Getting Along


Some say the world will end in fire,
Some say in ice.
From what I’ve tasted of desire
I hold with those who favor fire.
But if it had to perish twice,
I think I know enough of hate
To say that for destruction ice
Is also great
And would suffice.
Robert Frost

The Pink Flamingo has learned something quite profound this election cycle.  I will admit to spending my life as the most partisan Republican the world has ever known.  When the GOP nominated Mitt Romney, and went insanely tea party, I had to stop and reconsider my take on the world.  I’ve realized what a total fool I have been about people and ideology.

There are those on the far right have a tendency to think that they are the only ones who love the United States. They think they are the only ones who know what is best for it.  Then, there are those on the far left have a tendency to think that they are the only ones who love the United States. They think they are the only ones who know what is best for it. Neither side will even admit that they both love this country. Neither side will admit that the other cares as much for the US as much as the other does.  And – that’s the problem.

I’ve come to discover that those who are denounced as Democrats and liberals have a tendency to be better educated, better manners, better table manners, greater interest in the arts, and, contrary to what we’ve been told, have a better sense of humor.  I’m not talking about the far left, just normal people.  Thing is, I’ve been learning that a heck of a lot of the people I’ve been interacting with are former Republicans!

Since the election, the minions of the far right have lost their minds.  They threaten, lie, manipulate, bully, and harass.  Evidently, there aren’t as many of these people as they want you to think there are.  This makes sense.  Years ago, The Pink Flamingo discovered that the John Tanton networks had a way of vastly over-inflating their numbers to appear more powerful than they are.  I’m beginning to believe the same thing is true with the tea parties, patriots, libertarians, and the nasty right.  I’m also beginning to suspect they are some of the same people.

Lo and behold, I’ve learned there are just as many people who are Democrats who identify themselves as Christian as are minions of the far right.  They love their country as much as the far right. They support the military as much.  They are just as patriotic.  So, why have we allowed ourselves to be brainwashed to the contrary?

The Pink Flamingo is ashamed to admit I was one of the brainwashed.  Never again will I allow that to happen.  The beginning of the end for me came when I stopped watching FOX Tabloid News about a year ago.  Then I turned off the talking heads.  It was great. I’ve been accused of relying on liberal sources for the news.  I admit, I like “liberal” sources.  If a Republican can hold up under their onslaught, we have something.

Never again will I allow myself to be coaxed into supporting an individual because of party relationships.  I’m embarrassed, but now enlightened.  I am also afraid that I must admit that this day and age, Democrats are nicer than the Mitt Romney incarnation of the GOP.

I will also willingly admit that the far right is absolutely delusional.   I think we must blame the conservative media for that.


One thought on “Getting Along

  1. The far right and the far left have a lot in common (most of the despicable things I’ve heard this go around I’ve heard before during ’00 and ’04, or even before than during Reagan’s terms or Clinton’s, although not so much during Clinton’s and I’m not sure he didn’t deserve some approbation: certainly imho he deserved it more than Reagan, the two Bushes, and yes even Obama, as he was truth be told a rather vile person; it is telling how Nixon, Clinton, and Romney are very similar in some ways) — fortunately most conservatives and liberals do not belong in their number; unfortunately they have been swayed to believe that everyone in the other group is obviously anti-America, wants humanity in chains, and probably sucks the blood of newborns born to the other side.
    This is all thanks to the brainwashing attempts by those in the punditry who want to make sure and keep them on the right or left wing plantation — which means reading/listening to exclusively the punditry of the right/left.

    This has got to stop. It’s tearing the country apart, into factions, and this allows a bunch of hateful idiots (both sides) to help a bunch of dirty, rotten scoundrels (who play both sides) to make a fortune off the destruction of our country (all the while trumpeting themselves as the ultimate patriots).

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