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The Pink Flamingo has finally discovered why James Bond has been so amazing, even with numerous incarnations, over a half century span.  He wears a suit. It also proves why George Lazenby never went over very well as 007, he wore a dress kilt.  Now, The Pink Flamingo’s blood runs tartan.  I have a heck of a lot of Scottish blood in me.  There’s nothing more incredible than a man in a kilt, done properly, without the lace, etc.

I’m tired of politics and the nastiness of it.  We need a little diversion.  It’s a James Bond weekend.  There’s always something in the air, a bit of an excitement when James Bond comes to town, even if it is on the crappy little movie screen that’s not much bigger than the mirror in my bathroom.  As a fan of Bond, and a fan of the very well dressed man, I thought I would simply provide a much needed relief, and a tribute to the best of them.

I suspect this is where we cue the music.

Did you know that Ian Flemming based a bit of the original James Bond on the antics of one Grant, Cary Grant!  He was the very first choice to be 007.  Not only was Grant the original choice, but he was the ultimate as a leading man.  He was also a spy for the good guys before World War II!

He wisely turned down the roll, saying he was too old to take on the role, which required a much younger man.  When Cary Grant refused the role, the next choice was David Niven, who was one cool and suave actor.


Because neither Cary Grant nor David Niven were available to be James Bond, it was decided to go with someone fairly new, not really established as an actor.






The Pink Flamingo admits that I am far from a fan of the current incarnation, but will also admit that he does clean up well, which brings me to my point.  Men just look better in suits!

There is just something terribly romantic and dashing about a man in a suit and a hat.







Can anyone forget this iconic image?

I suspect if you simply count the number of photos, you can tell who The Pink Flamingo’s very favorite man is.  If you can’t, and if you’ve never seen his movies, I pity your absolute ignorance. And, FYI, I think my favorite of his movies is either People Will Talk or Bringing Up Baby, which is the ultimate expression of comedy.

You may wonder what started The Pink Flamingo into such an introspection about men, suits and Fedoras. The other day, I saw a clip of from the Met’s new production of Un Ballo en Maschera.

I love opera.  It is extremely rare for your favorite barihunk to be clad in a suit, let alone a Fedora!  Usually it’s costume. There are times when you get a tux, but those are rare.

I don’t mind admitting I’m partial to the following video, which is probably the hottest opera video ever produced.

But – this is what did it for me – the suit!

Fifty years of 007 can’t be wrong, right?



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