Another Lament About Those Pesky Tea Partiers


The Pink Flamingo is featuring this post today, because of the Wednesday’s Hero, Cpl. George Smith, one of the last remaining Navajo Code Talkers.  Men like Cpl. Smith, and the humble photo of him, that brings tears to one’s eyes, is what the United States of America is all about – freedom and sacrifice.  George Smith is the true face of what freedom, liberty and the Constitution is all about.    His humility, his reverence for country says it all.

Unless one knows about the history of the Navajo people in the years leading up to World War II, you cannot begin to appreciate just what these brave men did.  If any single group of men ever had a reason to refuse to support the United States, they did.

The feds came in, during the worst of the Depression, killing off livestock, sheep, cattle, the life’s blood of the Navajo people.  Already impoverished, the actions, an attempt to prevent over-grazing during the Dust Bowl years, pushed the Dine over the brink, into starvation. They persevered.

In one of his classic novels, New Mexico treasure, (and Pink Flamingo idol) the late Tony Hillerman, sent Joe Leaphorn, one of the two primary characters of his novels, to New York.  His beloved Emma, who was soon to die, went with him.  They were in one of the museums, looking at art.  Emma made mention of the fact that she appreciated the piece.  It was like the Navajo people.  They persevere, no matter what.

They did not spew hatred.  They did not demand succession or people to hate the government.  They never mention hatred.  They simply keep on keeping on, even today, disparately trying to somehow blend tradition and the encroaching modern world.


Contrast this with the far right, who truly has no reason to hate this nation or the government.  The tea party libertarians, apparently, truly hate the federal government.  The following quotes come from my twitter timeline, from tea party “patriots” who want to take their country back.

“…We weren’t TAUGHT to hate our gov’t, we’ve LEARNED to hate them. Big difference …”

“…i hate the government because it wont leave me the hell alone…”

“…As much as I hate the government & politics I think my generation needs to take over congress & beat the system from within…”

“…Government: We hate it. It’s evil. We want to shrink it until we can drown it in a bathtub. Put us in charge of it. ..”

“…The concept of patriotism is fierce devotion to one’s country, and it is supposed to override differences caused by the individual geographical locations and philosophies inherent in varying cultures and ideology within a nation. Nationalism is a form of patriotism based on a group of individuals’ identification with a nation, and it belies the belief that citizenship should be limited to any one ethnic, religious, or philosophical conviction, and yet after the re-election of President Obama, the notion of nationalism and a unified population appears to be non-existent among Republican supporters. After nearly four years, the hate manifest toward President Obama and his supporters is candid and intense, and portends trouble for America….”

They don’t care about their country.  All they want is their way, even if the country is destroyed.  It isn’t about love of country, patriotism, or standing up for one’s home.  It’s about their version of liberty and freedom.  By golly, they will have it, even if they must destroy the nation to get it.

If you must destroy something to get your way, you don’t love it.  You don’t even respect it. It’s all about wanting what you want, and everything else be damned.

Tea Party Patriots, far right conservatives, and good freedom loving libertarians who are willing to destroy this nation, to preserver THEIR idea of freedom and liberty betray men like George Smith and my father.  The far right propaganda machine that encourages it is deplorable and a treat to our national security. I don’t know about you, but I have nothing but contempt for people like this.

When The Pink Flamingo reads tweets and articles by these good “patriots” praying for the success of petitions for states to secede from the Union, I don’t call them patriots, I call them traitors.










9 thoughts on “Another Lament About Those Pesky Tea Partiers

  1. I agree, but really it’s on the left as well — and in everyone’s eye opening to what’s been festering on the right (the scales have fallen from many eyes it appears) it isn’t a good thing to forget that the same traitorous lunacy also prevails on the left (some of my liberal friends have had the scales drop as well, and they are just as unhappy with what they see).

    Yes, I am pushing against both parties — or rather than fringe jerks and the pundits from both sides (and the politicians who play both pimp and whore to both). Until either one or other or preferably both decide to remember what reason, responsibility, integrity, compassion, and wisdom are, if they would just remember what acting like a grown up is really, then we are doomed to stumble around in the dark.
    Voting is by consent; I don’t consent to vote for people who have my country in such a state. I think others should try it.
    And speak out always (we just have to be sure to go after ALL the bad guys) ;)

  2. Maybe you should spare a moment to take a look at and comment Ron Paul’s farewell address:

    I’ve never understood your hatred for the man, considering that he stands for most of the principles you claim to stand for, such as defending the average (wo)man against corporate power and special treatment of the ultra-rich and special interest groups. Not to mention that he never endorsed Romney, is a Christian, and had overwhelming support of the military for his presidential campaign.

  3. Did you read/listen to his speech, or listen to any number of his speeches or primary debates? Does he or his message appear “white supremacist” to you? I mean, everything you’ve written about Romney and the GOP’s current sorry state of affairs screams “Ron Paul”, so your rejection of him seems very odd to a casual observer. One would think that you’d be right there with Paul and his supporters, given the criminal treatment they received at the GOP convention etc.

    In what way is he connected to white supremacists? The way president Obama is “connected” to black racists such as Jeremiah Wright? I’m genuinely curious.

  4. All right. I suppose “Ron Paul is a joke” counts as a well-founded argument in the US of A, and you are by all means entitled to your opinion. It is simply amusing, especially as a foreign reader, to watch you put out post after post thrashing Romney and the current GOP status quo and, quite frankly, everything Ron Paul opposes, and still push on blindly.

    By the way, do you think the thousands – or wait, make that tens of thousands – of students and young people on (liberal) college campuses around the country came to listen to a white supremacist message? Doesn’t sound very likely…

  5. Not sure what the question means, but given the (expected) implosion of the Romney campaign, and the ongoing conversation regarding a change of course within the GOP, maybe there could be something to rally around. Ron Paul is apparently retiring, so if you find him personally not acceptable, maybe there are others within the “liberty movement” (or faction) that might tick the right boxes for you? Now, I’m from a European country, with a full-blown public health-care system and public all you can imagine, and I do think that there are a lot of valid points in the Pauls’ message, though at the same time I’m the first to admit that the die-hard “live free or die” supporter crowd is not for me. But the direction they want to go, in my opinion, is without question the correct one; especially regarding foreign policy and military.

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