Third World Voting in the Good Old US of A


If astronauts on board the space station don’t have a problem casting a vote and getting it to count then why the H – E – Double Toothpick is it so hard down here on Earth?

It doesn’t matter who you voted for, who you support, or what party you belong.  What matters is voting.  What also matters is that people are being forced to wait in lines for hours.  This is 2012 in the United States of America.  If we can instantaneously download movies, email all over the world, and tweet at the speed of sloth, then there is no excuse for what is going on in this country.

This isn’t a rant about party, who won or who lose.  In many ways, We the People have lost because we’ve allowed ourselves to be made fools of when it comes to voting.  When the UN decides to send observers in, to watch our voting process, we should hang our heads in shame.

It is deplorable, that plain and simple.  We are voting like a third world tin-plated dictatorship. Something needs to change, and quickly. In Virginia, at least two hours after polls were closed, people were still standing outside, in the cold, waiting to vote. We should be ashamed.  As a nation we should be ashamed of the fact that men and women reported late to work, losing much needed salary to vote.  As a nation, those men and women should be hailed as heroes.  It’s nothing for The Pink Flamingo to pick and choose a day, here in New Mexico, and simply walk in, visit with the poll workers I know, walk right up, sign in, get a ballot, vote, and am in ten minutes.  I would have been out in five had I not stopped to visit with the poll workers.

THAT is the way voting should be.  It should not be a hardship.  It should be quick, easy, painless, and fun.  It shouldn’t be a trial, a trauma, and a battle. Voting should be quick and easy.

Each state has its own voting laws.  Perhaps for the presidential election, we need a set of national rules.  We need standardized forms, machines, and rules.  Every state needs to have the same amount of early voting, which really does work.  New Mexico has something like 2 weeks.  Why not do that?

Voting is an honor.  It should also be mandatory.  Every American citizen should be automatically registered to vote the moment they reach the age of 18.  Voting registration laws are antiquated and draconian.  Have a set of standard laws and deal with it.

Let’s be honest here.  It sure looks like the right wants to restrict who votes.  The left wants to allow people to vote without identification.  A person should be required to provide some sort of valid identification that proves who they are, where they live, and that they are who they say the are.  I biometric national identification card would solve that problem.

Oh, but wait.  We can’t do that.  They hysterical conspiracy theory fools don’t like it.  Maybe that’s the real problem.  The idiot fringe constantly prevents logical progress.  If they were not so well organized and well financed maybe we could do better as a nation.  I suspect we need a sanity clause.