Between Obama and a Hard Place


Deciding to vote for Barack Obama was not an easy thing, not for this life-long Republican.  But, it had to be done.  There are numerous reasons why, but maybe the most important one is the fact that Barack Obama is the most conservative candidate in the race. Mitt Romney may be running as a “conservative” Republican, but he is anything but.

The beauty of this is that Romney has a record that goes back many years.  When he decided to run against Ted Kennedy for Senate, he ran on a pro-abortion platform, running more liberal than the liberal Kennedy.  In fact, his wife said that, before Romney became a Republican for that race, they didn’t even know any Republicans.  She, herself, was a donor to Planned Parenthood.

This brings me to Point Number One:  Barack Obama is not as liberal as the far right, FOX,  Rush, Sean, Medved, Ingraham, Beck, and the usual sources have portrayed him to be.  His politics line up with those of Bill Clinton who is a little left of center.  Once you get beyond their lies, you might discover that he has cut spending (I know, it sounds crazy), and he has actually lowered a number of different taxes and excise taxes.

Mitt Romney, on the other hand, never met an excise tax he didn’t like.  He never met a usage tax he didn’t like.  He raised so many fees in Mass when he was governor, that many were immediately repealed when he left office.

Point Number Two:  Mitt Romney is a narcissistic psychopath. The Pink Flamingo has been reading up on this subject, because I’m in the process of writing my first murder mystery.  Romney is classic.  That is why he lies.  He believes only in Mitt Romney and what it will take to get Mitt Romney what Mitt Romney wants.  He will lie, cheat, and steal to achieve his goals.

Contrary to the canards of the far right, Barack Obama is not a liar.  We’re being told that to obfuscate the lies of Mitt Romney. It’s like last week when he said that Obama would lie during the debate.  He’s automatically telling us he will do just that.

Point Number Three: Barack Obama’s story is one of up from the boot-straps. He built his own life.  He did it himself.  Sure, he admits that he was a screw-up, but then he grew up and made something of himself.

Mitt Romney was born with a platinum spoon in his mouth.  He earned his position at Bain Capital the hard way, Daddy Bought It.  He was surrounded by managers, and people who did his work for him.  Some of his decisions, most of them, cost the company millions.  He personally oversaw a company that was fined millions for Medicare fraud.  His management of the Salt Lake City Olympics was successful because of a tax-payer bail-out of tens of millions of dollars.

Point Number Four:  The conservative, destroy Barack Obama at all costs is finally taking its toll, on The Pink Flamingo.  I never thought to experience MY GOP, the party I’ve spent my life working in, and for, to become so disgustingly dishonest.

For the record, Obama has lowered taxes, NOT raised them.  We are paying lower taxes than we have in years.  He has NOT done done away with these idiotic gun sales, instead, his administration has licensed another 300 people to sell guns at these gun shows.  The reason there is a shortage of ammunition is because everyone is believing the lies told by Fox.  We are drilling more oil, and exporting more than at anytime in our history.  The only reason he did not authorize the Keystone pipeline is because REPUBLICAN governors in several Midwest states, did not want it going through their aquifers. The liberals are complaining that Obama, when you look at what he has actually done, and NOT what the Limbaugh-Fox lies tell you has governed like a normal Republican. No thanks to the GOP House, he has actually brought spending way down this year.

The GOP has refused to pass a jobs bill for Vets. They refused to pass the highway infrastructure bill – which is funded by our gas taxes.  If the had done this, at least 250,000 more people would have jobs today.  Those jobs would have led to more jobs.  BUT – the House had to do anything they could to make Obama look bad.  (That is on record).

There comes a time when elected officials should put country before party.  We’re not seeing it.  Everything is being done to get Romney elected – no matter what.

Oh, and contrary to the lies, Barack Obama NOT Mitt Romney, is a born again Christian, with a magnificent testimony.  He loves the Lord. BUT, so many lies have been told, no one will believe it.

All of this led to a confrontation with a friend, a few weeks ago.

I have a question:  Why won’t you read anything that is contrary to what you believe?  Are you so afraid you might have your preconceived ideas challenged by documented fact?

Why is it so difficult to give Republicans who support Obama the benefit of the doubt? Do you have so very little respect for me that you just think I would spend my life lying about being a Republican, working for Reagan, Bush, Bush, Dole, Bush, Bush, McCain… Am I that stupid and that much of a liar?  Do the thank you notes on my wall mean nothing, or did I lie and fake those?

