  He’s also one of the most decent and most honorable.  I’ve learned something.  If we were to ignore party epitaphs and ideology and only vote for men and women who reflected the honor and decency of a Steve Cohen, we would have a much better country.  When it comes to honor and character, Michele (Bat Sh*t Crazy) Bachmann isn’t fit to even be in the same building with him.  Then again neither is Paul Ryan, Eric Cantor, or Ron Paul.

I guess that’s why I voted, again, for Steve Pearce.  Yes, I’m annoyed with his embrace of Mitt Romney.  But, Steve Pearce is a truly honorable man of character.  Oh, I was so angry with Susana Martinez that I thought about voting a straight Dem ticket for the first time, ever, but then I thought about Heather Wilson, who is fighting an uphill battle.  (She’s a person of honor and decency.  In today’s GOP Senate, that’s something no one even needs. She doesn’t worship the Koch Brothers or Americans for Prosperity, and Jim DeMint doesn’t want her there).  I thought about Steve Pearce.  They are both good people.

From now on, I only vote for men and women of good, verifiable character.  That’s why I voted for Barack Obama.  I would have voted for Gary Johnson, who is also a man of character, but I don’t approve of the Rand thing.  I did not vote for Mitt Romney because he has no character.  If our leaders have no character, what does that say about us?




2 thoughts on “The Great Far Right GOP Character Deficit

  1. Amusing to read the list of names you have been called. I don’t know which is worse- to be called names or to be ignored. When you get to be as old as I am, nobody pays any attention to what you say because they think you are crazy anyway. Well, I’ve always been a Democrat, but I vote Republican from time to time when I like the candidate. I also consider myself a conservative.(And there are Democrats as well as Republicans I dislike. I have my favorites in both parties, so I don’t always put the party first) There used to be liberals and conservatives in both parties, but the Republican party is being purged of everyone, who is not in the far right. No doubt about that. The parties won’t be able to work together and in my opinion that is dangerous. What’s more is you haven’t seen the blood lust in the Republican party yet. Just wait until after the election. I read today that the Liberty For All Super PAC, whatever that is, plan to put their money toward toppling a prominent U.S. Senator, whom they will not name until after the election. The rumor is that it is Lindsey Graham. As for news, I love my C-Span channels.

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