To Secede or Not to Secede


According to the US Supreme Court, secession is illegal.

Hunter Jones is promoting the Secession Movement.  This is rather interesting because Hunter Jones is a well known Neo-Nazi who has been actively involved in recruiting tea partiers for the neo Nazi movement in South Carolina.  He was working closely with the CofCC.  There appears to be more than just a little bit of interest in the secession petitions.  Funny thing, though, the usual sources are involved:  Stormfront, American Renaissance, minutemen, militias, all the lovely little white supremacist who thrive on hate.  It is absolutely amazing how often you find the same gathering, patriots.

“…Peter Morrison, who serves as treasurer of the Hardin County Republican Party called people who voted for President Obama “maggots.” Wow, Mr. Morrison, try to stay classy. I thought people had the right to choose which candidate they will support in any election. Excuse me for voting for President Obama, considering I don’t get those hand-outs from the government he and his other nutty right wing buddies maintain about the president’s supporters. This is just another crazy diversion by a bunch of crybabies. I didn’t realize we went backwards to 1860 when blacks were treated like sh*t and white man’s word was gospel truth. The right wingers are grasping straws and it’s quite comical to watch they sink lower and lower into the racist muck that will only work against them….”

I guess that’s the problem  One person’s Christian patriot is another person’s white supremacist. This is about the fact that the usual racist suspects are using the excuse of Barack Obama, a man of mixed racial origins, being re-elected to the highest office in the world, beating a real perfect white man.

Occidental Dissent

Doug Mataconis wrote:

“…Now, the Treasurer of the Hardin County Republican Party certainly doesn’t speak for the entire Texas Republican Party, not to mention the Republican Party in general. Additionally, it’s likely that many of the signatures on these “secession petitions” are from your regular Internet whack jobs. Indeed, I can say that none of the conservatives that I follow on Twitter or Facebook are taking talk like this seriously, and most of them are denouncing it as stupid and pointless. Nonetheless,  this is yet another example of the absurdity of the mindset of many people on the right. Secession? Seriously people, this isn’t 1860 and you’re not Jefferson Davis. But go ahead and sign your silly petitions people, like it will actually ever accomplish anything….”

Patriot Boy

What is going here?  Well, we’re dealing with several different groups of seriously delusional, very spoiled, very irrational, and very brainwashed individuals.  They seem to want us to think just oodles of millions of Americans are involved in their hair-brained movement.  If you study their sites, you will quickly realize we’re dealing with maybe fifty thousand racist blowhards at the most.

This nation has had a problem with bigoted, white supremacists since the Civil War.  The “Christian” patriots who are advocating the destruction of the United States are the same people who attempted to destroy the Union in 1861.  Many are ill educated, “Christian” rednecks who may have graduated from elementary school.  They are gun loving patriots, and they are so patriotic they will not hesitate to destroy the country and kill people to prove a point.

While I was working on this post, The Pink Flamingo received my first death threats!  Evidently, because I voted for Obama, I have no right to live.  I have participated in the destruction of of the United States, by voting for a communist, socialist, and non-white person who hates America.  After making a few uncomfortable discoveries, a colleague and I decided to back off the story we were planning to write.   There are people involved in this movement who are not very nice.  I would call them evil.  They have anti-government pedigrees that go way back…!

These people are a little too well organized.  And yes, they are made up of the same individuals who have been front and center in many of the nastiest anti-immigration activities.  They are haters.  It is amazing how seriously narcissistic they are, thinking that they know best, for a nation that needs to be destroyed, to protect it from the 99.9% of the American citizenry who want to have nothing to do with this movement.

When people are like this, they are delusional.  They are almost certifiable.  They are evil. They truly think that their pathetic little petitions, signed by the same people, repeatedly, will require states like Texas, to withdraw from the United States.  They seem to be incapable of comprehending that even if their petty little petitions were to be considered, they would need people from each state signing that state’s position, not Joe Blow from Seneca, SC, signing the Texas petition.

Are they that stupid?

Evidently the fact that a state like Texas has well over 26 million citizens who appear not to even be willing to consider such a petition.  Their safety, security, and homes must be destroyed to accommodate a couple thousand vile and nasty white supremacists who are willing to kill 26 million men, women, and children to prove their point.

The Pink Flamingo has stumbled upon a way to back these nasty, racist bullies down.  You laugh at them, ridicule them, tell them to get a stiff drink and offer them a hug.

The very worst of it, is these jerks are being inspired by the rantings of Glenn Beck, Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Laura Ingraham, Mark Levin, Michael Savage, Bill O’Reilly, and FOX Tabloid News.  They are being encouraged by some very well funded political entities. If someone does get killed, you can bet that these individuals will simply say they had nothing to do with it.

Houston, we have a problem.


3 thoughts on “To Secede or Not to Secede

  1. Great post — although as someone in the middle of Christian redneckville and upper hillbillytopia, I have to add my two cents: it doesn’t seem to be them that are as much a problem as their oh so sophisticated, urbane, and well educated “betters” the Derbyshires of this world. Some may be led astray by these “well educated” idiots, but most seem to have more common sense (and perhaps a better organic grasp of history).
    It isn’t the people so much as the pundits (or perhaps more correctly, some of their commentors, who they play to) that drum this up (and most of the commentors seem to be of average to above average education and economic class levels).
    One of the reasons I finally had enough of being a regular on some well known right wing sites: they’ve started going ugly, barking mad.

    It’s rather similar to some other well known historical instances of political/socio-cultural movements that have caused a lot of damage — the poor and the uneducated wind up taking the blame…because nobody wants to countenance that it is the well educated, the well off, the socially sophisticated that could come up with such barbaric behavior…but they did, every time.

  2. LOL…those idiots would be considered well to do, wealthy in my neck of the (back)woods. The real rednecks/hillbillies around here are far too poor to have twitter access, and work (if they still have work) far too much to sit posting on it all day even if they did (they don’t work in cubicles anyway).
    No…the audience for Malkin, Tanton, et al. would, I’m afraid, consider my hillbilly neighbors far beneath them ;)
    Hence, one of their biggest problems: a rather too sheltered life and outlook.

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