Do I not possess the individual capacity to think and reason for myself, or must I do what I am told to do, think as I am told, and vote as I am told?  That’s not exactly freedom, and I thought you believed in freedom – fought for freedom.

It’s too bad you don’t comprehend the fact that there are a heck of a lot of us out there, who refuse to vote for a psychopath, a liar, and a man who belongs to a religious cult.  You might also be a little shocked to learn, that there are a heck of a lot of Mormons who refuse to vote for Romney because they don’t approve of the way he is presenting their religion.

Maybe I think you are betraying Reagan for supporting Romney, ever thought about that?

It’s too bad you have so little respect for me, for what I do, that you won’t even give me the benefit of the doubt or even consider what I write, or even bother checking my sourcing, which is  impeccable.

By insulting, by refusing to even consider the possibility that I am accurate in what I write, you insult my entire life’s work.  I am a historian.  I have 4 published books, two nonfiction, that rely heavily on accurate documentation.  If I don’t properly document my political writing, it impacts what I do in my other writing.  Would I be so stupid as to compromise everything I’ve spent my life doing?

Do you have so little regard for me, for my intellect, so little respect for the fact that I try to base my life on factual accuracy?

This is what I dislike most about the GOP under Romney.  People almost have scales on their eyes, buying into the factual inaccuracies, the provable lies that have been told so many times by FOX, Rush, Hannity that they have become “truth”.  Do you know that Hannity’s best friend, the godfather of one of his children, is a Neo-Nazi who was just released from prison and is now in a half-way house?  Guess you don’t believe that.  Do you know that Steve King recently took part in a seminar that was sponsored by the CofCC, the public face of Stormfront, which is the leading white supremacist site online, and that he worked with Peter Brimelow, who has an identical twin brother, John who was the leader of the National Socialist party in this country?  Or, that dear little Michelle Malkin writes for Brimelow’s site – Vdare?

Does any of this matter?  This is PROVABLE fact.  I’ve spent the past 7 years of my life documenting the influence of the John Birch Society, neo-nazis, far right, KKK, white supremacists on the GOP?  I guess you think that I am delusional, right?  I guess I’m just a fool, for being able to link Mitt Romney to the John Birch Society.  I guess I’m a fool because i happen to know that these are the very people Ronald Reagan kicked out of the GOP and William F. Buckley said would destroy the country.  I guess I’m a delusional fool, right?

I guess you don’t believe me when I say that I have printed out over 2000 pages of documentation about this, or that I am working on a book on the subject, of connecting all the dots.

I guess I’m a fool because I happened to vote for Obama because he is NOT a communist, he is a Christian, and is basically following GWB’s agenda.  But- because I refuse to worship Ayn Rand, think that Paul Ryan is a jerk, and that Mitt Romney is the worst thing that could happen to this country, I’m a fool.


Obamacare is based on Romneycare

Romney raised “fees” in Mass to the point where the day after he left office the new gov signed an executive order, doing away with them.

Romney’s tenure as gov was so bad for business the state had the 2nd worst unemployment rate in the country.

He ruled by veto – over 400 of them.

He refused to allow same sex couples to have birth certificates for their adopted children.

He left office with one of the lowest popularity rates of any governor in the country.

If he was such a failure as a governor, how can he be POTUS?

I guess I’m just a lying, delusional fool, right?


3 thoughts on “Between Obama and a Hard Place

  1. This HAS to be a spoof! Outside of getting Bin Laden, everything associated with Obama’s domestic and foreign policy is a DISASTER! He’s anti-Constitution, anti-American, anti-Christian, anti-semite, anti-business, has NEVER started a business let along held a job, a baby killer, he’s a bigot, and frankly a meglomaniac! Bottom line: this is one weird dude!

  2. Fortunately, The Pink Flamingo does not drink the far right Kool-aid! Everything you have said about Obama is factually inaccurate. I don’t deal in “truth”, I deal in documented, facts. There’s a difference. “Truth” can be anything you want it to be.


  3. It’s hard to believe that Obama is following GWB’s agenda. Just today, Obama said that to vote for Romney was to go back to the policies that got the country into such a mess. One of the rallying cries to vote democratic has been the fact that 70% of Romney’s staff comes from the Bush administration. They ask voters not to let Romney finish what the GOP started.

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